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Language Teaching and the Internet

June 18: Using Email and Newsgroups with students
Handout information and background to consider

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Basic Vocabulary
Short Internet Glossary
This is an email link
What are these: (emoticons)
	:)	:-)	:P

	:(	:^) 	;-}


Finding Websites
AltaVista (Remember: + means it *has* to have the word, - means it should NOT have the word, and anything in "" is treated like a single word -- e.g. "fuzzy bear".)
Yahoo! is very user-friendly, but doesn't have as many sites indexed.

Finding People and Places
InfoSpace has lists of phone numbers and other public information, street maps, etc. Wow!

Files and Programs is a place to find software, games, internet stuff, educational programs, etc. Also, you can search the Linguistic Funland particularly for CELIA, the Computer Enhanced Language Instruction Archive.
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