The Linguistic Funland and the University 
of Nevada, Reno Present:

Language Teaching and the Internet

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NOTE: This is only a tentative schedule! I'm sure we'll be revising it as we go along.

Week 1: Consuming Information
  1. June 16: Overview of the Internet as a Communicative tool
    • Email and Usenet: asynchronous communication
    • IRC/MOO/MUD: synchronous communication
    • The WorldWide Web: a little of both!
  2. June 17: More about Email Part 1
    • Professional development: Mailing lists & newsgroups
  3. June 18: More about Email Part 2
    • Using lists and newsgroups with/for students
  4. June 19: IRC/MUD/MOO
    • Differences between IRC/MUD/MOO
    • Negotiating Chat Areas
  5. June 20: The Web -- Getting relevant stuff
    • Time for MUD/MOO
    • Research materials for students (And Caveats!)
    • Culture
    • Searching
Week 2: Producing/Publishing Information
  1. June 23: Using Email and lists
    • Using an in-class list
    • Creating "key pal" connections
    • Discussing "netiquette"
    • How do you set up your own list?
  2. June 24: Intro to Web Publishing
  3. June 25: Publishing the Web Part 2
    • Pages from yesterday
    • A simple HTML page
    • Web page editors
    • Intro to interactivity (CGI)
  4. June 26: Review and Refresh
    • Getting a computer
    • Getting connected
    • Issues encountered...

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