The Linguistic Funland Presents:

Jeff Cooper's List of Educational MOO's

Here is a (Webmaster's note: you can connect to any of the MOO's listed below if your browser supports Telnet.) You can remain connected to more than one MOO at a time if you have the right MOO client. I ask in return that you keep me posted should you find new MOOs or addresses. I also send this in the spirit of collaboration: please credit the list to me if you use it, and keep me apprised of educational Internet work that you are doing.

I can be found at Diversity, Grassroots, Meridian, Media, Bay and Athemoo under the name "Mr.C." Feel free to page me and discuss MOOs and/or collaboration via the Internet.

Athemoo ( 9999): "A professional community where people interested in theatre come to exchange information, have meetings, and learn about MOO technology..."

GNA-lab (

Athena University and Athena Preparatory Academy ( 8888): K-12 and Higher Education. Also has a website

BioMOO ( 8888): a virtual meeting place for Biologists. Also has a web interface

Daedalus MOO ( 7777) [Offline as of 6/1/98 -- will keep trying to find it]

Diversity University ( 8888): "Internet location for serious experimentation in network-based, interactive teaching, learning and social services." See web interface

AskERICmoo ( 1234)

E-MOO ( 4242): programming and research. See web interface.

EnviroMOO ( 5555): a multi-user virtual environment for promoting the real-time discussion of issues relating to Environmental Health and Safety. EnviroMOO is operated by The University of Toledo Safety and Health Office. See Website

GrassRoots ( 8888): a virtual community that fosters the growth and development of all its citizens. It is a functional community that encompasses education, culture, and support where distance is not a barrier to cooperation and collaboration.

The Internet Public Library MOO ( 8888): "This MOO is intended as a model and laboratory for librarians and MOO folk to explore the possibilities of library services in MOO and virtual reality environments." See website.

Meridian ( 7777): "a global community shared by people interested in virtual travel, cultural interaction, friendship, and learning."

SchMOOze University ( 8888): a place for students of English to practice their skills.

TECFAMOO ( 7777): "A virtual space for technology, education, research, and life at TECFA, School of Psychology and Education, University of Geneva, Switzerland." See the TECFA Project Web page.

MOO Francais ( 7777): a MOO using the French language.

MOOsaico ( 7777): a multilingual (English, Portuguese, Italian, French, and Spanish, although Italian and French are still not fully supported) MOO at the Universidade do Minho, Portugal.

CpdeeMOO (portuguese) ( 7777): Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento em Engenharia Eletrica. Also, see web site

MundoHispano ( 8888): an academic MOO for speakers and learners of Spanish.

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