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IMPORTANT: Do NOT send money to anyone for a job for "visa processing" or any other reason. Legitimate agencies generally do not charge fees. Please report violations.

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Terms and Conditions

By posting a job announcement, you agree that you have read and understood the following conditions, and that your announcement complies with these rules.

  1. The Job Title field must be an actual job title, such as "EFL Teacher" or "Teaching English to Adults" or "Business English Instructor" and not a list of cities or other descriptive text. PLEASE do NOT put the location or the salary in the job title field! This information is shown automatically.
  2. Only one position per post. Please do not announce multiple positions in the same posting.
  3. Legal Positions Only Minimum qualifications listed must be sufficient to allow a teacher to legally work in the country where the position will be held.
  4. "Volunteer" position disclosure Any unpaid or volunteer positions MUST have the word "Volunteer" in the job title field. (Please note that we will generally not post volunteer positions where there is a cost to the participant.)
  5. Verifiable contact information required. Job announcements with suspicious or illegitimate-appearing contact information (such as only an email address from Yahoo or Hotmail or other free email service and no other method of contact) are not allowed. If the only means of contact you have is a hotmail or yahoo or similar address, please do not bother to post.
  6. Specific jobs only. Job announcements must describe a specific job - no general purpose recruitment announcements.
  7. Give sufficient detail about the position. Job announcements must include sufficient detail about the position. At a minimum, include information about required working hours, subject(s) to be taught (e.g. conversation, grammar, general language instruction, etc), and ages or levels of students. Please do not post announcements which consist mainly of statements such as "See website for details." Candidates should not have to click through multiple pages before deciding whether or not to apply, and announcements without sufficient details will not attract qualified candidates.
  8. Check your spelling and grammar! Job announcements with obvious spelling or grammatical errors, or online abbreviations such as "u r the best" or "ur gonna go" or "pls send us" are not allowed, and will be removed. Remember: you are trying to recruit English teachers -- please don't ruin the effectiveness of your post by careless errors in spelling or grammar.
  9. No marketing "hype." Job announcements posted with inappropriate capitalization (too many capital letters or words posted in ALL CAPS) or with blatant marketing-hype type language ("Best Job Ever!!!" "Great Position for Couples!" "Enjoy Scenic Downtown Tokyo!" "Work and Play in China!") are not allowed.
  10. No duplicate postings. Duplicate job announcements are not allowed. (Please edit or remove your original post first.)
  11. Explain HOW to apply! All posts must give instructions on how to apply for the position.
  12. No warranty: This service is provided without warranty of any kind, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The Linguistic Funland management reserves the right to edit or remove any announcements that, in our opinion, are not useful for teachers.
  13. Automatic removal: All posts are automatically removed by the system upon their Application Deadline date. Should you wish to extend the application deadline after that date, you must re-post your announcement.
  14. Announcements that do not meet the above criteria may be removed, with or without notice. Multiple violations may result in the company or organization being banned from posting to this job board.

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