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IMPORTANT: Do NOT send money to anyone for a job for "visa processing" or any other reason. Legitimate agencies generally do not charge fees. Please report violations.

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Welcome to the Linguistic Funland Job Announcement Pages! You may view a list of recent job announcements, post a job announcement (Employers only), or search the recent job postings by choosing any one of these links.

To view all jobs in a particular country, click on one of the country names in the "Jobs By Country" list.

To view a list of all jobs, select the order in which you would like the jobs to be displayed from the "List jobs by" list, then click the "Go!" button.

If you are an employer, and would like to post an announcement for your English (or language or linguistics-related) teaching job, please click here.

If you are a teacher of English, and would like to search the job announcements database, please click here.

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