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MUD's, MOO's, and other Virtual Environments

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A few notes before you get started: this page uses telnet connections for the most part, except for those MU*'s which have www pages set up. If your browser does not support telnet, then unfortunately many of the actual connections to MUD/MOO's will not work from this page. For this reason, I have listed the telnet addresses so that you may connect to them directly if you choose.

Before you connect to one of these links, if you have not had experience with MUD's, MOO's, and other Multi-user environments, I strongly suggest you read a tutorial such as Yoshi's Guide to MOO on the subject of MUD's and MUDding. For MOO's, the commands are similar but are sometimes preceded by an @ symbol. Tip: Pay close attention to the first screen of the MOO when you connect. It usually tells you the basic commands such as 'SAY (sentence)' to communicate with others in the "room," 'LOOK,' which will give you a description of the room, and '@quit' which will usually log you off. Most of the time, you can move about by simply typing the direction you'd like to go such as EAST. On many systems, 'help' will give you more information on a certain command.

In addition to various non-English language M**'s, I will also be linking any educational sites I can find which might be of merit. If you have a suggestion for this page, please e-mail me.

Connect to a MUD/MOO via Telnet:
NOTE: These are mostly telnet links. That means that if you do not have a telnet client enabled for your browser, the links will not work.

Web Pages with information about MOO/MUD etc.

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