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Activities and Exercises for ESL Students (Lessons)

20 Links in the category "Activities and Exercises for ESL Students (Lessons)"

WyzAnt ESL Lessons & Help
Submitted on 2013-05-21 by Mike DePilla [Edit] [Delete]
WyzAnt's ESL Lessons & Help page provides an excellent resource for those pursing English fluency. The pages, which are completely free to all visitors, features unique pictograms, charts, quizzes and articles full of detailed explanations, and relatable references. Detailed, image-rich explanations go beyond static content with check-able quizzes, a Question and Answer forum and interaction with tutors.

Urdu-English - Free Urdu to English lessons
Submitted on 2013-03-10 by Urdu-English [Edit] [Delete]
A online resource where users can learn English by using Urdu. Lessons start from beginner level and progress to advanced.

Submitted on 2011-01-06 by Neil Yamit [Edit] [Delete]
My ESL is your online companion to ESL learning. Our lessons are targeted to intermediate or advanced ESL, EFL or ESOL students.

English Speaking Course - ESLport.com
Submitted on 2010-12-03 by ESLport.com [Edit] [Delete]
English speaking course -- learn to improve spoken English online

ESL Lessons and Exercises for English Fluency by Drew
Submitted on 2009-09-23 by Andrew Lawton [Edit] [Delete]
These are ESL worksheets, exercises and lessons teaching real world English vocabulary, slang and expressions used in everyday situations.

Learn English Online - ESL Language Learning Lessons – Grow English
Submitted on 2009-06-21 by Joan Pougiales [Edit] [Delete]
Learn English online with English as a second language lessons and videos for ESL education. Study English grammar, listening, reading and vocabulary online. Many free lessons! Join Grow English today.

Capturator - Languages online
Submitted on 2009-04-27 by Naomi Hildebrandt [Edit] [Delete]
Interactive and comprehensive online language courses for learning English as a second language. Lower levels are available especially for Spanish, Italian and French speakers. Designed to walk you through each step of language learning including: quizzes, grammar, listening, vocabulary and more! Perfect for self-study courses but also ideal for integration with distance learning and hybrid courses for colleges and universities.

ESL Genius
Submitted on 2007-11-25 by Matthew [Edit] [Delete]
Creative and practical English lessons for ESL/EFL teachers and students. Role-plays, Debates, Activities and other fun lessons. Focus is on developing conversational English ability.

Interactive ESL Video Lesson Plans
Submitted on 2006-11-05 by Toby Ung [Edit] [Delete]
30+ Beginner - Advance interactive video lesson plans for classroom teaching and online tutoring.

AudioEnglish.net - Online English Learning Database
Submitted on 2006-03-05 by AudioEnglish.net [Edit] [Delete]
Fee-based English learning resources database with audio. Subjects covered include Practical English, English for the telephone, English for accounting and banking English.

English Language Space Station
Submitted on 2006-02-22 by Jay Bird [Edit] [Delete]
lesson plans for efl, esl and esol teachers. Computer and technology ideas for teaching and links.
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English Through Jokes ( for Spanish Speakers)
Submitted on 2005-06-19 by Adolfo [Edit] [Delete]
It's a great place for Spanish-speaking students who are learning English (EFL/ESL). Here the students can improve their English by reading jokes and humorous stories. All jokes have their vocabulary and verbs with translations to other languages (currently only in spanish). The challenge is double. Students have to understand the reading and the sense of the joke!!

Free Online English Lessons for ESL Students
Submitted on 2004-08-11 by Qi Qi [Edit] [Delete]
Learn English Reading, Writing & Thinking through News Articles! Practice and exercises are included in each lesson. Find a wide range of reading material for almost any purpose. Reading comprehension, vocabulary builders and conversation starters. Students can get feedback from their work by turning in assignments in students' forum.

Aprender ingles
Submitted on 2004-07-21 by Paul Rogers [Edit] [Delete]
PUMAROSA.COM is an interactive (audio), bilingual (Spanish) site for beginning adult ESL students. It student-centered and is proving to be an enjoyable and effective method to learn the basics of English.

Real English ONLINE
Submitted on 2003-08-17 by Michael Marzio [Edit] [Delete]
So much has changed on my site since 1996 when you first added a link to Real English. Now we have free Online ESL lessons based on the full collection of Real English Video, and are no longer limited to a few CD-ROMS. If you have time, please check out http://www.realenglish.com/ The site is completely free and will remain so. Best wishes to all, Mike

Submitted on 2003-07-07 by Anonymous [Edit] [Delete]
SelfAccess™ provides interactive, self-study learning tools for English language students. SelfAccess will help to improve and develop the skills required for IELTS, FCE, TOEFL and TOEIC examinations. SelfAccess lessons provide questions and task types that may be encountered in these exams. Lessons include reading, writing, listening and grammar activities, they are fun and rewarding and are ideal for those students either studying at secondary or tertiary level, or as preparation.

Everyday English
Submitted on 2003-07-06 by Monica Lowy [Edit] [Delete]
Listen and learn. Have fun mastering those tricky English phrases with animated lessonettes, audio and video.

English is it
Submitted on 2002-11-16 by Stephen [Edit] [Delete]
Listening to the news of the day you can improve your listeing, comprehension and vocabulary build up. try a free lesson.

Free EFL ESL worksheets
Submitted on 2000-08-22 by Kurt Scheibner [Edit] [Delete]
Free, weekly, downloadable, photo-reproducible EFL / ESL /ELT English lesson worksheets. Kids, children, Junior High School, Hich School, College and Adult. Communication based lessons and activities including: games, pair-work, group work and whole class exercises. FREE Lesson worksheets posted each week.

Submitted on 1999-09-22 by Alexander Frewin [Edit] [Delete]
Over 60 hours of outstanding ESL, EFL and ESL lesson materials completely free of charge. Interactive and collaborative projects, audio, animations and a free homepage. Join EnglishSpace today!

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