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Articles, Essays, and Research of interest to English Teachers

One of the greatest things about the Internet is the ability it gives teachers (and others!) to publish their work online for a worldwide audience. Many teachers and researchers have taken advantage of this, and have placed Master's theses, doctoral dissertations, research papers, or even personal essays related to their teaching experiences online. In addition, there are several online journals and magazines which offer articles of interest to teachers of all kinds.

Some of these links are to papers by individual teachers, while others offer a place for teachers to publish their own articles. Some are more personal in nature, while others are more research-oriented. I'm constantly amazed when I go through some of these links and see the plethora of different materials made available by and for teachers. There's some great stuff out there!

If you're a teacher, and would like to publish your teaching-related article online, I'd be glad to host it here for you (just drop me an email) if you don't have a website. Or, if you have a website, please feel free to submit it for linking here using the "Submit a Site" link above.

23 Links in the category "Articles, Essays, and Research of interest to English Teachers"

Benin EFL studies
Submitted on 2012-07-13 by POL ALBERT [Edit] [Delete]
In this blog are presented articles, results of studies, and results of researches undertaken in the field of EFL teaching and learning in Benin, a francophone country in west africa. In addition, Literature, Linguistics and Language teaching in general are also areas of interest. All your comments and contributions are welcome.

The Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages: Learning English as a second language in adulthood
Submitted on 2012-06-18 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
Article on Adult ESL/EFL teaching by Hein Schafer, 31 May 2012. Abstract: "This essay will examine and define a number of processes associated with Adult second language learning. References and comparisons to the learning process in children are used to highlight the specific learning needs of adult learners."

CBG Abroad
Submitted on 2011-12-15 by Christine B. Ghattas [Edit] [Delete]
In May of 2011 — realizing that I could combine my passion for teaching with my love of travel — I left my job teaching at a university in the United States to teach abroad. I have created CBG Abroad to document my travels, experiences, and lessons in effective teaching.

Teach English Abroad - The Complete Guide
Submitted on 2010-08-05 by Rick Davies [Edit] [Delete]
Download guide that includes 3 ebooks on teaching English abroad: Guide to Jobs, Guide to Countries and How to Teach English as a Foreign Language. Also included is a members website of ESL resources and links.

Education Blog - Special Education In Schools
Submitted on 2009-08-10 by Adelina [Edit] [Delete]
Education Blog specializes in articles on high school special education, engineering universities, k 12 high schools, exam books, creative graduation ideas and much more.

Angleterre.org.uk English grammar guide
Submitted on 2009-03-23 by Max [Edit] [Delete]
A student's guide to the main aspects of English grammar; while the culture and travel pages of angleterre.org.uk are in French, the language and grammar pages are in English and accessible to a wider audience. Topics are clearly illustrated with pertinent examples.

PRof. Reima Al-jarf's Website
Submitted on 2009-03-12 by Reima Al-Jarf [Edit] [Delete]
It contains my research papers, my conference presentations, course materials and tests in ESL.

As you sow, so will you reap: an article by M. Alfadhel
Submitted on 2009-03-09 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
"As you sow, so will you reap: How to instill the love of analyzing literature in our students: Expectations and Obstacles" by Mohammed Alfadhel

Like This English
Submitted on 2009-01-17 by Alexis [Edit] [Delete]
Like This English is bringing a revolution by basing its English course on skills. Instead of asking what students can do, they asks what students need the most. The resulting method is very interesting. Read all about it on their website.

UK Student News and Events
Submitted on 2008-06-18 by Daniel Jones [Edit] [Delete]
UK Student News and Events, the blog of Advice For You.org.uk, provides students with a range of resources and articles from how to survive your first weeks at university to surviving in the UK as an International student. We also have fantastic articles and research for teachers, ranging in everything from the benefits of studying language to the breakdown of the UK International Student population. There really is something for everyone.

Personal Questions & Stock Replies to Personal Questions
Submitted on 2008-02-19 by David Maisel [Edit] [Delete]
Hundreds of common personal questions that often feel intrusive; hundreds of conventional responses to such questions; formats of ESL exercises for teaching such exchanges; a list of the pragmatic factors that differentiate the stock replies. Click to see the blanked-out words in the questions and replies.

Ted Klein's ESL Workshop Online
Submitted on 2007-12-02 by Ted Klein [Edit] [Delete]
This site contains a number of articles relating to ESL, based on my many years in this field. Specialty areas include applied phonology with emphasis on listening, identification and pronunciation skills. Another key area is cross cultural communication, specifically aimed at ESL teachers dealing with students from other countries and teachers who are working with these students.
[ Webmaster's Note: Scroll down past what looks like a big advertisement at the top. :-) --Kristina ]

An ELT Notebook
Submitted on 2007-07-04 by Sue Swift [Edit] [Delete]
Articles on methodology and practical classroom activities for EFL/ESL teachers in a wide variety of teaching situations. Links to free flashcards, online courses and other useful sites.

Miguel Bengoa Portfolio
Submitted on 2006-02-19 by miguel bengoa [Edit] [Delete]
Feel free to download and use the Babel Placement test as well as other articles and thoughts about teaching.

Submitted on 2005-11-30 by Robert Dickey [Edit] [Delete]
information, collected papers and links, conferences, etc concerning content-based instruction, CLIL, or whatever name you give it!

Make them Be Aware, Not Beware of Learning: The Cognitive Therapy Technique (CTT) in Adult EFL Classes
Submitted on 2003-12-15 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
Article by Kemal Sinan Özmen, Gazi University-research and application centre of foreign languages. Ankara- TURKEY

Costas Gabrielatos
Submitted on 2002-03-16 by Costas Gabrielatos [Edit] [Delete]
Personal website. Links to online articles and materials on (applied) linguistics, English language teaching (ELT, TESOL), and language teacher education/development.

Karen's Linguistics Issues
Submitted on 2002-02-06 by Karen [Edit] [Delete]
A selection of articles on Applied Linguistics and ELT. Plus ELT cartoons, a dictionary, British/Canadian/American dictionary, phonetic symbols chart, links, and lots more.

The Natural Approach Web Site
Submitted on 2001-02-04 by Semih Sert [Edit] [Delete]
A comprehension based approach to language teaching and learning

Using the WWW for EFL Research and Resources
Submitted on 1997-10-20 by Bill Pellowe. [Edit] [Delete]
. Updated on-line version of an article in The University of Birmingham (UK) Distance MA in TESL/TEFL Programme Newsletter, 1 (2) pp. 1-3. Sections include Creating Materials, Indexes of TEFL Resources, Links to On-Line Articles & Journals, guide to ERIC Database, and Search Engines.

Articles on ESL teaching and research
Submitted on 1997-03-05 by Dr. Cecilia B-Ikeguchi. [Edit] [Delete]
. This page contains a list of my articles on ESL teaching and research that may be of interest to ESL/EFL teachers and researchers.Dr.

Order publications from the National Foreign Language Resource Centre at University of Hawai'i
Submitted on 1996-09-25 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]

An interesting paper by James Kirchner
Submitted on 1996-09-25 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
on the problems he encountered teaching English in the Western Czech Republic

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