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Certification and Teacher Training for ESL,EFL,TESOL (Distance Learning,Online)

With teaching English becoming more and more important in the world economy, teacher-training courses have popped up everywhere. Some, however, recognize that one cannot always sit down and attend classes to receive a certification in teaching English. Thus, there are online and distance-learning TEFL and TESL courses appearing every day. Some of these actually do give a reasonable quality of training, or at least, as good as teacher training can be without having the student actually teach. However, you do need to understand that distance learning diplomas and certificates, as well as those gained from online courses, are often viewed with prejudice by employers. Many employers feel that online courses aren't quite "real" in the sense that they do not offer as extensive an education or as practical a training program as do "sit-down" courses. Nevertheless, you may find that an online certification is better than none at all. Research the courses before giving them your hard-earned money. Search online for complaints, ask for references, and peruse English teaching forums to see if an online course is legitimate or not. You're always taking a bit of a risk with online education, but it can be a tremendous opportunity for those who cannot afford to take time out to sit through "live" courses.

Note: Make sure any online program is accredited!

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TESOL Certificate and Diploma programs offered online
Submitted on 2014-12-09 by Hasmik Petrosian [Edit] [Delete]
UNI-Prep is a Canadian institute that offers affordable online TESOL Certificate and online TESOL Diploma programs to students around the world. Their online TESOL programs can be done from anywhere around the world and offers flexibility for busy schedules.

Norwood English TEFL TESOL
Submitted on 2014-11-19 by Graham Patchett [Edit] [Delete]
NORWOOD ENGLISH has been providing courses and jobs for teachers of English as a Foreign Language since 1993. Our courses are inexpensive and can mostly be completed quickly. There is no time limit and you can work whenever you have time. Your friendly personal tutor will guide you to success. Our TEFL TESOL Certificate course costs only 160 Euros [approximately 220 dollars]. Our site contains information on our five courses.

TEFL Online Reviews
Submitted on 2014-10-09 by Lindsay Summers [Edit] [Delete]
Helping students with authentic and unbiased reviews of online tefl certification programs, written and submitted by people who actually took an online tefl certification course.

Submitted on 2013-11-29 by Sam Hudson [Edit] [Delete]
We offer TEFL courses, internships and positions around the world for those wishing to teach English as a foreign language. We also produce free guides and information packs to help you decide whether TEFL is right for you.

Online TESOL Certification with Christian TEFL
Submitted on 2013-06-13 by Louisa Walsh [Edit] [Delete]
Accredited online TESOL courses plus optional mission opportunities with Christian TEFL

Dominican University ESL Masters program
Submitted on 2013-03-27 by Paul Warren [Edit] [Delete]
you can earn your master’s in ESL online by completing 12 eight-week courses (36 credit hours) from Dominican University. The Master of Arts with a concentration in English as a Second Language curriculum is designed so that you can finish the program in as little as 18 months!

University of Toronto TEFL Online
Submitted on 2012-07-09 by David [Edit] [Delete]
The University of Toronto’s TEFL Online certification, offered in conjunction with job placement services from Teach Away, provides the highest quality online instruction in the field of second language acquisition. It is a 100 hour self-directed online course that provides prospective educators with the skills and knowledge to teach English language learners at home and abroad.

ITTO Online TEFL TESOL Certificate Course
Submitted on 2012-01-17 by Treisi [Edit] [Delete]
ITTO is part of teacher training and language institutes dedicated to providing internationally recognized TEFL, TESL, and TESOL courses with different locations worldwide such as in the USA, Czech Republic, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, and Costa Rica as well as ONLINE! Our world class Onsite program was adapted by expert tutors to the current 140 hour online version. The result is one of the best and most affordable online TEFL/TESOL certification programs available!

ESL Certified
Submitted on 2010-12-03 by Okechi Nobles [Edit] [Delete]
ESL Certified is an online TESOL/TEFL learning center, marketplace, job board, and forum.

Teacher Training and Professional Development Institute
Submitted on 2010-12-02 by Martin Rozenberg [Edit] [Delete]
Teacher Training offered by the School for International Training: Supervision: An Educative Process Feedback: A Window into Understanding Researching Cultural Questions The courses are offered online and last 5 weeks For more information please contact Margaret Tarmy at Margarert.Tarmy@sit.edu or follow this link: http://www.sit.edu/graduate/7918.htm

The Global Open University
Submitted on 2010-09-30 by tgouwp [Edit] [Delete]
The Global Open University Nagaland

Notting Hill College
Submitted on 2010-08-05 by Notting Hill College [Edit] [Delete]
NHC is an educational institution headquartered in London. The college specialises in further and higher education as well as vocational training.

TEFL Pro Online Certification
Submitted on 2010-07-09 by Terry Johnson [Edit] [Delete]
TEFL Pro is a professional certification provider of TEFL. Benefits of our certification program: * 100% online * study at your own pace * guaranteed free job placement * free on-the-job professional consultation * remote observation module - classroom critique At TEFL Pro we provide support beyond the entire certification process. Our reputation is on the line with every student so we wan to prepare you to become an excellent teacher.

Anaheim University
Submitted on 2010-06-09 by Leona Owens [Edit] [Delete]
10-course MA in TESOL online degree program, taught by 4 of the world's most renowned linguists & acclaimed authors. Certificate in TESOL, designed by Anaheim University Dean and world-renowned linguist Dr. David Nunan. 100% of the AU TESOL faculty are regular plenary speakers at various international TESOL conferences and are considered to be experts in the field of TESOL by the TESOL community.

MA TESOL Distance Lancaster University
Submitted on 2009-10-02 by Judit Kormos [Edit] [Delete]
Lancaster University is launching a new MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages part-time distance programme, which is to be entirely web-based. The program is designed for TESOL professionals wishing to gain an advanced understanding of the theory and practice of the field. Study throughout the program is comprehensively supported by members of the teaching staff, through supervised web-based group discussions and individual academic supervision.

Submitted on 2009-06-16 by Jason Klass [Edit] [Delete]
TEFLOnline.com gives you an internationally recognized teaching certificate at your own pace. The 120-hour comprehensive course features personal feedback from experienced tutors, self-check quizzes, video tutorials, and specializations in teaching Business English and children. It includes GrammarAdvisor.com, a grammar resource for TEFL teachers, and TEFLVideos.com with over 100 how-to videos for teaching English as a foreign language. We are fully accredited with over 20 years of experience.

TESOL Online
Submitted on 2009-06-05 by luis [Edit] [Delete]
Welcome to ITTT! We provide TESOL certificate courses online.

Notting Hill College
Submitted on 2009-02-07 by Academic Manager [Edit] [Delete]
Presents 120 hour TEFL Training in two formats; distance learning and class-room based. Class-room based training is only available at our partner schools. We are also seeking agents to the college worldwide.

Submitted on 2009-01-01 by ITTP [Edit] [Delete]
ITTP provides onsite, online and combined online/onsite courses which lead to the awarding of the international TEFL/TESOL certificate.

ATC - Online TESOL
Submitted on 2008-11-13 by Ali Shenassa [Edit] [Delete]
ATC website provides information about both the online and classroom TESOL certificate and diploma programs. ATC also offers general ESL and TOEFL iBT preparation in collaboration with its partner schools.

Chaing Mai University Language Institute
Submitted on 2008-08-12 by Dr. Matthew Kay [Edit] [Delete]
Chiang Mai University Language Institute ONLINE TEFL program University Certification and in house program

Submitted on 2007-08-25 by LinguaEdge [Edit] [Delete]
LinguaEdge offers 50, 75, and 100-hour online TESOL Teaching Certificate courses starting at USD$149. Our web-based courses, which can be finished in 2-24 weeks, are essential for anyone looking to teach overseas, or for anyone looking to enhance their skills or credentials. All of our courses have been accredited and validated by outside agencies, which means the TESOL certifcate you earn is valid to teach anywhere in the world.

Global English; Online TESOL
Submitted on 2007-08-16 by Louisa Walsh [Edit] [Delete]
Online TESOL courses externally accredited by ACTDEC. Choose from a unique range of courses including TESOL with business or TESOL with young learner components. All courses come with a free live teaching CD-ROM and study pack and ongoing support from your personal tutor.

Global ESL College
Submitted on 2007-04-11 by Elvi Shu [Edit] [Delete]
Online TEFL course with internationally recognized certificate. Study TEFL anytime anywhere.

Sunbridge Institute of English
Submitted on 2006-09-09 by Robert Taylor [Edit] [Delete]
Offering online TESOL, TEYL and TEFLA courses since 1998. Now also offering a Diploma in TESOL which may be accredited as an MA TESOL

ICAL Online Teacher Training
Submitted on 2006-08-07 by John Taylor [Edit] [Delete]
ICAL Online Teacher Training - Qualify online with ICAL for just $265 USD and with free job placement, we will train you and then find you a job so you can join our graduates working all over the world teaching English as a Second or Foreign language.

ESL/EFL Teachers' Resource Center
Submitted on 2005-11-28 by Rosemary Painter, MS Ed - TESOL [Edit] [Delete]
Offering Grammar Refresher Workshop by distance primarily for teachers of ESL/EFL who find themselves unable to answer some basic grammar questions from ESL/EFL students. Open enrollment, generous timeframe. Certificate upon timely completion. Text resources for the TESL professional. Links to educational sites.

TESOL certification online
Submitted on 2005-08-25 by Louisa Walsh [Edit] [Delete]
Accredited TESOL courses online/by distance with Global English.

Teachers Latin America
Submitted on 2005-08-19 by Guy Courchesne [Edit] [Delete]
TEFL Online programs with links to jobs, internships, and language study in over 20 countries in Latin America. Talk to a Teachers Latin America advisor to find out what options this region offers for employment and travel abroad.

MTESOL Distance (The University of Auckland, New Zealand)
Submitted on 2005-05-03 by Tan Bee Tin [Edit] [Delete]
The MTESOL is a web-based distance Masters Degree programme offered through the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Wave of English
Submitted on 2005-04-06 by Stacy Andell [Edit] [Delete]
The Wave of English Foreign Language Teachers Working Group provides initial TESOL certification, TESOL Endorsements in top markets, and Curriculum Development services to schools around the world.

ESL Certificate Program - Online!
Submitted on 2004-09-22 by Drexel eLearning [Edit] [Delete]
Obtain your ESL teaching certificate for grades K-12 through Drexel University. This program can be completed entirely online. Drexel University is ranked by US News & World Report as one of America's Best Colleges for 2004. For more information visit: www.drexel.com.

CERTESL Program, University of Saskatchewan
Submitted on 2004-09-02 by Shannon Storey [Edit] [Delete]
CERTESL is a 250-hour (6 course) university-based ESL/EFL teacher training program accredited by TESL Canada, TESL Ontario and SCENES. On-campus intensive options are available for the first two courses and for the practicum. Distance students have paper-based and internet-enhanced options with personal instructor support, and may focus on TESL, TEFL or TESD through course selections. Second language speakers of English are welcome as long as their English meets the required admission standard.

American TESOL
Submitted on 2004-05-10 by Michael Ohlsson [Edit] [Delete]
American TESOL is an internationally accredited program accepted by schools and universities worldwide. We offer an eighty-hour online correspondence, or five-day intensive, in-class TESOL certification course.

Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana
Submitted on 2004-02-27 by Marga Tojo [Edit] [Delete]
The Interuniversity online TEFL Programme consists of: Master, Post-graduate Diploma, Certificate. This programme is based on a collaborative approach to learning and aims at providing a varied and up-to-date base for the academic and professional development, as well as to encourage teachers to critically reflect on their own teaching practice and pedagogical beliefs. FUNIBER offers a number of grants for the programme.

Training Link Online
Submitted on 2003-12-30 by Brian Winn-Smith [Edit] [Delete]
ACTDEC accredited online TESOL courses at levels one and two plus the popular Eurolink course in Practical Phonetics. Competitive fees include course material, delivery of set books, CDs/cassettes, registration and award of certificates.

Online TEFL
Submitted on 2003-11-14 by Mauricio Castro [Edit] [Delete]
i-to-i is an accredited TEFL* training organisation. i-to-i trains over 4000 people every year to travel independently, by teaching English overseas. A site full of information on volunteer travel opportunities worldwide and online TEFL/TESL training for those wanting to teach and travel.

Online TEFL Certificate
Submitted on 2003-10-16 by Graham Patchett [Edit] [Delete]
Courses for teachers and travellers via distance learning.

TESL Certificate ONLINE
Submitted on 2003-03-05 by Coventry House International [Edit] [Delete]
The Online College for Teachers of English offers an innovative TESL course with videoed lessons for observation, and recorded material for pronunciation. Free sample course on Methodology, Grammar and Phonology, with video.

Washington Academy of Languages - TESL Certificate
Submitted on 2002-10-28 by Dr. Norgard Klages [Edit] [Delete]
The TESL program is offered on-site and online and has an established reputation for combining practical skills with theory enabling graduates to become confident, creative and effective ESL/EFL Instructors.

English International TEFL Certificate Program
Submitted on 2002-09-19 by Jeff Mohamed [Edit] [Delete]
English International offers affordable, quality TEFL Certificate courses by distance learning.

TEFL Certificate Courses
Submitted on 2002-07-30 by Louisa Walsh [Edit] [Delete]
Global English courses provide an opportunity to study for a TEFL certificate by distance learning. Students can choose to study by e-mail or correspondence and can study from anywhere in the world. Information on our Certificate, Certificate with Business and Business Foundation courses is available on our website.

English Language Centre
Submitted on 2002-06-26 by Barbara Hanvey [Edit] [Delete]
The English Language Centre online is a long established TEFL/TESL research and training organisation offering cutting edge TEFL/TESL courses online.

Eurolink Courses
Submitted on 2001-12-12 by Brian Winn-Smith [Edit] [Delete]
Eurolink Courses offer TESOL distance programmes from Introductory to Master's level. All courses are accredited by ACTDEC — the Accreditation Council for TESOL Distance Education Courses and qualifications are awarded by the College of Teachers under their Royal Charter of 1849. http://www.eurolinkcourses.co.uk

The English Training Centre
Submitted on 2001-03-23 by Paul Simmonds [Edit] [Delete]
The English Training Centre offers professionally-designed TESOL courses accredited by ACTDEC. We also provide a Business English course accredited by the College of Teachers. We are ISO 9001 certified. The courses are all distance-learning programmes and every trainee has a highly experienced personal tutor. Teaching practice is an option through ACTDEC. We offer a free English Grammar Guide and reference book with every course.

The london Teacher Training Centre Diploma in TESOL by Distance learning - by post/CD or over the Net.
Submitted on 2001-01-25 by phyllis vannuffel [Edit] [Delete]
Gain an Internationally recognised qualification in TESOL/TEFL by Distance Learning over the Net,by post or CD Rom.No time limits!

Transworld Schools
Submitted on 2001-01-03 by Marc Anthony [Edit] [Delete]
Transworld Schools offers a variety of CTESOL (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) training courses for both new and experienced teachers. We offer full, part-time or distance learning courses. We are approved by the State of California and internationally recognized. Our instructors are certified and internationally experienced. Centrally located in downtown San Francisco, Transworld Schools presents current methodology including Communicative and Lexical Approaches, Business English, Computer-Assisted Language Learning, and Teaching Children. The course includes all materials and practical teaching with English language learners. Transworld offers expert job placement assistance for the USA and overseas.

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