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Certification and Teacher Training for ESL,EFL,TESOL (in England - UK,Ireland,Scotland)

Below, you will find organizations and schools who offer a TEFL course in England or other parts of the UK. Some employers prefer to hire those who have taken their TESOL training in England over any other country, due to a feeling that the British accent is somehow the "best" or, at least, most impressive and desirable. Even many people in the US tend to think more highly of someone who has taken a TEFL course in England than they would of someone taking a similar course "at home." Well, you know the old saying: "the person from out of town is automatically smarter than the person from in town." :-)

As with any TEFL course, it's important to do your own research rather than just believing that if it's linked on a website it must be good. Do some Internet searches, read some teacher's discussion forums, and check out any school before you send them your money.

a TEFL course, it is sometimes best to look for English teaching jobs and ask the employers themselves if they are familiar with the course and whether they would accept it. It is, after all, the employer who makes the decision to hire the teacher!

As always, you see something or run into something you found here and you feel it's a scam or fraudulent in any way, notify me immediately! (You may want to be particularly careful of companies whose sites or email addresses are hosted with free services such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Netfirms, Tripod, Prohosting, Hypermart etc.) Now, good luck! --Kristina

14 Links in the category "Certification and Teacher Training for ESL,EFL,TESOL (in England - UK,Ireland,Scotland)"

Submitted on 2013-09-05 by Lee McCoy [Edit] [Delete]
Providing online and classroom based TEFL courses and internships for those with the necessary qualifications.

TEFL Course Ireland - Teach English Abroad
Submitted on 2012-05-31 by Tom [Edit] [Delete]
TEFL Courses Ireland is an accredited provider of TEFL courses in Ireland for those wishing to teach English Abroad. Knowledgeable, qualified and approachable tutors to help you train. Free TEFL Job Placement Service

TEFL Courses from St Giles
Submitted on 2011-12-21 by Charles Morley [Edit] [Delete]
St Giles offer a number of TEFL courses including TESOL and CELTA courses in the UK, USA and Canada.

TEFL Courses Ireland
Submitted on 2011-11-28 by Toby [Edit] [Delete]
TEFL Courses Ireland runs accredited TEFL courses in Ireland for anyone interested in teaching English as a foreign language. Free TEFL Jobs Service for all students.

TEFL England
Submitted on 2011-04-04 by Joe Hallwood [Edit] [Delete]
Weekend, weekday and online TEFL courses throughout England for first-time English teachers. Courses from 20 to 130 hours, we are also recruiting for schools in over 20 countries. We are accredited by ODLQC, NCFE and an SQA approved centre.

Edgewater College
Submitted on 2009-02-06 by Edgewater College [Edit] [Delete]
We offer year round English language courses and ACELS recognised TEFL (CELT) courses. We are members of MEI Relsa. Edgewater College is located on the north east coast of Ireland, just 20 minutes by car from Dublin International Airport with excellent road and rail links to Dublin city, Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth, and Trim Castle. Contact us for a customised course and quotation. We specialise in aviation English.

TEFL Scotland
Submitted on 2009-02-05 by jennifer mackenzie [Edit] [Delete]
Intensive 20 hour weekend TEFL courses and now innovative 30 hour 3 day courses available throughout Scotland from an approved and accredited TEFL organisation. Fun, intensive, interactive TEFL course that qualifies you in one weekend or just 3 days to start teaching English abroad. Can't make it to a classroom? Then online TEFL courses also available

TEFL Company
Submitted on 2007-06-12 by Anonymous [Edit] [Delete]
Provides weekend intensive TEFL and online TEFL courses in the Irish market. Free job placements available in the Far East.

The Language Project
Submitted on 2007-01-31 by Jon Wright [Edit] [Delete]
Train to teach English with our five-week intensive Cert TESOL course and qualify to teach anywhere in the world! Courses run regularly through the year. All participants receive our special collection of over 100 fantastic classroom activities.

TEFL Teacher Training Courses at Foyle Language School in Northern Ireland
Submitted on 2006-02-16 by Anja Bradler [Edit] [Delete]
Foyle Language School offers two principal Teacher Training courses, which are fully accredited and can be completed in modular form: The Foundation Certificate and the Advanced Certificate. The courses are available in the following formats: Full-time intensive; Part-time evenings, weekend intensives or by Distance learning self-study. The Foyle Language School also offers a wide range of high-quality English programmes both for language holidays and for professional development purposes.

CELT TEFL Course in Drogheda, County Louth.
Submitted on 2005-10-20 by Edgewater College [Edit] [Delete]
Full and part time CELT courses in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland.

TEFL / TESOL Training in the UK
Submitted on 2003-11-21 by Justin Wyllie [Edit] [Delete]
Accredited TEFL course. Flexible study for full TESOL certificate. Weekend course plus four optional correspondence modules. London and other UK cities.

Academy of Windsor (England)
Submitted on 2001-06-25 by craig [Edit] [Delete]
Part time and full time TEFL teacher training for the Trinity College Certificate and Trinity Diploma,English language training for business, and foreign language classes

Pilgrims Ltd.
Submitted on 2001-03-01 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
offers teacher training, and an online meeting site for exchange of ideas, discussion, etc

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