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Educational Software

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Tutorware - Powerful Software to Run Your Tutoring Business
Submitted on 2014-11-17 by David Dodge [Edit] [Delete]
Tutorware is a business management software for tutoring companies, test prep agencies, and language academies. Tutorware automates processes like HR, scheduling, billing, invoicing, and reporting, and additionally features educator tools that allows companies to create their own tests and quizzes and produce automated student learning plans and progress reports.

Submitted on 2014-08-29 by Christie Van Arragon [Edit] [Delete]
Teachworks is an online business management system for teachers. It's ideal for language teachers and schools to manage schedules, communication, billing and records.

Free Grammar Check Tool | Spellchecker.net
Submitted on 2014-08-26 by Serge Matson [Edit] [Delete]
Free tool that can help you proofread any type of writing.

GrammarBase - Free Online Grammar Checker
Submitted on 2014-05-12 by Margaret Byrd [Edit] [Delete]
GrammarBase checks for all types of grammar mistakes, contextual errors, modifiers, prepositions, punctuation, quantifiers and more.

Ultimate Vocabulary
Submitted on 2013-10-01 by Rick Wilson [Edit] [Delete]
Ultimate Vocabulary provides a proven and powerful platform, built to improve anyone’s vocabulary. The interactive self-improvement system provides more learning tools than any other program on the market, as well as more information on words. The Ultimate Vocabulary software provides each and every user with a personal computer tutor. Providing a step-by-step guide to learning a powerful vocabulary, Ultimate Vocabulary is the learning tool everyone can benefit from.

Submitted on 2012-10-23 by Luke Gracie [Edit] [Delete]
SkillsTutor provides cloud based e-learning software that help ESL students with interactive lessons and provide advanced reports aimed at identifying problem areas and strategies for improvement.

Let's Learn English
Submitted on 2012-10-06 by Angus Savory [Edit] [Delete]
A large database of activities for students and teachers of English. This is not a free site, and schools purchase subscriptions for their students.

Panopreter text-to-speech and text-to-mp3 software
Submitted on 2012-01-23 by Tom [Edit] [Delete]
Panopreter Plus reads any English text aloud with natural sounding voices, and converts the text into spoken audio files in wav and mp3 formats, so that you can hear the speech with a mp3 player later at your convenience. By running the software on Windows 7 computers, English learners can listen to Microsoft Anna' s spoken speech to improve their listening and pronunciation skills.

BYU ESL Diagnostic Tests and Grammar Practice Courseware
Submitted on 2011-08-03 by Matt [Edit] [Delete]
Brigham Young University’s CLIPS English grammar programs provide comprehensive diagnostic exams and tailored drill and practice targeting intermediate and advanced ESL concepts. CLIPS is designed to be customized with school branding to integrate into any school's value offering to students. Pricing options let schools 1) pass student subscription costs on to students at a discount, 2) generate revenue from student subscriptions or 3) purchase student subscriptions at discounted prices.

Grammar Checker
Submitted on 2011-07-21 by Jennifer [Edit] [Delete]
Free online grammar checker.

Ginger Software
Submitted on 2011-07-14 by Rony Hadar [Edit] [Delete]
Ginger is the leading contextual grammar and Spell Checker on the market today. Based on full-sentence context, Ginger automatically corrects even the most severe spelling and grammatical mistakes at an unmatched success rate. The product operates as an online service and supports MS-Word, MS-Outlook, MS-PowerPoint, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Synonyms For
Submitted on 2011-06-16 by Helen Bredson [Edit] [Delete]
Free online tool for synonyms research.  A more effective option for easily finding synonyms on the fly is to have another website open and ready for your use.

Tutor Panel Software
Submitted on 2011-05-04 by Jeffrey Porter [Edit] [Delete]
A web-based software for tutoring to companies for managing students, scheduling, billing and finances.

My Vocab Book
Submitted on 2011-03-04 by Sheldon West [Edit] [Delete]
Like a traditional paper vocabulary book but with several distinct advantages: more space for quality examples, organise by category/register on the go, see the flashcards you struggle with most more often. There is also the unique feature of sharing vocab with classmates, so that everyone can benefit from a pupil's private study.

Educational Software
Submitted on 2011-01-19 by Charles Gruber [Edit] [Delete]
Offers information for students, teachers, and other scholarly persons who look for academic student discounts.

CBSE Educational website
Submitted on 2011-01-19 by Richa Gupta [Edit] [Delete]
A great resource for CBSE students looking to attain academic success. Aims to provide informative articles on important topics, educational resources for learning The website also provides to CBSE students syllabus details, sample question papers, discussion forums on current topics, informative content and subject matter for various classes and lots more. This site provides great resources to students who want to learn better, achieve more and reach the pinnacle of success!

eLearning solutions
Submitted on 2010-06-30 by John [Edit] [Delete]
Look to Interactyx, makers of Topyx, for affordable, fully-hosted eLearning software solutions with integrated social eLearning, mobile learning, and eCommerce.

Natively Academy
Submitted on 2010-06-21 by Natively Academy [Edit] [Delete]
Natively Academy is an interactive program that provides language training for the real world by using real-life scenarios. When it comes to learning to speak a new language, no software is better designed to help you reach your goals than Natively Academy. Combining incredible pictures, engaging text, the voices of native speakers and dynamic content, Natively Academy has everything you need to master a new language.

Technology for Education
Submitted on 2010-01-21 by jennifer gisler [Edit] [Delete]
Technology for Education (TFE) is a computer technology company that specializes in Assistive Technology and learning products for professionals, educators or anyone working with young children and people with special needs.

Language Learning Software
Submitted on 2009-12-15 by Laurianne [Edit] [Delete]
Language learning software and programs for translation, writing and grammar checking tasks under review.

Reading Horizons - Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself
Submitted on 2009-09-30 by Angela Stevens [Edit] [Delete]
The foundation for reading English. Scientifically proven, phonics-based reading software and teaching resources.

Language Lab
Submitted on 2009-03-15 by Shammy [Edit] [Delete]
ETNL - Professional engineering IT BPO company with computerized digital language lab software, college school automation software, C# ASP.NET development, web designing, Search engine promotion, English and foreign language learning tutorials.

Free AssessmentTools
Submitted on 2009-02-01 by slatch Naveed [Edit] [Delete]
The tests cover four skill areas: English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning

Language Lab Software
Submitted on 2008-11-12 by Nilna [Edit] [Delete]
Digital Language Lab Solution Provider in India

Language Lab Software
Submitted on 2008-08-08 by syam [Edit] [Delete]
Digital Language Lab Software - Affordable english language learning software solution from WAIRS

Word Magic English Spanish Translation Software
Submitted on 2008-04-04 by Ricardo Arguello [Edit] [Delete]
Description: English Spanish translation software, Online Translation and English Spanish dictionaries with Synonyms, Antonyms, Verb Conjugations, Reverse Conjugation, Definitions in English and Spanish, Usage Examples and Color Pictures.

Open English
Submitted on 2008-02-12 by Open English [Edit] [Delete]
Our program is based on years of research that has resulted in something of which we are very proud. We currently offer an English learning platform that evolves and adapts to each user. Our smart technology considers a mix of learning factors like a person's native language, level of education, age and job description, as well as a user's specific skills in areas such as grammar, reading and listening, ultimately creating a personalized learning program for each learner.

Clarity - English language teaching software
Submitted on 2007-10-23 by Nicole [Edit] [Delete]
CLARITY publishes and distributes effective, easy-to-use, enjoyable multimedia software for teaching English language. Titles cover grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, IELTS preparation and authoring. Includeing lots of support for teachers with free newseletters and Clarity's ELT Software Guide.

WhizKidz by Prodigy Creator
Submitted on 2007-06-19 by Darrin Wong [Edit] [Delete]
Fun, interactive, colorful, right-brain centric children's ESL software. Complete with a full class curriculum for teachers, absolutely FREE teaching software, colorful laminated flashcards, and activitiy printouts for children to do in class.

IELTS Listening practice software
Submitted on 2007-04-26 by Steve Chadwick [Edit] [Delete]
Full-length IELTS Listening test consisting of 40 questions in 4 different sections. In Test mode the student is timed and his/her answers are marked only at the end or when the time (30 minutes) is up. At the end of the test the student is given a score out of 40 and an equivalent IELTS band score. In Practice mode, each the student can explore the answers to each question as they proceed. S/he can also see the audio scripts and take as long as they like.

E-learning Tools and Flash Presentation Software
Submitted on 2006-11-13 by Jagdeep.S.Pannu [Edit] [Delete]
authorGEN offers teaching tools and e-learning services for live interactive online learning, and SCORM compliant presentation software to create Flash video presentations.

Lear Every Day Spoken English with Movies on the PC
Submitted on 2006-11-04 by Susan Macdonald [Edit] [Delete]
Movielearn is an Edutainment (Education + Entertainment) software teaching every day spoken English through watching movies on the PC. Just press the space bar if you do not understand and the movie is paused taking you to learning panels that explain: - Keywords Panel: subtitle in English & native language, keywords, picture illustration & explanation in English - Translation Panel: dictionary terms of words - Personal Learning Panel: save/delete (key)words to learn at your own pace

Easy Writer Interactive Software
Submitted on 2006-10-04 by Jane Hanser [Edit] [Delete]
Software develops writing, grammar and listening skills. Developed by an ESL teacher, it features all authentic writing and grammar by other ESL students and English learners. Users practice error identification and correction of essays written by other learners; then they transfer skills learned to their own writing. Great for low intermediate to advanced, young adult and adult. Now offers a companion grammar handbook that also features all authentic language for examples and exercises.

GRE preparation with vocabulary tutor
Submitted on 2006-09-26 by Artush [Edit] [Delete]
Mygretutor.com provides test preparation for the GRE, including a vocabulary section with thousands of words. Antonyms, synonyms, etymology and defintions are provided for each word, and students can expect to learn quite a bit about not only vocabulary, but how specific words are used in context.

Eliminate Your Accent - The Accent Reduction Ebook
Submitted on 2006-08-16 by Patrick Bilson [Edit] [Delete]
Learn all new methods and exercises that will help you get rid of your accent.

Accent Reduction-American English Pronunciation Training
Submitted on 2006-07-26 by Paul Gruber [Edit] [Delete]
This effective, one-of-a-kind English Pronunciation-Accent Reduction Video Training Program is delivered via DVD or on-line by a certified Speech Pathologist. It is a fun, listen and learn approach with no boring diagrams, symbols or phonetics. Experience the difference with our FREE DEMO and see our many success stories. Free American Accent Tips and Free Idiom Book are also available.

English grammar software
Submitted on 2006-07-23 by Lena [Edit] [Delete]
WhiteSmoke's innovative software is the first-ever instant, full-text analysis solution, providing context-related language enrichment

Kids Educational Software For Preschoolers
Submitted on 2006-02-24 by Smartneurons [Edit] [Delete]
Smart Neurons provides educational software for preschoolers and kids to help enhance their pre-reading skills, story building logic and imagination.

Free Literacy Software
Submitted on 2006-02-15 by Bruce Laidlaw [Edit] [Delete]
Free Literacy Software for Windows and Macintosh. Bruce Laidlaw and Prasit Yutasane. The old website addresses (no longer working but mentioned here in case someone is searching) are: http://i.am/reading.writing/ - http://pip.com.au/~abestuds/softw.html - http://www.sit.nsw.edu.au/gaol/win.html - http://www.sit.nsw.edu.au/gaol/softw.html - http://www.sit.nsw.edu.au/gaol/mac.html - Plain English description of Darlinghurst Jail, built by convicts, in Sydney, Australia.

Sky Software House
Submitted on 2006-02-09 by Don Friend [Edit] [Delete]
Sky Software House produces computer software for English language learning. This includes: Pronunciation software, Reading software, Listening software and Tense diagnostic software.

Accent Reduction Software
Submitted on 2006-01-05 by Steven Bo [Edit] [Delete]
Accent Master software uses cutting edge technology to teach you a Standard American Accent. Using animated graphics and video you will see exactly how to produce each sound. The software includes games that teach you to use each sound in words and sentences. We also offer a free monthly newsletter packed with tips and advice for learning proper English pronunciation.

Submitted on 2006-01-05 by Chen Zur [Edit] [Delete]
WhiteSmoke is a unique, patented software that enhances text by suggesting grammatical and spelling changes as well as changes in wording. WhiteSmoke is user-friendly, easy to download and plugs into any MS Word or Outlook as well as functioning on its own as a stand-alone program.

English and Spanish Verb Trainer - Practice Conjugating Verbs
Submitted on 2005-12-11 by Sean Thompson [Edit] [Delete]
Students of Spanish and English can now practice the verb conjugations Free. This software provides you with over 600 common everyday used English or Spanish verbs with all the tenses.

VTrain (Vocabulary Trainer)
Submitted on 2005-11-19 by Paul Raedle [Edit] [Delete]
VTrain is a flashcard-based tool used in 25 universities. Its unique spaced learning system guarantees you will remember any foreign word for years with only a few repetitions per year. VTrain includes a multilingual multimedia-enabled editor.

AWLA: A Writing eLearning Appliance
Submitted on 2005-11-08 by Pedro P. Sanchez-Villalon [Edit] [Delete]
The AWLA System is a Web resource to learn writing in one of the languages available (English, Spanish, German - French and Italian interfaces are coming soon). It is fully Web-based, an e-Learning tool based on Blended Learning, since it requires the interaction of learners and the Web technology with a teacher to propose the topic to write about, guide the learner throughout the writing process and correct and evaluate.

American English Pronunciation Software
Submitted on 2005-11-05 by Xin Wang [Edit] [Delete]
Pronunciation Patterns has over 100 phonics rules and groups 4,000 words by phonetic patterns to help you practice English pronunciation and learn new English words. Now you can just read English words without using IPA. It also has a special designed exercise and online mouth video clips to help you build a strong mouth muscle and learn how to say each sound to help you pronounce English words clearly.

ESL Handwriting Worksheet Wizard
Submitted on 2005-10-29 by Nick Ramsay [Edit] [Delete]
The Writing Worksheet Wizard automatically makes handwriting practice worksheets for children. The one word and multi-word wizards give you flexibility in editing your worksheets to suit your students needs - and it's all for free! Just type in the words you want and click the create worksheet button - easy!"

Web Based Gradebook
Submitted on 2005-04-02 by Campusware [Edit] [Delete]
Web based Gradebook software for teachers to manage grades, assignments, lesson plans, progress reports, seating charts, attendance.

Amigos Software
Submitted on 2004-11-04 by Jacky Parker [Edit] [Delete]
New program : Amigos Spanish Puzzles - Learn Spanish vocabulary using word games and puzzles. Crosswords, word search puzzles, anagrams etc. 2500 words and phrases in 75 categories. Also - Amigos Spanish Verbs allows you to practice conjugating Spanish verbs using tests and puzzles. The program is designed for all levels of expertise - everything is fully selectable, whatever your level and knowledge. Free trial version.

E-Bookster ESL Automated Reading
Submitted on 2004-10-06 by Paul T. Kelly [Edit] [Delete]
Welcome to E-Bookster. Grammar enforced rules are applied to text which is displayed for the end user in grammatically correct noun and verb phrases.

Submitted on 2004-06-21 by Nigel Prebble [Edit] [Delete]
EyeSpeak has taken a new approach to teaching pronunciation by computer. Using the vowel graph plotting system and simple mouth diagrams it clearly shows how close the student's pronunciation efforts are to the desired style. The sounds of whole words recorded by students are instantly mapped on-screen and feedback is provided, based on the approach that would be taken by an experienced language teacher. This allows the student to see clearly where they are going wrong.

LT Development Tool
Submitted on 2004-05-13 by Vadim Kiryukhin [Edit] [Delete]
The LT Development Tool is a software product which enables any materials developer without special technical knowledge to create web-based interactive material.The developer can :insert an unlimited number of media files, create instant quizzes using multiple choice, drop-down menu, and text-field formats; create multiple pop-up windows utilizing quiz, media files, and graphics.All these features can be used in any combination, providing the developer with unlimited presentation power.

Vocabulary Builder
Submitted on 2004-03-29 by Kay Levein [Edit] [Delete]
This is an vocabulary builder for TOEFL, GMAT, GRE and SAT test takers. Vocaboly contains five books: VOA Special English, TOEFL, GMAT, SAT and GRE, with 12,000 words, each word provided with meaning, phonetic symbol and pronunciation. You can select a book according to your purpose and English level.

Distance learning and get online college degree, Accredited degree for MBA, Computer science
Submitted on 2004-02-23 by Mr.Chip White [Edit] [Delete]
Degree Info is a distance learning and online learning discussion group and information portal.

Talking eBooks
Submitted on 2004-01-13 by Carol Moore [Edit] [Delete]
Every individual word clickable to hear. Engaging stories, colorful illustrations, full narration to help read and pronounce English. Short stories for beginning readers and longer stories (thousands of clickable words) for intermediate readers. Instantly downloadable.

CGI Scripts for Educators
Submitted on 2004-01-08 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
Free Perl CGI scripts for educators and others. Download them and put them on your website for more interactivity. Includes mailing list manager, 3 different online quiz programs, loan interest calculators, reminder service, guestbook, online gradebook, Crossword and WordSearch puzzle makers, FAQ generator, chatroom program, and more.

Ray's Edusoft
Submitted on 2003-12-10 by ray [Edit] [Delete]
Educational software: 100s educational game software, English ( ESL ) learn software, math learning software, spelling practice software, unique features, and more!

PerfectPronunciation - English pronunciation software
Submitted on 2003-07-28 by Tomasz P. Szynalski [Edit] [Delete]
Software to learn the pronunciations of the most frequently used English words.

Submitted on 2003-02-08 by Martin Lapworth [Edit] [Delete]
TaskMaster is an easy-to-use authoring tool which creates interactive language games and exercises based on text, images and sounds. One set of inputs generates up to 11 interactive activities with recognizable game formats. The package consists of 7 exercise groups. A free "student home use" version is available from the website as well as a trial of the full package.

EFL/ESP free Software
Submitted on 2002-12-23 by Hélder Fanha Martins [Edit] [Delete]
In this site you can find free software related to English as a Foreign Language and English for Specific Purposes.

Visual Link Spanish
Submitted on 2002-10-05 by Jason Poole [Edit] [Delete]
Learn Spanish today for free! Learn Spanish the interactive and fun way! With our Spanish lessons, you will really learn Spanish - Guaranteed. Our web site will help you learn Spanish free of charge. Not just a few Spanish verbs, but over 500 words of the Spanish language.

LookWAYup translating dictionary and thesaurus
Submitted on 2001-11-28 by M. Laplante [Edit] [Delete]
Web site and free software tool. Look up any word on any web page by double-clicking it or by typing it (it corrects spelling along the way), without leaving the web page. Explore related terms; look up any word in the definition. Uses AI to query search engines for related information. Translate to German, French, Spanish, etc. For Netscape, IE, Palm, cell phones.

Merit Software - Improves students' reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and grammar skills
Submitted on 2001-03-01 by Ben Weintraub [Edit] [Delete]
Acheive measurable success using Merit's reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and grammar improvement software. Immediate feedback for students. Tracks scores for teachers. Great for TOEFL prep. Free 30-day demos!

World of Reading, LTD
Submitted on 2001-03-01 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
carries software for ESL and other Foreign Languages. Screen shots and sample scenes are available

Submitted on 1999-12-21 by Jesse Keyser [Edit] [Delete]
Web-based software that K-12 educators can use to make School and Classroom web pages without any HTML or FTP. Try it for FREE.

Free Software for First Certificate Revision (FCE)
Submitted on 1999-11-24 by Gavin Douglas [Edit] [Delete]
Download a free software program that helps students revise for the Cambridge First Certificate Exam (FCE). This small program runs on Windows 95 / 98 / NT and helps students with the tricky "Spot the error" grammar question on the Use of English paper.

Real English by The Marzio School
Submitted on 1999-06-29 by Michael Marzio [Edit] [Delete]
Real English is a Trip for students of English as a Foreign or Second Language. The CD-ROMs and Video Cassettes guide beginners and more advanced students through a functional and grammatical learning experience in 15 Anglo-Saxon cities. It is the 1st method that has dared organize spontaneous speech. Includes 8 types of exercises includin voice recognition.

Discovery Educational Software
Submitted on 1999-03-25 by F S Martin [Edit] [Delete]
Free worksheets, puzzle-maker to download, CD-ROMs for young learners of English.

Submitted on 1998-03-22 by Antony Lewis [Edit] [Delete]
Download a free English dictionary and thesaurus for Windows.

Submitted on 1998-03-19 by Steve Sorensen [Edit] [Delete]
WordCommand English Vocabulary Building Software. Hear sample spoken pronuncia tions, see sample usage tips and sentences!

Accent Lab Software
Submitted on 1998-03-09 by Linguistic Funland Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
This software is designed to help pronunciation and listening skills by letting students listen to a teacher-created exercise, and then recording themselves on the computer for analysis. (Note from Linguistic Funland Webmaster: I'm particularly impressed with the fact that you can create your own recordings for your own students' trouble spots.)

Speech Communication, Inc.
Submitted on 1997-07-01 by Adele Kopecky & Nancy Hiser. [Edit] [Delete]
. Interactive multimedia accent mprovement software with a demo you can download to your PC. Plus, interesting -- and sometimes strange -- things about spoken English. A new spoken word a nd phrase each week with pronunciation tips. A monthly contest based on American English pronunciation -- win free software!

DynEd International
Submitted on 1996-07-15 by Lance Knowles. [Edit] [Delete]
Publisher of award-winning ESL/EFL multimedia software for all ages. Clients are schools, universities and companies. Teacher-support materials, tests, and detailed record-keeping system are available.

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