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Employment (Taiwan)

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Submitted on 2022-07-05 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
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Taiwan Language Tutor
Submitted on 2009-06-16 by Taiwan Language Tutor [Edit] [Delete]
Hi ! I would like to introduce our website for the language tutors and students. is an online matching service for language teachers and students. Students can search our database for language teachers that fit their needs. Teachers are invited to advertise their teaching services and prices via a free profile page.

Leader Language Schools
Submitted on 2007-08-08 by Jay Locher [Edit] [Delete]
Leader Language Schools are English language institutes in Central Taiwan.

Asian Consultants International
Submitted on 2007-05-19 by Asian Consultants [Edit] [Delete]
Asian Consultants, or ACI, is an established teacher recruiting service based in Taiwan. All of our associates have background in teaching and know the challenges faced by foreign teachers. Please visit our website to find out everything you need to know about teaching in Taiwan, as well about living and working in Taiwan. You can also apply for work from the website. Thank you and we look forward to have you join us in Taiwan!

English in Taiwan ESL Teaching Jobs
Submitted on 2006-09-19 by Adam Zahler [Edit] [Delete]
Free classified ads and information for foreigners, teachers and schools in Taiwan. Provides advice on English teaching, housing, scooter hire and every other necessity for living in Taiwan.
Submitted on 2006-01-08 by David [Edit] [Delete]
We are an online advertisement website for English teachers and educational institutions in Taiwan and Taipei. We provide free postings and display all ads for free. Nobody has to pay for reading your resume. We also provide information on travel, nightlife, bars concerts and other free time activities. This website is advertised very well with local schools and employers so it's a good idea for ESL EFL TESOL TESL TEFL CELTA teachers/students and potential employers to place an ad.

MYU Language Tutor Finder
Submitted on 2005-06-11 by Nigol [Edit] [Delete]
Looking for a language tutor or language teacher in Taiwan, or are you a language teacher looking for work? Our website is a language tutor finding tool for students to locate all available language teachers in Taiwan. Find available tutors of English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Taiwanese, or other languages.

Teaching in Formosa!
Submitted on 2005-03-23 by Cliff Li [Edit] [Delete]
Teach English all around Taiwan with a good pay, full-time and part-time. We need teachers from English speaking countries only (Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, South Africa, NZ, USA) Basically $NT50,000 for 100 hours per month and many other OPTIONAL benefits, such as work permit, INS, free accommodation, free meals, etc (depending on the offer).

ESL iSLAND Taiwan Teaching Jobs
Submitted on 2003-12-15 by Adam [Edit] [Delete]
Provides ESL teaching job listings, advice, materials, suggestions, classifieds and forums all related to teaching and living in Taiwan.

Teaching English in Taiwan
Submitted on 2003-04-22 by David Reid [Edit] [Delete]
Information about teaching English in Taiwan. Finding a job, getting a visa, useful links and more.

Todd's English School
Submitted on 2003-04-02 by Todd [Edit] [Delete]
Teach English in Taiwan! Visit our web site for a visual introduction of our school and Tainan. It also has useful links for English teachers planning to come to Taiwan and teach.

Submitted on 2003-01-12 by Ari Stotle [Edit] [Delete]
ESL Teachers' Forum for Taiwan by SSETT

ESL Job Search
Submitted on 2002-03-09 by Admin [Edit] [Delete]
New ESL positions posted daily from around the world.

Submitted on 2001-04-27 by Don Chung [Edit] [Delete]
Information page on teaching ESL in Taiwan.

Teaching English and Living in Taiwan
Submitted on 2000-07-07 by Kirk [Edit] [Delete]
Offers articles, teaching resources, job and apartment listings for those who wish to teach and live in Taiwan.

Taiwan: The English Teacher's Paradise.
Submitted on 2000-04-08 by David Jackson [Edit] [Delete]
Teach English In Taiwan. Teachers Always Wanted. Ongoing Recruiting. Positions Available Now.

Teach English In Taiwan
Submitted on 2000-03-28 by David Jackson [Edit] [Delete]
Teach English In Taiwan. Teachers Always Wanted. Positions Available Island Wide. Four Intakes Per Year. APPLY NOW!!!

Teach ESL in Taiwan
Submitted on 1999-06-17 by JT Pai [Edit] [Delete]
Several Language Schools in Taiwan semi-rural areas, specialize in teaching English to children, are currently looking for ESL teachers for their booming business. They will conduct an interview in Greatre Vancouver, B.C., Canada, every month for prospective candidates.

Hess Educational Organization of Taiwan
Submitted on 1999-04-04 by Donald E. Hess [Edit] [Delete]
The International Study and Travel Center of the University of Minnesota which provides a link to our site says: "Taiwan's biggest private language school. This is a very well developed site. Its Q & A section will answer nearly any question you could have about working for their company. You can also read about the work experience of their teachers and read messages from their students. You can also take a virtual tour of Taiwan. Whether or not you choose to apply at Hess, this is a useful site to spend some time in." Recruits teachers for their 100 locations around Taiwan; 24 to 35 hours per week. Must have a bachelor's degree and passport from an English-speaking country. Experience working with children and living in a large city strongly preferred. Salary, assistance in finding housing, health insurance, teaching materials and free housing during teacher training, and "survival" Chinese guides. Hires 4 times per year for 1-year contracts. No fees; typically hires 65-76 percent of applicants. Deadlines: January 30 for June placement, April 30 for September, July 31 for December, October 31 for March.

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