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English Schools (Indonesia)

This is a list of links to schools located in Indonesia which offer courses in EFL or in Teaching English.

6 Links in the category "English Schools (Indonesia)"

Contoh Soal TOEFL
Submitted on 2014-03-29 by Jenny Craig [Edit] [Delete]
TOEFL preparation course for Indonesian students, located in Jakarta.

Belajar Bahasa Inggris
Submitted on 2014-02-09 by Lucas Godin [Edit] [Delete]
English learning material for Indonesian students. Belajar Bahasa Inggris online.

Aim for English - Jakarta
Submitted on 2010-10-29 by Ian Bishop [Edit] [Delete]
Aim for English is a language centre for adults in central Jakarta offering academic English, test preparation and business English courses.

EF English First Indonesia
Submitted on 2007-12-02 by Wendra So [Edit] [Delete]
Official site of EF English First Indonesia. Site provides general information about courses offered, schools address, as well as special promotions.

Aim for English. Kursus Bahasa Inggris
Submitted on 2007-05-02 by Ian Bishop [Edit] [Delete]
Information on Aim's custom-designed courses, teaching staff and hi-tech learning environment. Aim specialises in Academic English, Business English and Test preparation.

EF Swara Group Jakarta
Submitted on 2005-11-20 by Lora Suzana [Edit] [Delete]
This site describes the EF Swara Group's associated schools. Included is information about employment, working conditions, and more.

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