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English for Specific Purposes

Almost every field has its own "jargon" or specialized words and phrases used in the course of everyday work. For certain fields, however, such as business, medicine, and various scientific and technical fields, this jargon can be both much more complicated and complex as well as extremely important for clarity and sometimes even safety. In international business, clear and effective communication can be the key to obtaining and retaining important clients or vendors, and because English is so widespread, it is becoming more and more important for business people and others to learn English in order to compete in the global market.

Because of this, seminars, workshops, and even entire study programs and schools have popped up to focus on Business English, Medical English, and other types of "English for Specific Purposes" or "ESP." This page contains links to many resources related to English for specific purposes from medicine and science to business, law, and aviation. There are study programs listed as well as sites by teachers.

If you have a website related to Business English, Medical English, or other related resource, please feel free to use the "Submit a Site" link above to submit the site for inclusion!

26 Links in the category "English for Specific Purposes"

Legal English Online
Submitted on 2011-11-24 by Richard Brady [Edit] [Delete]
The British Legal Center offers online training services of legal English for law students and practicing lawyers. Our services include: legal English testing, distance online learning, legal documentation preparation, summer schools and individual legal English courses. Our company provides legal articles and law resources as well!

Submitted on 2011-08-04 by Kent Johnson [Edit] [Delete]
LearningU's vision is to provide quality ESL (English as a second language) courses for English language learners throughout the world. LearningU provides stand-alone, self-directed courses that are available any time of the day. LearningU uses acknowledged experts in the English language learning field along with cutting edge instructional design strategies in order to maximize student engagement and learning.

Celebrity English Conversation Styles
Submitted on 2011-07-11 by Alex Graham [Edit] [Delete]
I have enjoyed being in the education field for over 20 years; and a language learner for longer. The adventure has allowed me to meet and work with amazing people in North America and overseas. I am hoping to create a “language bridge” that links textbook and real life language. To do this, I will use “Celebrity English” for common conversation topics. Alex

Business English Speyer
Submitted on 2011-05-05 by Michelle Diehl [Edit] [Delete]
Business English Speyer provides Business English Trainings in Speyer and the Rhein-Neckar Metropolitan area.

Online English Course for Spanish speakers
Submitted on 2011-01-31 by sofia de Romano [Edit] [Delete]
My Oxford English is an innovative English learning system designed for Spanish speakers by Oxford University Press. It is directed towards students of all levels. It is the only Online course that can earn you an official English language degree issued by Oxford University.

Submitted on 2010-11-28 by Anne Harding [Edit] [Delete]
English Lessons & Online Support to Master Everyday English. A modern, online English language course which covers advanced vocabulary, idioms and slang. Learn at your own pace.

Submitted on 2010-04-01 by Robert McAlister [Edit] [Delete]
Free English practice for restaurant, travel/tourism, and hotel industry employees.

Learn Business English
Submitted on 2010-01-26 by Joe DeVeto [Edit] [Delete]
This site teaches the most useful business vocabulary and expressions with clear sample sentences. Advice on giving presentations is also included.

Business Law, P.C.
Submitted on 2008-07-30 by Jeffrey Nichols, Esq. [Edit] [Delete]
Law firm run by attorney who specializes in teaching English to legal and other professionals.

Business English training & support in Hong Kong
Submitted on 2007-09-19 by Juned Usmani [Edit] [Delete]
ITS Corporate Training can provide tailored courses for individuals or corporations in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macau

Aprender Inglés con FaceToFace
Submitted on 2007-06-26 by patsy scott [Edit] [Delete]
EFL School. We offer "customized" English courses for Spanish-speaking students. Literature workshops, Theatre workshops, Best Speeches in the XXCentury. Specific Business intensive courses (Presentations-Globalization-Secretarial Skills). A brunch every other Saturday where students talk about a previously announced topic. We focus on teaching English based on particular interest areas.

Business English Podcast
Submitted on 2007-05-15 by Peter Atkinson [Edit] [Delete]
Business English Pod provides free MP3 podcast lessons for intermediate and advanced Business English learners. Each podcast is focused on a particular skill (meetings, presentations, telephoning etc.) and language function (clarifying, disagreeing, questioning etc.). Our Business English podcasts feature professionally recorded dialogs with detailed explanations of the target language, further examples of useful phrases and practice activities.

Linguistics and English for Tourism Books
Submitted on 2006-10-13 by Marcel [Edit] [Delete]
Sun, Sea, Sez and the Unspoilt Countryside provides an introductory overview of the way in which the English language is used in tourism discourse across genres. Through the detailed linguistic analysis of selected excerpts from written tourist materials (advertisements, brochures, travel articles, guidebooks, websites, travelogues, etc.), the major written genres of tourism discourse are introduced and the characteristics of "tourism English" as a type of specialized language are described.

Executive English Solutions Santiago Chile -- EES
Submitted on 2006-04-08 by charles Spencer [Edit] [Delete]
We are a serious, established English school located in Santiago, Chile. Our service is geared towards corporations and busy business executives who need to develop advanced English communication skills in a professional context. Our classes are small and personalized, from 1-4 students per class, most of which are taught on-site at the client’s offices. We are looking for qualified language teachers and experienced business professionals to join our team.

Aisling Ireland International Language Services
Submitted on 2005-11-16 by Liz Osborne [Edit] [Delete]
Information on business English language courses in Ireland. Spend a week in Dublin, enjoy the city and improve your English communication skills at the same time.

ProActive English
Submitted on 2004-03-04 by David Kertzner [Edit] [Delete]
ProActive English offers customized on-site English language courses to address the communication needs of business professionals. Program participants receive password access to Web-based learning activities.

American English. What to say in real-life situations, and how to say it
Submitted on 2003-11-14 by englishskills.com [Edit] [Delete]
“How to” books/audio for ESL students. Telephone skills, appointments, reservations, obtaining information, goods, services; resolving problems and emergencies. A combination of a language course and a quick reference guide with scripts for employees / customers of various sectors: banks, credit card companies, utilities, emergency services, medical offices, retail stores, catalogs, car rentals, public transportation, hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, etc. Free online chapter with sound.

Medical English
Submitted on 2003-03-24 by Frank West [Edit] [Delete]
Medical English resources and exercises. Our site focuses on the many problems doctors, nurses, or anyone in the medical profession, may encounter while working in English speaking countries. The site is sponsored by the European Union and designed to help European professionals work abroad.

Submitted on 2002-04-13 by Joe Greenman [Edit] [Delete]
This site was created for students of Biotechnology at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany, but I hope it will be useful to others interested in the field. Feedback will be greatly appreciated. Best regards from Berlin - Joe Greenman

Submitted on 2002-03-06 by Julie Pratten [Edit] [Delete]
An on-line resource centre for teachers and learners of business English. The site provides practical ideas and tips as well as business articles, business wordpower activities, business quotations, survival business, business idioms, business tests and more.

Submitted on 2002-01-07 by Dennis Morbin [Edit] [Delete]
High quality, intensive business English classes and seminars for executives.

Online English Language Program, University of Washington
Submitted on 2000-10-26 by Anita Sokmen [Edit] [Delete]
We offer intensive online English language courses that include skill-building exercises, short assignments to be sent via e-mail, and individualized online feedback from a University of Washington faculty member. Courses focus on Academic English, Business English, and English for Science & Industry. We also have courses for language instructors, e.g. Testing & Assessment of Language Learning and Introduction to Sociolinguistics: Cross-cultural Communication.

English for Aviation
Submitted on 2000-04-20 by Mike Mc Grath [Edit] [Delete]
A specialist site for those interested in English for Aviation. Intensive courses and specialist ESP learning materials available. The site contains an interactive aviation ESP sample lesson.

Submitted on 1999-08-09 by Martin P. Rice [Edit] [Delete]
The GlobalEnglish online course is an in-depth English language course in Business English for beginners through advanced. It places an emphasis on speaking and listening and uses advanced technology such as speech recognition and record and playback.

American Business English
Submitted on 1998-12-29 by Emily Lites [Edit] [Delete]
American Business English offers online Business English distance education training designed for international executives. The free service, Business Idiom-a-Day, delivers a business idiom, defined and explained with examples, to your computer desktop daily. Resources for instructors and more!

Business English Exercises
Submitted on 1998-06-29 by Pearson Brown [Edit] [Delete]
A growing collection of Business English grammar and vocabulary exercises and quizzes.Also contains a Business English Hangman.

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