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Fun, Interesting, and Cultural Sites

Way back in 1995, I collected several sites which were just interesting or fun. Teachers have used some of these for in-class projects on holidays or other cultural events, and others for practice in reading. Some of the news sites such as Yahoo and Time-Warner can provide interesting reading material, and projects involving discussion of current events are always fun. Some of these sites offer games or other fun things. A lot of these sites are really worth a browse.

40 Links in the category "Fun, Interesting, and Cultural Sites"

'English für Germans' by Simon Geraghty
Submitted on 2011-11-12 by Simon Geraghty [Edit] [Delete]
'English für Germans' by Simon Geraghty - A fun look at English, especially for Germans. Englisch amüsant erklärt, speziell für deutsche Muttersprachler.

Submitted on 2010-06-28 by Andrew Playford [Edit] [Delete]
LingoMatch is the platform where language students, in cities around the world, connect for language and cultural exchange.

Lyrics Translations
Submitted on 2010-05-20 by Dmytro [Edit] [Delete]
Multilingual translation community. Lyrics translations in 64+ languages.

Rosetta Stone of Dialects
Submitted on 2009-12-01 by Ulrich Roos [Edit] [Delete]
This part of our private homepage shows a small poem of 16 lines translated into 100 different languages and dialects. The languages span a wide range from ancient Sicilia, Russia, French, Polish to English; most dialect contributions are from Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Submitted on 2009-01-09 by Livemocha [Edit] [Delete]
Livemocha.com is the world's largest language learning Web site. Users can connect with native speakers and learn languages for free.

Ted Landphair's America
Submitted on 2008-12-30 by Anne Malinee [Edit] [Delete]
Veteran Voice of America reporter Ted Landphair writes about American people and culture, and his blog focuses on some of the thousands of places he has visited and written about as an international broadcaster and author. The blog includes a "wild words" section that explains unusual English words and phrases. It is a great resource for people interested in learning about the English language.

A Walk in the Words
Submitted on 2008-10-17 by Laura Payne [Edit] [Delete]
A linguistic tour for people who love having fun with words and language. A place to share interesting linguistic observations regarding sound, meaning and structure. A place to share linguistic rants and raves. A place to walk in the words.

Neopoet | Bringing Poets Together
Submitted on 2008-01-12 by Louis [Edit] [Delete]
An online poetry workshop and community. Free. Hosts an active forum, chat room, and holds frequent contests.

United Through Reading
Submitted on 2007-05-18 by Richard Radosh [Edit] [Delete]
United Through Reading® has nationally acclaimed programs that provide powerful emotional bonding to relieve the stress of separation through family members reading aloud to children. Visit our website for read aloud resources, booklists, and related program information.

Phony Pearls of Fictitious Wisdom
Submitted on 2006-05-29 by John McCall [Edit] [Delete]
Making ESL Dramatic! Here's a funny short story in English not just translated into Spanish but dramatized in Spanish by the Voice of America – back in radio days.

Simple English News
Submitted on 2006-01-29 by Sam Margolis [Edit] [Delete]
Practice and improve your English through the news.

Jokes in English Podcast
Submitted on 2005-09-03 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
Listen to jokes and/or read them. An enjoyable way to study.

Dictionary of Indian English
Submitted on 2004-06-18 by V. Subhash [Edit] [Delete]
Provides meanings for words in Indian English, which are not correctly or adequately covered by standard English dictionaries. WARNING: Meanings may have a humourous twist.

Fashion Worlds
Submitted on 2004-06-15 by Lindie Pavati [Edit] [Delete]
Resources for project work about fashion designers and influences past, present, famous and up-and-coming, with original articles and regular news updates.

Elite SKills
Submitted on 2004-01-14 by Jimmy [Edit] [Delete]
Elite Skills is a non-profit writers community where users can sign up free and improve their writing skills through feedback and reading the works of others.

Santa's ESL Christmas Activities
Submitted on 2003-12-02 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
Direct links to Christmas activities for ESL and EFL students that are on some of the best websites: a4esl.org, iteslj.org, www.manythings.org, esl-lab.com, etc.

Repeat After Us
Submitted on 2003-10-21 by Ellie Wen [Edit] [Delete]
This site was started by Ellie Wen, an 11th Grader at Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles, California. It offers hundreds (going on thousands) of "classics" in the public domain - poems, speeches, essays, scenes from plays, fairy tales and children's stories...many with accompanying audio clips, so that visitors to the site may read along. The recordings are all done by volunteers: from faculty and students at Harvard-Westlake, to a preschool teacher at a community center on Skid Row.

"Shoecabbage": Raising Language Awareness Via the Comics
Submitted on 2003-10-07 by Teresa Dowlatshahi [Edit] [Delete]
"Shoecabbage" is a 3x/week syndicated cartoon about languages, especially lesser known and endangered languages. The cartoon's mantra: There's a whole world out there and English isn't the only language in it!

Submitted on 2003-04-01 by Jason Bluman [Edit] [Delete]
Fun Interesting & Scientific Daily Breaking News - Great Reading For Hours & Hours - Top 100 Fun Sites - Much More Including Science, KIDS FUN PAGE, Space, Sports, Games. Try It You WILL Like It !!!!!!!

Submitted on 2002-12-19 by JonDujmovich [Edit] [Delete]
Promoting cross-cultural awareness through ESL/EFL education, arts & entertainment in the Hamanako area. Take a look at our cultural awareness lesson plans, or browse our gallery and entertainer/artist profiles!

Elt club
Submitted on 2002-11-15 by roin kim [Edit] [Delete]
Community for ESL teachers (You can build your own club...)

Macroknow Book Club
Submitted on 2001-10-21 by Dr. Edward E. Ayoub [Edit] [Delete]
The Macroknow Book Club™ offers ED's Favorite Quotations™ for your enjoyment. The quotations reveal the thoughts of the great thinkers on freedom, truth, money, free trade, evil, deception, the law, justice, capitalism, science, technology, etc. The Macroknow Book Club™ offers several education resources, including knowledge maps that connect and relate the quotations, popularity indexes for authors and topics, and detailed sources.

puzzles, can you believe it?
Submitted on 2001-10-17 by rosmary [Edit] [Delete]
Mental activities for everyone: puzzles to make, puzzles to solve, optical illusion, etymologies and curiosities, etc.

Interesting Things for ESL Students (By Charles Kelly and Larry Kelly)
Submitted on 2001-09-21 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
There are quizzes, word games, word puzzles proverbs, slang expressions, anagrams, a random-sentence generator and other study materials. This site is non-commericial and has no advertising.

The J Site
Submitted on 2001-09-10 by Jacob Richman [Edit] [Delete]
The new site includes the Flash Match Game. Learning new words in a foreign language is not easy. This Flash game will make learning a fun experience. Currently there is a choice of two languages: Hebrew or English. The game has 3 levels and 7 card sets to choose from. Pictures of the items are show on the screen and you can hear the words in your selected language.

Submitted on 2001-05-21 by Vitali [Edit] [Delete]
Site for students and teachers with articles, essays, multimedia, funny pictures and jokes.

Education & Computer Connection
Submitted on 2000-04-21 by Doris A. Hill [Edit] [Delete]
An award-winning education newsletter with over 300 links to ESOL, ESL resources.

Submitted on 2000-04-15 by Marie G. Nuzzi [Edit] [Delete]
an informative site with a rich variety of links for learning and teaching English language skills; contains many different activities for all levels; very comprehensive

Submitted on 1999-12-21 by Ben Weintraub [Edit] [Delete]
Web site visitors develop an idea and write their own introduction, two- to three- paragraph body, and conclusion. Program prompts guide users step by step through pre-writing, writing, organizing, editing, rewriting, and publishing. Completed essays can be transferred to a word processing program, HTML editor, or e-mail application.

Word Safari: vocabulary expeditions
Submitted on 1999-10-05 by Ruth Pettis [Edit] [Delete]
A playful approach to sharpening your academic English vocabulary--Word Safari features words chosen for their usefulness in college-level reading and writing. Correct answers in a guess-the-meaning game reward visitors with a set of links to interesting sites where the word has been used correctly in context, thus reinforcing the concept. Internet surfing with a purpose. New words added every week.

Mrs. Johnson's Launch Pad
Submitted on 1997-10-31 by Alison McMahon Johnson [Edit] [Delete]
links to Johnson's pages on American Culture, Writing, and Grammar, which have links outside to great sites.

Internet Top 40 Countdown Show In 16 Bit Stereo
Submitted on 1997-10-10 by Don Steel. [Edit] [Delete]
. Hottest and Newest Music: Weekly Top 40 Countdown Show in two formats to start, Hot A/C and Country, with jokes, prizes, dedications,artist biographies. Show starts October 20/97 See you there!! Don Steel.

The Whitehouse homepage.
Submitted on 1997-06-18 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
Contains welcome messages from the President and Vice President of the United States, family albums, and more information about the office of the President of the USA. Note: Graphics intensive--not recommended with Lynx or other text-based browser

Exploring The Internet
Submitted on 1997-06-18 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
"A great list of "Hot" and "Cool" sites on the Net put out by the Exploratorium, a hands-on science museum in San Francisco. Also has a decent "how-to" for Mosaic"

Closed Captioning Web
Submitted on 1997-02-06 by Jamie Berke. [Edit] [Delete]
. Closed Captioning Web has articles, comments, facts, resources, hardware, software, links to captioning service providers, links to research on captioning, and more.

Geopedia® Online
Submitted on 1996-11-27 by Latimer Clarke Corporation Pty Ltd. [Edit] [Delete]
. Geopedia® Online contains key information on every country of the world. Each country profile provides facts and data on geography, climate, people, religion, language, history and economy making it ideal for students of all ages.

Google News
Submitted on 1996-09-04 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
Google News presents headlines and top stories from around the world in English. Great "real life" reading practice and opportunities for in-class discussion.

Christmas Web
Submitted on 1996-09-04 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
A Christmas-related page

Yahoo - Society and Culture:Holidays:Christmas
Submitted on 1996-09-04 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]

Time-Warner's WWW server.
Submitted on 1995-10-06 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
Lots of current news, features with pictures about current culture and world events. VERY busy

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