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Journals and Working Papers in Linguistics

Many professional journals in TESL/TEFL and Linguistics are available online. Some of these are peer-reviewed, and others are less formal, but many of them present wonderful research reports as well as teaching ideas and practical applications of linguistic theories. Ethnolinguistics, Forensic linguistics, lexicology, language and law, various grammars, and more are represented in addition to TESL/TEFL-focused online publications.

Wandering through these links can lead to some interesting discoveries in several sub-fields of language and linguistics.

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Teachers College, Columbia University Working Papers in TESOL & Applied Linguistics
Submitted on 2009-07-21 by Adrienne Wai Man Lew [Edit] [Delete]
The Teachers College TESOL/AL Web Journal is dedicated to publishing research in progress in the fields of TESOL and Applied Linguistics. Within a conceptual framework that values an integration of theory and practice, we publish full-length articles dealing, in a principled way, with language, language acquisition, language teaching, and language assessment. We also publish interviews, short commentaries, and book reviews.

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