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Languages other than English (Arabic)

There are many sites for learning Arabic, both online and off, including links to Arabic schools, online activities and so forth. These are only a very few that have been submitted to the Linguistic Funland. If you know of a great online Arabic resource, please feel free to submit it using the Submit a Site link at the top of this page.

6 Links in the category "Languages other than English (Arabic)"

Learn Arabic
Submitted on 2015-03-04 by Ali Hameed [Edit] [Delete]
If you want to learn common Arabic words and phrases than this page is for you.

Arabic English language translation
Submitted on 2009-02-03 by Thomas Schonenberger [Edit] [Delete]
Medical terms are specific and highly advanced in terms of language, it may seem difficult to find an adequate Arabic medical translation. Our translators operate in the quality of mother-tongue language speakers, and have a minimum of one UK recognised degree in their chosen field of study. They hail from a large database of professional translators who generally work, or have considerable experience in scientific, medical, legal, technical, commercial, advertising or academic areas.

4u Online Arabic Language
Submitted on 2008-12-12 by Allan [Edit] [Delete]
We offer an affordable online Arabic Language course with the click of your computer mouse. 4U Arabic Language School can help you maximize your Arabic language competence - quickly, affordably, and in the privacy of your home

Learn Arabic
Submitted on 2008-06-07 by harry [Edit] [Delete]
Learn Arabic and Quran online studying with virtual class room lessons andlearn Quran and tajweed taught by renowned Madinah Islamic teacher for all beginners,intermediate and advanced Level.

Tayyibun Institute UK
Submitted on 2006-08-25 by Adam Khan [Edit] [Delete]
At Tayyibun Institute UK we aim to bring the teachings of the Fush'a Arabic Language and Qur'an from across the Middle East to students in the UK by providing quality courses taught by qualified/experienced teachers from the Arab world and renowned Institutes such as Dar Al Hadith (Makkah K.S.A), Al Madinah University (Madinah K.S.A), Al Azhar University (Egypt)and others.

Learn Arabic
Submitted on 2005-05-03 by G.Ahmed [Edit] [Delete]
Highly qualified Arabic teacher with long experience in teaching Arabic as foreign language, offers very efficient Arabic private courses for all levles in Damascus-Syria. For details feel free to email me.

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