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Languages other than English (German)

The links on this page are intended to be helpful for those who wish to learn to speak German, or for teachers of the German language. There are schools where you can learn German in Germany, sites on German culture and literature, and other miscellaneous resources.

43 Links in the category "Languages other than English (German)"

Submitted on 2015-03-23 by Michael Schmitz [Edit] [Delete]
sG offers high quality one on one tuition -no groups. B1 from scratch in just 45-60 days. Higher levels on request. Course begin at any time possible. Grammar Video/eBook courses A1-B1 in various languages to download.

Deutsch für Kinder
Submitted on 2013-01-28 by Amir [Edit] [Delete]
Website for the beginner young learners of German, providing them with the basic vocabulary in a picture dictionary format together with exercises to practise the words

Learn Basic German
Submitted on 2012-02-06 by Lucas Kern [Edit] [Delete]
A website to learn German online. The site contains audio lessons for beginners and uses a method called TPRS - (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling).

Deutsched - Learn German Online for Free
Submitted on 2011-01-04 by Amr Boghdady [Edit] [Delete]
Learn German online for free with our language course, which includes pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar lessons. In addition to exercises, jokes, and comics.

German Learning Help
Submitted on 2010-09-23 by Zac Sullivan [Edit] [Delete]
The German Learning Help blog is a place where German language learners can pick up fun facts, learn new words and get excited about German language and culture.

DeutschAkademie - Learn German in Hamburg
Submitted on 2009-11-27 by Patrick [Edit] [Delete]
DeutschAkademie is a specialised language school for German in Austria and Germany. We teach our students in small groups of 5-10 students, have very competitive prices and excellent, dedicates teachers! Courses in Hamburg take place in the centre of the city. Please feel free to visit our website http://www.deutschakademie.de/hamburg-german-course/

Deutschkurse in Hamburg, Deutsch lernen
Submitted on 2009-11-20 by Angela [Edit] [Delete]
DeutschAkademie is a specialised language school for German in Austria and Germany. We teach our students in small groups of 5-10 students, have very competitive prices and excellent, dedicates teachers! Please feel free to visit our website on www.deutschakademie.de/hamburg

Beolingus: German to English/Spanish/Portuguese dictionary
Submitted on 2009-07-06 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
This wonderful site is set up as a translation dictionary for German to English, Spanish, or Portuguese. It also contains a vocabulary trainer. This is a fun site and a great resource for students of German.

DaF German Courses in Munich
Submitted on 2009-01-05 by Rainald Laurer [Edit] [Delete]
- Business German and General German - One-to-one - Tailor-made lessons - Imaginative and effective teaching methods - At your home, at work or at a location of your choice - Flexible lesson times

Deutschinstitut Wien
Submitted on 2008-12-14 by Mag. Hippmann [Edit] [Delete]
German course in Vienna: We offer high-quality Germanc courses at attractive prices for learners from multicultural backgrounds. Our institute is conveniently located close to the city centre of Vienna, the capital of Austria.

DeutschAkademie Sprachschule GmbH - Deutsch lernen in Berlin
Submitted on 2008-09-18 by Pascal Pätow [Edit] [Delete]
DeutschAkademie is a specialised language school for German in Austria and Germany. We teach our students in small groups of 5-10 students, have very competitive prices and excellent, dedicates teachers! Please feel free to visit our website on www.deutschakademie.de/berlin/ or our blog on www.deutschakademie.de/berlin/blog to get in touch with our students, make new friends and learn German.

Practice German grammar with German text of your choice!
Submitted on 2008-07-20 by Chris Niemeyer [Edit] [Delete]
Use the news to practice your German grammar - Students input any quality German text into the site's web page, and then make grammar selections, such as to test for definite and indefinite articles. The site modifies the text so that the student has to reinput the grammar. The site offers grammar practice with text that is of personal interest to the student (as might come from an interesting news article).

German Courses in Munich
Submitted on 2007-01-03 by Gast [Edit] [Delete]
Offers German intensive courses in small groups (with max. 9 participants) with experienced teachers, right in the center of Munich. Preparatory courses for German language certificates. Offers cultural programs and accomodation in Munich.

Learn German Online and for Free
Submitted on 2006-12-14 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
The site offers free language lessons, level tests, quotations, jokes and free international penpals.

Learn German at the Sprachenatelier
Submitted on 2006-11-27 by Tomey [Edit] [Delete]
Sprachenatelier in Berlin is your key to unlocking the German language. Study with world-class teachers, build new friendships and discover the vibrant energy and culture of Germany's most fascinating city. Sprachenatelier is also a cultural and art center. Supplementary to giving German courses, we organize international film festivals, readings, concerts, exhibitions, workshops and seminars--all of which are open to our students and help to activate newly acquired language skills.

German in Munich with THE TEAM
Submitted on 2006-04-18 by Thomas Glaw [Edit] [Delete]
On this site you will find information about learning German in Munich and plenty of information about the city itself and Germany. The TEAM offers mainly individual courses and interesting cultural awareness programs. The site is in English, German and Japanese.

Akademie fuer Fremdsprachen, learn German in Berlin, Germany
Submitted on 2005-08-09 by Geraldine Boissiere [Edit] [Delete]
The school provides courses for German as foreign language, that can be studied from varying degrees of ability, either as intensive courses or using one-to-one teaching methods. The school is also accessible, being located in central Berlin and has some very conventiently located flats (in and near the same buildings as the school itself) available to language course participants.

NASSEL study abroad consultancy services
Submitted on 2005-07-28 by Vo gel [Edit] [Delete]
We offer a wide range of German language courses, from University preparation courses to Individual language training. We can help you during your arrival in Germany.

THESALCON - germanspeakers.com
Submitted on 2005-07-10 by THESALCON - germanspeakers.com [Edit] [Delete]
Study German in Vienna in Austria. Learn the german language with our special method. Beside theory and communication-trainig in class you will experience Vienna by various interactive learning-actions! Enjoy your success and become a “germanspeaker”.

German Intensive Course in Vienna
Submitted on 2005-04-04 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
DeutschAkademie is a language school for German as a foreign language that offers intensive language training in small groups of 5 to 9 students for all levels. The school offers preperation for recognized certificates, excursions and cultural programs, information about accomodation at host families or student residences. The teaching methods are modern and communication-oriented, the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed.

Learn German in Germany
Submitted on 2005-04-01 by schah [Edit] [Delete]
Steinke Institute Bonn offers a broad spectrum of courses of German as a foreign language. The strength of the institute lies in providing top-rated language training, as well as personalised consulting and academic advice for the newly arrived foreign students to help them better integrate into their new environment.

German in Austria, University of Klagenfurt
Submitted on 2004-11-18 by Andrea Pirker [Edit] [Delete]
International University Language Courses in Klagenfurt, Austria. Semester hours of credit awarded.

All Prolog - Language School Berlin
Submitted on 2004-11-15 by Uwe Stränger [Edit] [Delete]
At All PROLOG people from more than 50 countries learn German as a foreign language in small, international groups. They appreciate the constantly target orientated; quality of instruction as well as the individual and friendly advice. In addition to a thorough placement test regular assessments and extensive preparation for upcoming official language examinations are also an integral part of the course.

ABC-Zentrum Sprachinstitut Wien - Learn German in Vienna !
Submitted on 2004-06-23 by ABC ZENTRUM [Edit] [Delete]
Intensive German courses in Vienna for all ages and levels. Highest quality, internationally recognized certificates, including the OeSD. Location in the heart of Vienna, latest instruction methods and materials. Year round and summer programs at affordable prices. Courses start monthly.

Akkusativ - German Language School Berlin
Submitted on 2004-06-15 by Francesca [Edit] [Delete]
Small Berlin language school, specializing in German courses. High quality teaching, stylish rooms, small groups (3-6) and reasonable prices. Large variety of classes: intensive courses, business German, German in tourism, German for journalists, exam preparation. Cultural programme and e-learning included.

Sprachinstitut Berlin - Learn German in Berlin
Submitted on 2004-03-27 by W. Schneider [Edit] [Delete]
Sprachinstitut Berlin is a small German language school in the center of Berlin. They offer high quality teaching of German as a foreign language in small groups at reasonable prices.

Submitted on 2003-09-15 by Catherine Murphy [Edit] [Delete]
Gut! is a free site which provides a comprehensive set of interactive activities for German teachers and learners, featuring more than 200 exercises, over 50 of which have audio samples of native German speakers. It is an easily navigated resource, organised for each year of study and also includes exercises for the interactive whiteboard. The intermediate level is on its way.

DID German Language School – Study German in Germany – Language Courses
Submitted on 2003-05-10 by David Gundlach [Edit] [Delete]
Study German in Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich. Quality German Language School since 1970. A variety of language courses to choose from: General German, Business German, University preparation, summer courses etc.

www.Canoo.net - Online Grammar Resource for German
Submitted on 2002-12-19 by sandra [Edit] [Delete]
Canoo.net offers interactive online services, which are very useful as a reference. Canoo.net is directly linked to the G - E dictionary Leo, providing an English translation for entries. Our Online Services are based on a German dictionary with 220 000 base words. The Online Services at Canoo.net are based on our range of German morphology software. See http://www.canoo.com/wmtrans for details.

ActiLingua - Learn german, experience Vienna
Submitted on 2002-11-14 by Christoph Weber [Edit] [Delete]
German language courses in Vienna for all ages and levels. Academic credits and certificates. We also take care of accommodation, excursions and cultural programs.

TANDEM Munich - German Language Courses in Munich
Submitted on 2002-02-19 by M. Avalos [Edit] [Delete]
At TANDEM Munich you will find Intensive German Courses at all levels, from beginner to advanced.We prepare for internationally recognized certificates. Location is in the heart of Munich. We offer Tandem-Learning-Partnerships, a leisure programme and accommodation with Germans. For further information visit our website.

Alpha Sprachinstitut Austria - Learn German in Vienna !
Submitted on 2001-06-25 by Karin Kovacs [Edit] [Delete]
Intensive German Courses. Following the system of the Goethe-Institute courses are of highest quality and prepare for internationally recognized certificates. Location in the heart of Vienna, latest instruction methods and materials, computer lab, mediotheque. Year round and summer programs. Courses start monthly. Cultural Programs and Accommodation.

German language courses in Germany
Submitted on 2001-04-03 by Martin Mayer [Edit] [Delete]
Are you looking for an exciting and comprehensive German language programme? Are you interested in visiting one of the most beautiful cities (Regensburg ) in Germany? Are you between 17 and 77? Here you can find what you were looking for! Horizonte - German language school in Regensburg, Germany

Electronic Journal:
Submitted on 2001-03-01 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
"Didactics and Methodology for German as a Foreign Language. This journal should be of interest to teachers of German, and was launched on May 1, 1996

NetConsult Computer Systems GmbH
Submitted on 2001-03-01 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
- a german-language server. You can choose from more than 12.000 computer-related products

Exceller Software Corporation
Submitted on 2001-03-01 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
- Desktop software utilities for Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian and English as a Second Language

wildpark vibes
Submitted on 2001-03-01 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
- charts, news, labellounge and musicbox, a music database. german language (english version coming soon)

List of students German language newspapers
Submitted on 2001-03-01 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
(No description)

Bavaria Alpine Net Guide
Submitted on 2001-03-01 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
- Munich as seen and described by insiders. All you want to know in 3 languages: English, French, German

Submitted on 2001-03-01 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
- Nonprofit org for the promotion of the German Language and for Int'l Cultural Cooperation

Schau ins Land
Submitted on 1999-11-25 by Anders Rafn [Edit] [Delete]
German audio magazine for the intermediate to advanced speaker. Every issue takes the shape of a radio broadcast featuring interviews with German celebrities, as well as up to date news from the worlds of art, business, litterature, politics etc. Includes a comprehensive transcript and glossary together with optional linguistic exercises. Fifteen years experience!

Good Language Software
Submitted on 1997-03-22 by Hristo Georgiev-Good PhD. [Edit] [Delete]
. Natural Language Processing, Educational, Computer Assisted Language Learning and Teaching software for IBM (and com- patible), DOS/Windows: parsing (English), orthograthical and grammatical spell-checking (English, German). Thesauri: English (based on consepts), Linguistic (multilingual), Geographical (multilingual, of related place-names).

Language Travel - worldwide / Sprachreisen
Submitted on 1996-09-18 by Dr. Jürgen Gemmeke. [Edit] [Delete]
. Information on world-wide language travel, mostly in German. Also News & Trends section for language travel.

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