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Languages other than English (Spanish - Learn Spanish Online)

This page contains links to schools offering courses in Spanish language Online, and other online resources for learning Spanish. There are activities, exercises, conversational Spanish, and all sorts of fun stuff if you know where to look. I hope this will provide a good start!

23 Links in the category "Languages other than English (Spanish - Learn Spanish Online)"

Study Spanish Online
Submitted on 2015-09-09 by Remi [Edit] [Delete]
Free spanish lessons for beginners. The site includes 12 lessons, 24 dialogues, over 180 exercises and 8h of audio.

dynamo spanish
Submitted on 2015-02-02 by Nuria Rodriguez [Edit] [Delete]
We’re dedicated to helping others learn our beloved Spanish language. In today’s global world, we believe that a virtual language school is more helpful and more practical than a traditional classroom.

Curso Intensivo
Submitted on 2013-11-27 by Luc Godin [Edit] [Delete]
Curso Intensivo online espanol.

Submitted on 2011-09-05 by Oliver Antosch [Edit] [Delete]
Website to learn languages with over 30 languages. It has some nice features like your own word lists, mouseover explanations, a loop flashcard feature, a text analyzer and we publish a new text every week.

Submitted on 2011-04-11 by Joseph McKillop [Edit] [Delete]
VeinteMundos is designed for intermediate/advanced students who want to improve their Spanish skills - the content is challenging but not quite at the level of native newspapers / magazines (an underrepresented type of resource in our opinion). We have a smart design and interface with helpful vocabulary and hints, and the articles are accompanied by an integrated audio version allowing for simultaneous reading and listening.

Free Online Spanish Lessons
Submitted on 2010-01-08 by Lenka Bouckova [Edit] [Delete]
Free online Spanish course for beginners to advanced speakers for English, German and Russian speaking users - 210 hours of learning, recordings by native speakers, 747 interactive exercises and tests, grammar, vocabulary, speaking and reading, special didactic features, complementary electronic dictionary and further language learning software.

Learn Spanish via Skype / Google Talk
Submitted on 2007-07-27 by marcus volz [Edit] [Delete]
Learn Spanish with native teachers via Skype/Google Talk - take a free sample class - more details on our website

Learn Spanish Online - Master the Spanish Verbs
Submitted on 2007-03-22 by WebMaster [Edit] [Delete]
Learn to speak Spanish online with audio and visual aids. Learn and practice how to conjugate the Spanish verbs. Listen to how Spanish is spoken with our free audio.

Learn Spanish - Free Online Lessons
Submitted on 2007-03-20 by jiffy [Edit] [Delete]
100% free resource to help you learn Spanish, because Learning Spanish Should be Free

Loquella - Learn Spanish free online
Submitted on 2007-02-11 by Rebecca Hallengren [Edit] [Delete]
Completely free online Spanish lessons. Students learn over 10,000 unique sentences in Spanish. System based on proven, 30-year-old method originally created by the US government for diplomats and other government officials working abroad. Listen to and learn dialects from different Spanish speaking countries.

Free Online Spanish courses
Submitted on 2006-05-17 by Sabine Loffler [Edit] [Delete]
Free Spanish online lessons with many excercises, developed by Cela Spanish School

Spanish tests online
Submitted on 2006-03-20 by E-Spanish webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
Multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blanks Spanish vocabulary and grammar tests.

Learn Spanish
Submitted on 2005-12-16 by Angela Gerth [Edit] [Delete]
Learn and explore the Spanish language with topics such as sports, stories, linguistics, business Spanish, letter writing, grammar, vocabulary, essay composition and general chit chat. Learn Spanish with online help from volunteer teachers all over the world.

Quiz Tree
Submitted on 2005-07-12 by Alex Kim [Edit] [Delete]
Over 25 Spanish-language quizzes. Many of the quizzes come with sound clips recorded by a native Spanish speaker. All quizzes feature animated interface, feedback sounds and other enhancements that make learning more enjoyable.

Speak Spanish
Submitted on 2005-06-24 by Salim [Edit] [Delete]
This website is about Spanish, from Grammar, vocabulary(4000 words), useful Spanish phrases (2000 phrases) and how to write a Spanish letters with the help of some samples.

SpaniCity - Learn Spanish
Submitted on 2005-05-20 by Mauricio [Edit] [Delete]
Learn Spanish for free - Spanish lessons, vocabulary, dictionary, sounds, verbs and reference material.

Learn spanish online
Submitted on 2004-08-30 by Andres Ehmann [Edit] [Delete]
www.learn-spanish-online.de is one of the most complete manuals about the Spanish language on the internet. 500 pages of grammar, 2,500 voice example, 40 minutes of spoken dialogue, 1,800 exercises. It´s totally free.

Learn Spanish Today
Submitted on 2002-12-26 by Jason Poole [Edit] [Delete]
Learn Spanish on-line for FREE! Learn Spanish using interactive audio/visual lessons. You will learn not just a few Spanish verbs, but over 500 words of the Spanish language.

Learn Spanish Free Online
Submitted on 2002-09-11 by WebMaster [Edit] [Delete]
Learn Spanish in a fast and fun way with our free resources and didactical contents developed by Spanish Teachers

Online Spanish Courses - Study Spanish Online
Submitted on 2002-06-05 by Orlando [Edit] [Delete]
This online course is expecially designed to help you learn Spanish in the most effective way. Everywhere where grammar appears you will have immediately direct access to the corresponding grammar lesson and diccionary

SpanishUnlimited.Com :. Learn Spanish Online for Free
Submitted on 2001-08-09 by Leiner Madera Herrera [Edit] [Delete]
SpanishUnlimited offers a portal with spanish courses, lessons, dictionary, activities, penpals and other resources for those interested in Spanish.

Learn Spanish, Easy Language Lessons
Submitted on 2001-06-13 by Helene ADENIS [Edit] [Delete]
Free Interactive Spanish Lessons with audio/visual buttons. Spanish CD-ROM and Cassette Lessons teach Spanish for Business, Basic Communication and Travel!

Spanish Learning Resources
Submitted on 1998-02-01 by Ken Ryan [Edit] [Delete]
Features interactive online tutorial, email grading, cultural notes, and more!

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