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Languages other than English (Spanish - Learn Spanish in Peru)

This page contains links to schools offering courses in Spanish language in Peru.

24 Links in the category "Languages other than English (Spanish - Learn Spanish in Peru)"

Caminante School
Submitted on 2011-05-31 by Caminante School [Edit] [Delete]
Caminante School offers immersion Spanish in Peru.

Spanish Schools
Submitted on 2011-05-25 by Monica [Edit] [Delete]
Dos Manos Travel Agency: vacation in Latin America with tours, excursions, hotels, spanish schools, volunteer work. Visit Machu Picchu, Patagonia, Galapagos, Buenos Aires, Cusco, Mexico, Cancun

Llama Education
Submitted on 2010-12-28 by Maria Huaman Enriquez [Edit] [Delete]
Llama Education recognizes that the fear of speaking a new language is the main problem student have when learning, thus we offers customized immersion Spanish language packages. Our unique at home packages help student’s uses everything covered in theory lessons in a relaxed and supportive environment. This system helps students pick up vocabulary quickly, easily and feel more comfortable communicating in Spanish. Our courses can be personally adapted to suit your needs.

Intensive spanish course
Submitted on 2010-02-09 by José Sanchez [Edit] [Delete]
Learn Spanish with Wiracocha Spanish School at Cusco Perú. We offer intensive spanish programs with emphasis in pronunciation and conversation.

Mijn Bestemming Peru
Submitted on 2010-01-22 by Marit de Haas [Edit] [Delete]
A Dutch-Peruvian organization for Spanish lessons and voluntary work in Peru. We also offer homestays, apartments, internships and tours. We are situated in Cusco, Peru and have also an office in Holland.

Caminante School
Submitted on 2009-08-05 by Mariana Torres [Edit] [Delete]
Learn Spanish with Caminante it is easy, it is practical, it is fun, come to visit us to one or more of our 8 locations in Peru.

ACUPARI Language School -- Spanish and Quechua Immersion Programs
Submitted on 2009-05-12 by AMY BAKAL [Edit] [Delete]
Speak Spanish from the start at ACUPARI Language School in Cusco, Peru. Enjoy choice and flexibility. Opt for beginner, intermediate, oradvanced classes; individual or mini-group classes; standard or intensive. Teachers are native speakers and professionally trained. To complement your Spanish we have Tandem® conversation practice - FREE!! Immerse yourself in a homestay or volunteer. Enjoy our many social activities.

Wiracocha Spanish School
Submitted on 2009-02-11 by rodolfo [Edit] [Delete]
Learn Spanish in Cusco, Peru, with Wiracocha Spanish School. Our language school offer, spanish language course in cuzco, spanish immersion course, intensive courses, quiz and test, scholarship, business spanish, study and learn spanish fun and quickly.

ViaSpanish Language School
Submitted on 2009-02-09 by Ben Moller-Butcher [Edit] [Delete]
Our two ViaSpanish Spanish language schools in Peru cater to the needs of all South American travelers, from those passing through short-term on their tour of the country’s aboriginal heritage, and for those who are taken by the incredible food, fun nightlife, and rich arts and music scene in the capital and stay long-term to learn Spanish in Lima. Learn Spanish in Lima, a cultural capital pulsing with colourful aesthetics, bohemian art, and a deep-rooted sense of indigenous pride.

ethnias spanish school
Submitted on 2008-07-10 by Hector Revilla [Edit] [Delete]
Peru is a marvelous country where you can learn, not only the Spanish language, but also become acquainted with our magical and mythical country which enjoys richness and diversity hard to find in today’s world. It offers our students infinite alternatives and an opportunity to live a unique experience – history, culture, learning, nature, adventure and much more in one single destination.

Spanish lessons in Lima Peru - Hispana
Submitted on 2008-02-08 by Ricardo [Edit] [Delete]
Hispana offers intensive Spanish courses that are made up of a complete program of study in a pleasant, dynamic and culturally-enriching learning environment that guarantees the development of your communicative abilities from the first day. Learning Spanish at Hispana is easy and fun because our program is made up of Spanish classes (grammar and communication), a social and cultural activities program and daily interaction with native Spanish speakers in Lima.

Spanish in Peru: Learn Spanish in Cusco Peru
Submitted on 2007-11-19 by Josue [Edit] [Delete]
Learn Spanish Language in Peru.Study Spanish in three different enigmatics places of incas empire the archeological capital Cusco, Urubamba - Sacred Valley of Incas - and Rainforest of Manu.

Learn Spanish in Arequipa, Peru - ACENTO LATINO
Submitted on 2006-07-12 by Sandra Begazo [Edit] [Delete]
Acento Latino - Through our private Spanish lessons we guarantee personalized learning and a friendly environment. To improve our students communication is our main goal. Learn Spanish in Arequipa, Peru and get a Free Colca Canyon Tour

Spanish classes in Lima Peru
Submitted on 2006-07-04 by Academia Castellana [Edit] [Delete]
Spanish classes in Lima Peru for students who speak whatever language. Additionally we offer accommodation and half board. We guarantee a perfect command of Spanish in the least time. Promotional rates.

Inticahuarina Spanish Language School
Submitted on 2006-05-23 by Saul Montaño Quintanilla [Edit] [Delete]
Study Spanish in Cusco Peru, Learn Spanish in Cusco, Peru, with Inticahuarina spanish school. Spanish Full immersion courses, Learn spanish through, volunteer work.

Proyecto Peru Language Centre - Learn Spanish
Submitted on 2006-05-09 by proyecto [Edit] [Delete]
Spanish courses with a variety of interactive and engaging language learning experiences.

El Sol - Spanish Language School
Submitted on 2005-11-29 by Carlos Marruffo [Edit] [Delete]
Travel to Lima, Peru and Learn Spanish. We offer six programs, homestay, volunteer opportunities and more.

Learn Spanish in Cuzco Peru - South America. Spanish Language Immersion Courses
Submitted on 2005-09-22 by wilmer [Edit] [Delete]
Learn Spanish in cuzco peru, courses accord you requirements, spanish immersion courses, stardard, individual, accommodation, volunteer work, excursions cultural workshops, all our teachers have university degree

Machu Picchu School
Submitted on 2005-04-18 by Machu Picchu School [Edit] [Delete]
Learn the Spanish language in a fast and funny way at Machu Picchu Spanish School in Cusco, Peru.

Wiracocha Spanish School
Submitted on 2005-03-08 by Wiracocha School [Edit] [Delete]
Learn Spanish in Peru with us. Spanish courses, volunteer work, accommodation. Study Spanish in Peru

Learn Spanish in Peru: Learn Spanish in Cusco - SAS school
Submitted on 2005-01-24 by South American Spanish School [Edit] [Delete]
Learn Spanish in Peru, in cusco. Our teachers are highly qualified and led by our own academic directors. Accommodation is in homestay (host family), our schools offer a social and cultural program of excursions and activities

Spanish Language School - Peru
Submitted on 2004-08-13 by Gilon Miller [Edit] [Delete]
The Juanjo Spanish Language School offers individual and group courses in Spanish. Total immersion. Adventure activities, volunteer work and homestays.

Mundo Verde Spanish School
Submitted on 2004-06-04 by Pablo Miranda [Edit] [Delete]
We are a NON PROFIT Spanish School, based in Cusco Peru. Our school supports a conservation project in the peruvian rainforest. All the students are free to perform volunteer work without extra money.

San Blas Spanish School
Submitted on 2004-02-03 by San Blas Spanish School [Edit] [Delete]
The school is located at the San Blas square, the artistic heart of Cusco, Peru. You learn Spanish in a fun and familiar environment with the help of profesional and enthusiamtic teachers. You get flexible lessons, can stay with a family and participate in voluteer programs, no extra charge.

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