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Submitted on 2011-05-14 by Josh [Edit] [Delete]
Latest language and linguistics news from across the web, updated daily.

Speech Therapy World
Submitted on 2010-11-18 by Jennifer Getch [Edit] [Delete]
Speech Therapy World is an online community for educators, parents, speech therapists and students to share information and tips regarding speech language pathology. The community is free and it's purpose is to further the advancement of language and speech development.

Global Lingo - Professional Transcription
Submitted on 2009-11-30 by Richard Michie [Edit] [Delete]
Global Lingo offer professional Transcription, Minute taking, Translation and Interpreting services.

Submitted on 2009-11-19 by Jeremy [Edit] [Delete]
Over 45,000 names, name meanings, and origins.

Linguistic Maps from Muturzikin.com
Submitted on 2006-03-06 by Linguistic Funland Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
These maps show languages spoken in many areas of the world. The author points out that the maps demonstrate "how existing ethnic and linguistic diversities are too often ignored or evicted by a nationalist point of view." Much of the site is in French, but has English translations available as well. Worth checking out!

Learn Italian in Italy where it is spoken
Submitted on 2004-02-04 by Luca [Edit] [Delete]
Why Study Italian language? Why Study Italian in Italy? Make your vacation in Italy a learning experience or turn your learning experience into a vacation, with the various camps and programs...

Submitted on 2004-01-24 by Jonny [Edit] [Delete]
this site randomly assigns words together from over 135,000 english words and creates funny bandnames and stagenames, that allow you to look up the words ans search the internet for the combination.

Positions all over China
Submitted on 2003-05-12 by Defrance [Edit] [Delete]
Why use our recruitment Agency? We will place you for free and will save you time dealing with many schools at the same time to match with the position you looking for. We will verify all authenticity of the position offered from the school and in case of problem during your contract we will be able to relocate you immediately. We know China and the living style well and we will give all information about the region you will work. Please conct us for full information

Kalypso Academy of English Language
Submitted on 2002-12-08 by Ivan Cefai [Edit] [Delete]
We are the 1st English Language School in Gozo Malta. Our school offers a series of General English Courses at various level and also a series of Specialized Courses in business and technical English. Accommodation can be done through the school. We can send the teacher to teach at the place of accommdoation at no extra change. We also cater for groups.

Submitted on 2002-09-02 by Luca V. [Edit] [Delete]
Web site (for university students) based on message boards on a wide range of topics on languages and linguistics.

Language Museum
Submitted on 2002-02-14 by Michael Cheung [Edit] [Delete]
Samples of 1200 languages in the world

For Karen Chung's Courses
Submitted on 2002-01-28 by Karen S. Chung [Edit] [Delete]
Phonetics pages, resources, interactive links, and software; also linguistics links and English language course materials.

CultureBridge: study and travel abroad
Submitted on 2001-08-28 by A. Hoover [Edit] [Delete]
Provides travel, cultural, educational, and language information for study and travel abroad. Also, ESL lessons and a useful checklist for program application and trip preparation.

ESL Job Search
Submitted on 2001-08-22 by Admin [Edit] [Delete]
ESL positions posted from language schools worldwide. All positions are current within the last 30 days. Updates regularly.

Submitted on 2001-06-19 by IDIOMAS@ESADE.EDU [Edit] [Delete]
The ESADE language school offers professional language training ained primarily at business, executives and university students. Business spanish, crosscultural, differenles and communication skills in general spanish are the areas we concentrate on. Students can meet and socialize with spanish students attending our business, law, and tourist programs. We provide accommodation. The campus is located Barcelona.ESADE is an official examination center for D.E.L.E..

Linguistic Funland TESL jobs page
Submitted on 2001-03-01 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
A page with links to English-teaching (ESL/EFL) job opportunities

The List of Language Lists
Submitted on 2001-03-01 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
(Prepared by Bernard Comrie and Michael Everson)

Demos of various language programs from Lingsoft, Inc., Helsinki
Submitted on 2001-03-01 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]

Welcome to The Riggs Institute
Submitted on 2001-02-07 by Myrna McCulloch [Edit] [Delete]
Site describes materials and training to teach a brain-based multi-sensory, direct, Socratic method of teaching explicit phonics, with initial letter formation, for correct spelling with 47 rules of spelling, plurals and syllabication, composition, grammar, syntax, reading, comprehension, vocabulary development, analytical and inferential think plus auditory, visual, verbal and motor cogntive developmental sub-skills PLUS our educational/reading reform position papers. We are linked to by the Reading, English and Communications ERIC Clearinghouse.

Education Abroad: Eastern Illinois University
Submitted on 2001-02-02 by Allison Witt [Edit] [Delete]
The Intensive English Language Center (IELC) is a unit of International Programs. The IELC is staffed by highly qualified professionals with advanced degrees in English. The Intensive English Language Center at Eastern Illinois University offers a full-time program of intensive English instruction for international students who wish to improve their language skills for graduate or undergraduate study at American universities or for career or personal reasons.

Submitted on 2000-11-14 by Alexander Puell [Edit] [Delete]
worldTongue is a "do-it-yourself" platform for people who want to be creative with their language. In this project we try to collect actual expressions of different languages in order to enrich the english-based inter cultural communication in the world.

Research on language attrition
Submitted on 2000-10-30 by Tom Ammerlaan [Edit] [Delete]
Lists of researchers on language loss, language attrition and language death around the globe.

Linguistics Articles by Ruud Harmsen
Submitted on 2000-10-20 by Ruud Harmsen [Edit] [Delete]
Linguistic articles

Submitted on 2000-10-14 by Margare Ibasco [Edit] [Delete]
Links to educational-related web sites for students, teachers, and parents

Interactive Sagittal Section
Submitted on 2000-07-17 by Daniel Hall [Edit] [Delete]
Uses JavaScript to display articulation and IPA transcriptions for consonants.

JM Links
Submitted on 2000-02-16 by Margaret Ibasco [Edit] [Delete]
A portal to selected web links arranged by subjects-art,business,education...

Submitted on 1999-07-13 by Marsha Hopp [Edit] [Delete]
A new tool for building custom, drag-and-drop, interactive exercises with adaptive feedback and on-line delivery. Hebrew-language demo linked from "Features" area. Developed with University of Michigan.

British Columbia Centre for International Education
Submitted on 1998-04-01 by Mark Herringer [Edit] [Delete]
Links to lingustics and ESL programs in the 25 institution strong BC public post secondary system. Information for students, instructors, and scholars who wish to study in BC. Information about liguistics programs available through Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia, and University of Victoria.

Japenese Legal Links
Submitted on 1998-01-06 by Karl [Edit] [Delete]
A collection of Japanese Legal links, in English, which links to both English based and Japanese based sites.

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