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Teaching Materials (Books)

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Teaching Materials (Books)

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English Education
Submitted on 2013-03-27 by Hank Kellner [Edit] [Delete]
This site presents information and examples related to using photographs to inspire writing in the classroom.

Education by Shala Books
Submitted on 2012-03-23 by Christina Shala [Edit] [Delete]
This site offers a large selection of online ESL/FSL teaching and learning resources including ebooks, worksheets, lessons plans and assessments.

Pattern Based Writing: Quick and Easy Essay
Submitted on 2011-05-07 by Paul Barger [Edit] [Delete]
Pattern Based Writing provides innovative techniques for building a writing foundation for elementary school students, as well as quickly remediating middle school students. The website includes free reports on writing, writing prompts, and plenty of ideas for teaching writing.

Foreign Language Bookshop
Submitted on 2008-10-12 by Jacob Miceli [Edit] [Delete]
Est. in 1938, Foreign Language Bookshop is a shop dedicated to language learners and language lovers. We stock materials in over 150 languages, including but not limited to: > Teach yourself courses, software, book and CD, audio-only , MP3, iPOD, book and cassette, textbooks. > Dictionaries. > Portable translators > Easy readers, bilingual books and parallel texts > Grammar, vocabulary > ESL We stock language novels, children's books, movies and music.

Milet Publishing
Submitted on 2008-07-02 by Gianna Slomka [Edit] [Delete]
Milet Publishing features the widest range of bilingual children's books, with over 300 titles in English with 25 languages (bilingual parallel text) including storybooks, picture dictionaries and flashcards; fresh, fun language learning books; and innovative, artistic books in English.

The Latina Series
Submitted on 2008-06-17 by Wanda Richards [Edit] [Delete]
These are Young Adult bilingual books, mainly written in English, that tell the stories of girls who come here from Central America. Getting an education is the central theme of these books.

Bay Foreign Language Books Ltd.
Submitted on 2008-04-16 by J.Barker [Edit] [Delete]
Suppliers of language learning material for over 600 languages (dictionaries, courses, grammars, CD-ROMs, etc). Mail order bookshop, based in the UK, suppliers to private customers, bookshops, book wholesalers, education and business worldwide.

Language Lizard
Submitted on 2006-07-10 by Holger Staude [Edit] [Delete]
Language Lizard, LLC (www.LanguageLizard.com) offers award-winning bilingual children's products in over 40 languages. Products include picture books, dictionaries, colorful multilingual posters and world maps. Parents and teachers can also sign up for the Company's free e-newsletter with information on early language learning and raising bilingual children.

Educating Our Children The Guide to Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Activities
Submitted on 2004-12-21 by Pierre Gauvin [Edit] [Delete]
This 240 page, soft-cover book (ISBN 0-9733849-1-3) describes 206 educational activities that can be adapted to almost any level and subject. To supplement the book, a series of printouts is found on the website to help parents and teachers use the book. It can be purchased for the Publisher directly, Amazon.com or E-Bay.

Multilingual Books
Submitted on 2004-09-22 by ken [Edit] [Delete]
This site has courses to learn over 140 languages. Harry Potter in 50 languages and foreign films in over 40 languages. Also Platiquemos a very good Spanish program is featured and does have a free placement test to take.

A Year In The Life Of An ESL Student
Submitted on 2004-08-29 by Edward Francis [Edit] [Delete]
Idioms and vocabulary you can't live without! This textbook is a must for ESL students who are serious about improving their comprehension and usage of idiomatic English. Check out the website to view a sample chapter, reviews of the book, and purchase information.

Lindamichellebaron's World of Rhythm & Rhyme
Submitted on 2004-03-26 by Cheryl Hanna [Edit] [Delete]
Visit Dr. Lindamichellebaron and her World of Rhythm and Rhyme, and discover the joy of poetry, storytelling, language and achievement. For over twenty years Lindamichellebaron's unique and inspirational style of "edutainment" has awakened these joys in thousands of adults and children nationwide.

Clear Education
Submitted on 2003-06-03 by Thomas B. Albright [Edit] [Delete]
The Dallas, Texas Independent School District has placed the English booklets on its "Recommended Materials List". Two have a pronunciation breakthrough, using only two rules. The books use Basic Grammar and Sentence Structure and clear diagramming of sentence parts! Best English is a starter booklet that "almost anyone from Kindergarten can understand". Universal English starts a World Language. A World Communications Dictionary is being composed.

Submitted on 2003-04-28 by Stevan Krajnjan [Edit] [Delete]
Printable OFTEN-USED classroom FORMS, masters, checklists, timesaving ideas, and FREE downloadable worksheets in PDF format (Language, Math & Classroom Tools). Great for ALL teachers! CHECK OUT *** The Teacherís Binder ***

Good Books Good Times- Fun, Educational Usborne Books
Submitted on 2003-04-26 by Kim Whittington [Edit] [Delete]
Educational Usborne books for all ages. Over 1000 titles including subjects such as arts/crafts, science, social studies, foreign language and more---with innovative internet linked titles as well. Titles in Spanish and English.

Macmillan English Dictionary
Submitted on 2002-04-17 by M Noorbergen [Edit] [Delete]
The resource site for the new Macmillan English Dictionary has lots of teaching resources - the site is for anyone fascinated by the English language.

Usborne Books at Home (Canada)
Submitted on 2002-03-22 by Angela Goddard [Edit] [Delete]
This is your source for all Usborne Books available for sale in Canada. Some of the books especially popular with ESL teachers include: First 1000 words, Everyday Words and the Usborne Puzzle Adventures. A complete listing of all available titles, is available upon request. I carry both English and French books.

Submitted on 2002-02-01 by M Noorbergen [Edit] [Delete]
Find out about the Get Real! course at getrealenglish.com. This site offers course information as well as extra resources and free e-lessons.

The Many Roads to Japan
Submitted on 2001-07-06 by Robert W. Norris [Edit] [Delete]
A free ESL textbook/reader about a Vietnam War war resister's search for identity. Lots of links, pictures, comprehension and discussion/essay questions, author's reading of answers to the questions at the end of each chapter. Good for self, group, CALL, and peace education study.

i am
Submitted on 2001-07-05 by Geoffrey Holden [Edit] [Delete]
dynamic, imaginative and culturally aware learning materials EAL, EFL, literacy, multicultural, multilingual including Albanian, Tamil and Vietnamese

Self Study Books
Submitted on 2001-03-26 by Catherine Dubois [Edit] [Delete]
Each chapter in the story focuses on a certain aspect of English, the 'missing word' format is used throughout parts one and two. Occasionally you will be able to fill the gaps straight away, sometimes you will need to read the whole sentence or paragraph to grasp the context, and other times you'll simply have to 'cheat' and look up the answer at the back! Whichever route you take, you will be improving your comprehension of English and taking in a spellbinding story.

Language Literacy Links
Submitted on 2001-03-12 by Milt Jones [Edit] [Delete]
Language Literacy Links publishes Bridge Books, a sequenced, systematic method of teaching English to Spanish and Chinese speakers and tracking their progress.

Longman English Language Teaching
Submitted on 2001-01-30 by Emlyn Harris [Edit] [Delete]
Longman is a leading educational publisher of quality resources for all ages and abilities (nursery - post 16) across the curriculum, providing solutions to all your teaching needs.

GROW*SMART Multicultural Books
Submitted on 2000-05-08 by JATICA, LLC [Edit] [Delete]
The only multicultural book auction completely BY-MAIL. Register Free! Also other resources for teachers including THE TEACHERS PET online store!

English Shop Online
Submitted on 1999-11-06 by Andrew Collins [Edit] [Delete]
The English Shop Online is an independent publisher which is dedicated to developing and promoting quality products for both teachers and students of English as a foreign/second language. Our most recent publication 'The Role Play Book' is already very popular and underlines the Shop's goal of quality and excellence.

KELTIC International
Submitted on 1999-03-18 by Nadine Fenwick [Edit] [Delete]
For over twenty years KELTIC has been providing a comprehensive ELT book and information service throughout the world. We aim to give our customers the best support a specialist bookseller can provide.

Pro Lingua For Language
Submitted on 1999-03-17 by Vicki Callagan [Edit] [Delete]
Pro Lingua is a small publishing company that produces superior language teaching materials.

Ali Baba's Bookshop Annexe
Submitted on 1997-10-31 by Alison McMahon Johnson [Edit] [Delete]
Books by reading level and interest category, specially selected with the Adult ESL student and Adult Developing Reader in mind. Personal favorites for teachers also.

Your Guide to Prepositions
Submitted on 1997-07-23 by Charles Prieur. [Edit] [Delete]
. An easy as A-B-SEE way to find out which is the right preposition to use after any one of thousands of the most frequently-used words in the English language.

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