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Teaching Materials (CD-Rom,Video,Audio)

13 Links in the category "Teaching Materials (CD-Rom,Video,Audio)"

Business English Online
Submitted on 2014-09-25 by William Dobbs [Edit] [Delete]
Our online program provides you with over 700 exercises in business vocabulary, grammar presented in business English contexts, listening and writing, reading business English texts, together with lots of games which are fun as well as useful.

Practical English
Submitted on 2013-05-16 by Jeremy [Edit] [Delete]
Practical ESL specializes in creating engaging videos for teachers in the ESL/EFL classroom as well as for autonomous learners. // Practical ESL está especializado en crear videos cautivadores para los profesores de inglés como idioma segunda y también para los alumnos autónomos

Submitted on 2010-10-08 by Maribel Al [Edit] [Delete]
Magoosh is about online education through video learning. This is the most comprehensive tutorial in passing GRE Exams. 2 sessions available ranging from FREE to $79.00

English pronunciation - American accent
Submitted on 2009-03-26 by Anthony Giuffre [Edit] [Delete]
American English pronunciation teaching method. With Pronounce Pro, you will easily improve your English pronunciation and American English speaking.

Streaming Speech
Submitted on 2005-04-14 by Richard Cauldwell [Edit] [Delete]
'Streaming Speech' publications are online listening and pronunciation courses for advanced learners. They feature both British and American English: unique use is made of recordings of spontaneous speech. In listening the focus is on fast speech - users are taught the relationship between slow and fast speech. In pronunciation, carefully chosen extracts are used as the pronunciation targets. Users are given a choice of six voices to use as their pronunciation model.

Classics Stories, CBC Vintage Radio Plays on CD and Cassette
Submitted on 2004-03-19 by Mark Bornstein [Edit] [Delete]
Old Time Radio Plays from the Golden Age of Radio Drama originally broadcast on CBC Radio. Mystery & Adventure Theatre, Classic Old Time Radio Plays, World War 2 Audio Books & Historical Radio Dramas

Auralog-TeLL me More Language Software
Submitted on 2003-12-23 by Julien Picard [Edit] [Delete]
Auralog is the global leader in language learning software and publisher of the award-winning reference TeLL me More. Available for English (ESL), French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. Online, networked or CD-ROM. Used by millions in 67 countries.

Easy-to-learn French, Spanish, and English Children's songs
Submitted on 2003-10-02 by Alain Le Lait [Edit] [Delete]
Easy-to-learn French, Spanish, and English children's songs.

Decklin's Domain Classic Audiobooks
Submitted on 2003-07-26 by Richard Whitwell [Edit] [Delete]
Unabridged classics, English Literature on CD in mp3 format. Listen to Patrick Horgan or Catherine Byers perform from categories including Sherlock Holmes, Womens Classics, Adventure & Science Fiction and more ...

Action Factor - Home of Sing Your Way Through Phonics
Submitted on 2002-04-03 by Charles Gifford [Edit] [Delete]
Creative teachers, home schoolers, parents and reading mentors love the way children respond to Action Factor's Sing Your Way Through Phonics. Music CDs and Mini-Charts make it easy to help young readers and writers.

Submitted on 1999-11-18 by craig mclaughlan [Edit] [Delete]
For students and teachers of ESL/EFL; we produce a weekly interview, and make the audio available in RA and MP3 formats, then bundle it with a glossary of expressions used, a comprehension exercise, and several suggested lesson plans for teachers.

California Language Laboratories
Submitted on 1999-02-09 by Anne Belden [Edit] [Delete]
California Language Labs offers ESL audio and video tapes in more than two dozen languages, U.S. Citizenship preparation videos and video phrasebooks for travelers. Secure online ordering!

The Seabright Group
Submitted on 1998-10-12 by Robert J. Dowling [Edit] [Delete]
The Seabright Group produces videos for ESL/EFL practice in functional English skill building and intercultural insights. Designed for diversity trainers, multinational corporations, language schools, foreign student advisors, and individual English language students.

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