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Translation Services and Resources (Spanish Translation)

The organizations, companies, and individuals on this page specialize in Spanish translation and Spanish-to-English translation. Please note: the Linguistic Funland does not recommend any company or service. These services are only linked in the hopes that they may be useful.

24 Links in the category "Translation Services and Resources (Spanish Translation)"

Trade & Tech Translations
Submitted on 2012-12-17 by Liam Curley [Edit] [Delete]
Professional Spanish to English translator, specialising in business, marketing, technical and architecture documents and websites.

Translation agency
Submitted on 2011-09-29 by mario c [Edit] [Delete]
Online translation agency based on Madrid, Spain

Cari's Translation
Submitted on 2011-06-17 by Cari Ortega [Edit] [Delete]
English-Spanish Translation & Interpreter in Tulsa Broken Arrow metro, translate documents for immigration, medical & school records. Freelance clerical & typing service, interpreter for court or special events. Traducción e intérprete de Inglés-Español en el area metropolitana de Tulsa y Broken Arrow, traducimos documentos para inmigración, médicos y escolares. Trabajos de oficina, mecanografía y intérprete para citas de corte o eventos especiales.

Free Online Oxford Study Dictionary
Submitted on 2011-06-09 by Sofía de Romano [Edit] [Delete]
Free online Oxford Study Dictionary for Spanish speakers

Bilingual Resources Group
Submitted on 2010-11-15 by Sandra Olmedo [Edit] [Delete]
Bilingual Resources Group is a leading language services provider, proudly serving the State of Louisiana and Nationwide businesses. We help improve corporate communication in the workplace through onsite language training, translation and interpretation services.

English to Spanish Translation
Submitted on 2009-11-10 by Claire McLenon [Edit] [Delete]
1-People who need to learn how to say/write something in English. 6-As an internationally recognized authority on Spanish translations, we are proud of our excellent reputation for reliable and high quality English to Spanish translation services.

Submitted on 2009-05-24 by l wood [Edit] [Delete]
EnglishMexico offers you a team of professionals in bilingual communication with high-quality services in specialized linguistic courses and general translation services in Mexico, USA and worldwide, at very competitive prices. Our success in client retention is due to our relentless commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence in quality. EnglishMexico is the answer and the solution to your needs

Tomedes Language Translation Services
Submitted on 2009-02-22 by Ofer Tirosh [Edit] [Delete]
Tomedes.com brings a new approach to language translation. Translators and translation buyers choose Tomedes because it manages the marketplace for them – Working with Tomedes, they don't waste their time on negotiating and chatting with each other. Translators can focus on translation and translation buyers can focus on their core business.

Submitted on 2009-01-16 by Javier Redoano [Edit] [Delete]
Providers of Spanish-English and English Spanish translation service specializing in agricultural and related sciences.

Spanish Translation
Submitted on 2008-12-26 by Soraya [Edit] [Delete]
24-Hour Spanish Translation is a professional Spanish translation company who provides Spanish to English and English to Spanish services. Accurate, cheap and fast!

Spanish Translation
Submitted on 2008-10-23 by Michelle [Edit] [Delete]
Spanish Translation US is a site with Quality Spanish translations by expert Spanish translator teams at competitive prices.

Spanish Translation
Submitted on 2008-10-23 by María Belén [Edit] [Delete]
As Spanish Post Production has Spanish translation expertise in a wide array of fields and subject matters, all companies, from small entertainment companies to large Fortune 500 companies, look to us as their Spanish translation experts.

Spanish Translation Services
Submitted on 2008-04-02 by Stacey [Edit] [Delete]
"Our goal is to help you transmit your message in Spanish, safeguarding all the nuances of your communications, thereby giving your business a significant competitive edge".

English to Spanish Translations
Submitted on 2008-01-16 by Isabel Fernandez [Edit] [Delete]
Professional translations by expert, native Spanish translators.

Your Spanish Translation
Submitted on 2007-09-24 by Sean [Edit] [Delete]
Your Spanish Translation is a trusted provider of Spanish translation services. We concentrate mainly in Spanish to English translation and English to Spanish translation services.

Rodolfo A. Windhausen (Translator)
Submitted on 2006-08-08 by Rodolfo Windhausen [Edit] [Delete]
My background as a professional translator/editor with more than 35 years of experience, which includes having worked for the UN, the Inter American Development Bank and numerous agencies in New York, Miami and Europe.

English Spanish Translation and Interpretation Services
Submitted on 2006-01-02 by Mark Bishop [Edit] [Delete]
WLS Translations provides English - Spanish translation and interpretation services performed by professional native Spanish-speaking translators. Free estimates.

Harris Translations
Submitted on 2005-09-05 by Anthony Harris [Edit] [Delete]
Translation, subtitling venture in Argentina. Professional low cost services provided for business enterprises, film studios, professional entities, etc. Spanish/English/Spanish Quality references available on request.

Transpanish - Spanish Translations
Submitted on 2005-08-19 by Exequiela [Edit] [Delete]
We provide professional translation services at convenient prices. Translations are made by qualified translators whose native language is Spanish. Prices start at just US$0.07/word

Trusted Translations
Submitted on 2005-07-17 by Gus Luc [Edit] [Delete]
Trusted Translations, Inc. is a leading Spanish translation services company.

Strictly Spanish Translation Services
Submitted on 2005-04-10 by Lon Schultz [Edit] [Delete]
Provides quality English-to-Spanish translations, proofreading, editing, and website localization. Hassle-free services at competitive prices by professional translators. Company based in the United States.

Etos - English to Spanish Translation Services
Submitted on 2004-10-18 by Gustavo Vega [Edit] [Delete]
Neutral or localized Spanish translations performed by native translators. General matters and technical specialties are translated for websites, software and documents.

English to Spanish translator
Submitted on 2004-09-25 by Jaime Bonet [Edit] [Delete]
Freelance translation services into neutral Spanish or localized for Spain. Translation of texts and websites.

Spanish Translation
Submitted on 2004-07-22 by Hillary Gordon [Edit] [Delete]
Translation agency in New York. Translate Spanish to any language!

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