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Translation Services and Resources (Translation Companies)

It's an international world out there, and getting smaller by the day. With the advent of the Internet, more and more translation services have been able to find translation work. From translating website text to offering interpretation, voice-overs, and marketing material, these translation companies offer a range of services. If you've considered a career in translation, you might check to see if any of these companies offer information on employment as a translator. If you're just in need of translation services, you may find what you need on one of these sites.

62 Links in the category "Translation Services and Resources (Translation Companies)"

Michigan Language Translation
Submitted on 2013-01-15 by Mike Hall [Edit] [Delete]
A language translation agency based in Lansing Michigan that provides translation and interpretation services for a variety of industries. Currently seeking talented full time staff, so visit our jobs page!

Translation Service Canada
Submitted on 2012-11-18 by Sachin [Edit] [Delete]
Our inspiration and passion to provide quality language translation services in Canada, UK and USA.we deliver services for a variety of subjects that includes Websites Translation, Medical Translation, Technical Translation, Legal Translation and other services. Whenever you need Spanish translation services in Canada and any other part of the world, Contact ProDialect. Not only Spanish translation, any language to any language, we are here to Serve for any time over 150 foreign Languages.

Anakan, your first-class video game localization partner.
Submitted on 2012-11-12 by Marie Amigues [Edit] [Delete]
Anakan is an independent video game localization specialist working on 10 platforms and in over 30 languages. Our mission is to adapt your game for a target consumer market while preserving its character and comprehensibility. Our genuine love of gaming and passion for work are the two key figures that lead the projects done at Anakan to success.

Anecsys Translation
Submitted on 2012-08-16 by Anecsys Translation [Edit] [Delete]
Anecsys helps organisations of all sizes translate and manage multi-language content faster and more accurately. Language translation services offered in 80+ languages.

Submitted on 2012-08-14 by Ravi Kumar [Edit] [Delete]
A division of The Boston Language Institute, Offers translation and interpreting services to major corporations, law firms, universities, media and marketing firms and federal, state and local government agencies.

Translation services
Submitted on 2012-08-06 by rick [Edit] [Delete]
PoliLingua delivers translation, localization and managed language solutions for clients large and small; in the corporate, government and private sectors. Our project management teams offer a professional and friendly service as well as an in-depth understanding of the project requirements and respects client's deadlines and budgets. We provide free price quotes for any document, user manual, website or software localization project.

Sydney Translation
Submitted on 2012-07-24 by Brandon Chen [Edit] [Delete]
Sydney Translation is a language translation company providing individuals and organisations with NAATI accredited translation services.

Medical translation agency
Submitted on 2012-03-03 by Tuomas Juntunen [Edit] [Delete]
Medical and medically related translations demand precise technical expressions and great accuracy. We meet those criteria.

Cipherion Translations
Submitted on 2011-09-08 by Arturo [Edit] [Delete]
Global Translation Services: Cipherion Translations provide accurate translation services covering legal, corporate, medical, website, marketing, document and technical translation fields. Our translation teams can support your team in more than 40 languages.

Mnemosyne Translation Services
Submitted on 2011-09-05 by John Miller [Edit] [Delete]
Professional translation services for all types of documents and all languages.

Italian Translation
Submitted on 2011-05-18 by marshall dcosta [Edit] [Delete]
BB Italian Translation is a leading Italian translation company.

Translation Services
Submitted on 2011-04-28 by Eddie Byatt [Edit] [Delete]
Incorporated in March 2001, we are the leading translation, interpreting and localisation service provider. Our specialist team of linguists handle over 160 languages covering all major industries.

Link Translations
Submitted on 2011-04-21 by Rima [Edit] [Delete]
Link Translations offers accurate and timely legal translation services.

Lexcode Translation & Interpretation Services
Submitted on 2011-01-03 by Lexcode Inc. Philippines [Edit] [Delete]
Lexcode Languages and Communication is a translation and interpretation company with ISO 9001 certification based in Korea and a branch in the Philippines. It has been providing linguisitic services since 1999.

TransABC Translation Services
Submitted on 2010-09-02 by Mark [Edit] [Delete]
High quality and cost effective translation services between all major world languages

Ways With Words
Submitted on 2010-07-02 by Andrew Mann [Edit] [Delete]
Ways With Words is a translation agency based in the UK offering a responsive and professional service, providing high quality translations in any language combination. They also offer multilingual typesetting and DTP services.

Communicate Translation Service
Submitted on 2010-06-12 by CARLOS AGUIRRE, MBA [Edit] [Delete]
Communicate Translation Service (CTS) provides translation services to private and public business sectors. Among the public sector, entities are: governmental agencies such as federal, state and local city entities. CTS has over 15 years of combined translation experience on various industries and over 50 language pairs.

Aunes Oversettelser AS
Submitted on 2010-04-15 by Carmen [Edit] [Delete]
The premier translation agency for Norway and the Nordic region! Technical translation services for businesses in the Nordic countries and translation agencies world wide.

Turvasana™ — Translation and other language services
Submitted on 2010-04-06 by Thor Kottelin [Edit] [Delete]
Internetworking, security and safety are our specialities, as we also provide other services in those fields. Our working languages are English, Finnish and Swedish. We offer confidential in-country language services to end-clients as well as to translation service providers.

WordTrust Profesional Translation Services
Submitted on 2009-12-30 by Shoshana Roszkowski [Edit] [Delete]
WordTrust provides complete language solutions in more than 100 world languages.

All Translations Company Professional Translation
Submitted on 2009-12-21 by Olga [Edit] [Delete]
All-Translations Company provides professional translation services in a wide range of subjects and languages.

B2B Translations - Language Translation
Submitted on 2009-11-01 by Jim Cottrell [Edit] [Delete]
Language Translation, Website Localization into Spanish, Chinese, French and Japanese for Technical, Engineering, Marketing and Business Documents.

Conference Interpreting
Submitted on 2009-09-19 by ashley [Edit] [Delete]
Universe Language Solutions provides right and cost- effective conference interpreting.

DK-Translation Group
Submitted on 2009-07-25 by DK-Translation Group [Edit] [Delete]
DK-Translation Group offers translation services at affordable prices and in the most appropriate timeframe. Translation from/into English, German, Russian, Ukrainian Submit an enquiry for translation online.

Russian-Hungarian translation
Submitted on 2009-07-22 by Iljenko Tatjana [Edit] [Delete]
Russian-Hungarian & Hungarian-Russian translation by native Hungarian & Russian Translators. We are specialized on one language pair. Our colleagues typically spent dozens of years both in Hungary, and in the today different countries of the Russian language. In our translator service the translation to Russian every time is made by translator with Russian mother tongue, and the translation to Hungarian every time is made by translator with Hungarian mother tongue.

ProTranslations – Language Translation | Website Localization
Submitted on 2009-07-14 by Jim Cottrell [Edit] [Delete]
Certified translators offer technical, engineering, marketing and website translation in all major languages including Spanish, French, Japanese and Chinese.

Translation Company - Metaphraser
Submitted on 2009-06-22 by Denes [Edit] [Delete]
Metaphraser is a translation company providing professional translation services and website localization services globally.

Italian to English translation
Submitted on 2009-06-05 by Mike Dove [Edit] [Delete]
Lingua21 provide Italian translation services and specialize in law, finance and general business. Private Italian tuition is also offered.

Submitted on 2009-01-21 by Erik Aleksander [Edit] [Delete]
We are a localization company locaed in Poland and working with all East European languages, you will find more on our website.

Professional translation service
Submitted on 2008-07-16 by Lior Libman [Edit] [Delete]
OneHourTranslation.com is a fast, cost-effective solution for anyone who needs translation services. Translation services are usually costly, so many people do away with translations. Many online media publishers, for instance, don’t offer their content in international versions due to the high costs - thus sacrificing exposure to an international audience and potential customers. OneHourTranslation.com lowers these costs dramatically.

Translation Services
Submitted on 2008-04-09 by Kusum [Edit] [Delete]
Offering knowledge on the various translation and localization services provided by various companies catering to different industries and businesses. Also find information on translations products like text translator, website and email translator.

WorldAccent translation, London
Submitted on 2008-03-03 by Jon [Edit] [Delete]
Offers translation, multilingual typesetting and website localisation in many languages. Site contains description of services, contact details and a guide to translation terminology. Based in London since 1989.

Translation Services Agency- HQ-translate
Submitted on 2008-03-02 by Bogdan [Edit] [Delete]
Translation company HQ-translate offers a wide range of quality translation services in all major languages. The agency has a team of professional translators of English, Czech, Russian, German, Polish, etc. Reasonable prices and personalised service.

Translation Agency | Online Language Translator Service
Submitted on 2007-12-21 by Nick Smith [Edit] [Delete]
Translation agency providing online language translator service in all international languages

Blue South : Professional High Quality Language Translation Services Australia
Submitted on 2007-11-28 by Peter Robinson [Edit] [Delete]
Blue South is a translation agency which provides language translation services from English into the languages of the world. Blue South is ISO 9001 certified and works primarily for large exporters, translating the technical and promotional documentation.

Submitted on 2007-11-15 by Nathan [Edit] [Delete]
TranslationBooth.com's unique free translation service provides access to over 800 language combinations making it the most useful free machine translation service available on the web. The "Quick Translation" human translation service is based on the premise that for many clients the turnaround of their translation text is time critical.

Blue South New Zealand : Translation for Business
Submitted on 2007-10-29 by Sonya [Edit] [Delete]
Blue South is a NZ based translation agency which provides language translation services from English into the languages of the world. Blue South is ISO 9001 certified and works primarily for large exporters, translating the technical and promotional documentation.

Satto Translations
Submitted on 2007-10-05 by Roberto [Edit] [Delete]
Language translation service provider for English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Italian & French. Specializing in web site translation, technical documentation, transcription, subtitling and localizing your documents to a specific market.

English - Thai Translation
Submitted on 2007-09-01 by On-anong Aufranc [Edit] [Delete]
Translation, proofreading, editing, audio / video transcription and localization services for English and Thai languages.

French translation
Submitted on 2007-08-10 by vivek [Edit] [Delete]
We are a professional translation agency specialised in accurate professional business translations: Financial, Legal and Marketing in English, French, German and Spanish.

Glyph Language Services
Submitted on 2007-06-26 by Jonathan Hall [Edit] [Delete]
Seattle based vendor, Glyph Language Services, delivers translation, software localization, internationalization, web globalization and consulting services to international business.

Bli Translations
Submitted on 2007-04-16 by Kym Perkins [Edit] [Delete]
Offers translation and interpreting services to major corporations, law firms, universities, media and marketing firms and federal, state and local government agencies.

multilingual translation services
Submitted on 2006-12-31 by M NYE [Edit] [Delete]
Technical Translation, Professional Interpreting and Specialist Services for over 20 years (1981-2007)

Cicero Translations
Submitted on 2006-11-16 by Ophelie [Edit] [Delete]
Cicero Translations has been helping clients to break down communication barriers for over 25 years. Cicero offers the complete spectrum of language services including translation, typesetting, and full multimedia support.

Czech translation services IVEX Central Europe s.r.o.
Submitted on 2006-09-27 by Maks Alef [Edit] [Delete]
We look forward to cooperating with your company and believe that you will be satisfied with our work. Our main objective is quality, reliability, discretion, speed and reasonable price while fulfilling your requirements. Translation services from/into english, czech, russian, german, french, italian, spanish, polish, bulgarian.

Swedish Abstracts
Submitted on 2006-07-05 by Swedish Abstracts [Edit] [Delete]
Welcome to Swedish Abstracts, the source of customized solutions to your Swedish-English-Swedish communication needs. We are a Canada-based, independent team of qualified translators, transcribers, and educators who have specialized in Swedish-English-Swedish language services.

ASTA-USA Document Translation Services
Submitted on 2006-06-24 by Fred Palmerino [Edit] [Delete]
Providing mission critical, accurate & accredited document translation services to the world's leading companies. Experience the difference with our state-of-the-art World Workflow Methodology.

Céfiro Language Services
Submitted on 2006-04-20 by Jose Rosado [Edit] [Delete]
Full-service translation and interpretation provider to corporations, government agencies and service organizations.

Language Translations Services
Submitted on 2006-03-21 by Jose [Edit] [Delete]
Translation central- Website translation & localization by native translators in different languages at cheaper rates.

education, translation, consulting network
Submitted on 2006-02-10 by rodney josephson [Edit] [Delete]
We offer language based services which include teaching, translation and interpretation.

HTF translation
Submitted on 2006-02-01 by Louis Z [Edit] [Delete]
HTF Translation services specializes in English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, and Italian translation. Note: Site appears to be in Chinese. There is an "English" link in the navigation bar.

Abdelazim R. Abdelazim :: Arabic translation service
Submitted on 2005-11-16 by Abdelazim R. Abdelazim [Edit] [Delete]
Accurate Arabic translation service, Web site Software localization, Arabization of manuals and user guides.

Australian Multi Lingual Services - translation service
Submitted on 2005-09-27 by Simon Johnson [Edit] [Delete]
Australian Multi Lingual Services is a provider of document translation and website translation services working in over 80 languages and dialects. Translations may be submitted via our website.

Aplomb Translations
Submitted on 2005-09-23 by Frances Leyland [Edit] [Delete]
Fast, accurate translations for business in major world languages. Legal, financial and website translations are specialities.

Translation services
Submitted on 2005-04-20 by Munesh Dutt [Edit] [Delete]
Much more than a traditional translation agency, Lingo24 provides a comprehensive range of foreign language services to blue chip clients throughout the world.

Words & Co. Language Services
Submitted on 2005-02-16 by Charisse Nel [Edit] [Delete]
We are a company that offers an extensive range of language services. A wide variety of English courses are offered and can be catered to all your needs. Accomodation and tours, around southern Africa, are arranged for students who are studying with us. Please feel free to contact us for further information regarding courses and fees.

Submitted on 2004-12-28 by Chanin Ballance [Edit] [Delete]
viaLanguage is a leading online translation service providing fast-turnaround, high quality translation at an affordable price in more than 50 different languages. Since 1995 the company has earned a reputation among its regular clients for reliability, quality and professionalism. Clients include government agencies, school districts and healthcare organizations.

Language translation applications with the global touch from Blue South
Submitted on 2004-12-09 by liz ritchie [Edit] [Delete]
Bluesouth are an agency for language translation services in New Zealand and Australia for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, European, Arabic and Hebrew languages, web sites and typesetting

eVerbum - professional translation, interpreting, proofreading and subtitling services
Submitted on 2004-11-17 by Adrian-Bogdan Andreias [Edit] [Delete]
eVerbum offers specialized professional translation, localization, interpreting, proofreading and subtitling services. For optimal results, we work with experienced and carefully selected translators and also with specialists in different fields, to ensure terminological accuracy. Our modern and rigorously observed translation process guarantees the final quality of our work.

Accredited Language Services
Submitted on 2004-11-08 by Nathan Rice [Edit] [Delete]
ALS International has provided translation, transcription, interpreting, conference and multimedia services for more than 20 years. We accurately translate technical, legal, medical and personal documents from and into 150+ languages. We offer a free consulation and rush service.

Morningside Translations
Submitted on 2004-10-11 by Jeremy Grysman [Edit] [Delete]
We work with translation experts and certified professionals in the following fields: Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Management, Marine & Aviation Science, Nursing, Fashion Design, Medicine, Law, Pharmacology, & Agricultural, Mechanical, Industrial & Electrical Engineering, and PATENT VALIDATIONS and FILING We specialize in: Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Italian, Greek, etc.

Amadeus Translations
Submitted on 2004-08-20 by S. Gladkova [Edit] [Delete]
A leading international translation agency with a worldwide network of translators.

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