Several years ago, a shadowy figure known only as ESLTEACHER appeared on the Internet. Informational responses to questions about teaching ESL/EFL, signed by ESLTEACHER, began to appear in various spots on the Internet Many individuals have since come into contact with and/or received information from ESLTEACHER in their searches for information related to teaching ESL/EFL/ESOL.or obtaining overseas positions in ESL/EFL/ESOL.

In 1995, ESLTEACHER began publishing the International EFL/ESL/ESOL Resource Guide to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file on the Internet. The FAQ has grown and expanded. To date, information from the FAQ has been plagiarized by at least three book authors and numerous other writers in the field. (ESLTEACHER is honored but annoyed)

Not much is known about ESLTEACHER. Several have tried to learn the off-line identity of ESLTEACHER, and a few have even declared that they had discovered the true identity of ESLTEACHER, but still, little is known about ESLTEACHER. Today it is believed that ESLTEACHER is a young middle-aged old woman, with a penchant for country line-dancing, who has taught English as a Second or Foreign Language in Asia and South America, as well as in the U.S. for a number of years, after abandoning a successful but no-fun career in computer sales..

ESL Teacher

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The ESL/EFL/ESOL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file is available at:
WWW: http://www.linguistic-funland.com/mele.faq.html
Usenet: misc.education.language.english