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How much do you know about Japanese Etiquette and Ethics in Business? Here's a quiz that may help you find out.
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1. Much of the passivity and "bending with the bamboo" associated with Japanese manners and attitudes is attributed to which religion?

2. When a Japanese businessman, politician, or anyone else says, "chotto muzukashi" ("It's a little difficult."), he/she is probably saying:
I'll think about it

3. When business people in Japan meet for the first time it is customary for the to:
shake hands
exchange business cards
talk about their family

4. Decision making in a Japanese company is usually:
top down
bottom up
by group consensus
by individual initiative

5. When a company manager makes an error that results in major financial loss or company embarrassment, he or she will probably?
quit without notice
offer to resign
be demoted
try to cover it up

6. An American businessman in Japan who is having a communication problem is likely to respond by repeating himself, speaking louder or even shouting. A Japanese businessman is likely to:
say nothing
repeat himself
give up

7. When a company employee has an idea for a new product or service he or she will:
submit a written proposal to top management
write it down and put it in a suggestion box
talk to his/her coworkers about it and then approach management
tell his/her boss then forget about it

8. Japanese companies often charge higher prices in the Japanese domestic market to subsidize exports to other countries so they can gain market share.

9. When a female company employee gets married and has a child she is usually expected to:
take maternity leave and return to work ASAP
return to work when the child enters pre-school
return to work after a year or so
quit work and raise the child