Welcome to AutoCGIMail Email Form Creator!

The following forms will let you create a custom email feedback form and CGI program for your website so that people will be able to send you email from your website. Fill out the forms, and when you're done, we'll give you the chance to look at your form, and download your new program! So, let's get started!

Which operating system is your web server using? We need to know so we can tell the program the correct way to send email.
Web server Operating system:
Now, If you selected "Windows" above, fill in the fields for Windows below. Otherwise, fill in the fields for "Unix / Linux" below:
WindowsUnix / Linux
Your mail server:
Your web server name:
Path to Perl:
Path to sendmail:
Now, enter your email address here. We'll use it to make sure that the form knows where to send the email:
Email address:
Please enter the web address of where you will put your mail CGI program after we make it: (Note: On Windows, this usually needs to end with .pl while on Unix/Linux, it usually needs to end with .cgi .)
Mail program URL:
This next area is for you to try to design your form to look like the rest of your website. You may leave the next two text areas blank, and just set up your background colors, or, you may paste in custom HTML code to put at the top and bottom of your form to match your site.
HTML for the Top of the page:?
HTML for the Bottom of the page:?
Next, choose some colors for the look of the page. You may select a color from the color boxes, or enter your own custom color in the text box at the end. You must enter the "hex" value for the color as follows: "#FF0FC3", "#000000", "#708FC2", etc:
URL to background image, if any:

Background Color for the page

Text color for the page:

Link color for the page:

Visited Link color for the page:

Active Link color for the page:

Now, in the text area below, please enter any text or instructions that you'd like to appear for people filling out your form. This can include a page title, and something like "Welcome! Please fill out my Feedback Form!" You may also include any HTML code you like to make the form look more like your page.
Finally, in the box below, please enter the names of the fields you'd like in your form, one per line. For example, if you leave the box as it is, then when someone fills out the form, the email you receive would look like this:

 Address: 101 West Whatever Street
    City: Nowhere
   State: CA
Zip code: 10101

You may enter as many fields as you like. Please note that there will always be a field marked "Message" which is added automatically by the program.