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Perl CGI Programs for Educators and Others!
 Since 1996, Scripts for Educators has been providing free Perl CGI scripts to the online educational community, and others. From email forms to chat scripts to online quizzes, guestbook, and more, here, you'll find many programs, along with detailed instructions on how to set them up for your own website. 

You can view a list of currently available scripts in the left column, or click here for a detailed listing with summaries and changes.

Featured Site
This is a new thing I've decided to do here. Sometimes, people install one of these scripts in a really unique and creative way. A lot of these go way beyond what even I expected for the use of my scripts. I'd therefore like to feature these sites here every so often, so hopefully, some other people can get inspired. :-)
Posted Oct 29, 2005:
Site: Fairy Certificate
Script used: SillySite
Here, the designer really HUGELY revamped SillySite (the simple "make your own web page" CGI program), allowing it to be used to generate your very own "Honorary Fairy" certificate to print out. She had to do a lot of manipulation and changing of the core programming code of SillySite for this to work. I think it's fabulous, and a really great job!

Bug Fixes and Update Announcements

To keep you updated (this site was last updated on Thursday, 23-Jun-2011 09:45:50 PDT), each script has its own bug-fix/announcement list. You can choose a script to be notified about by going to the SFEList page. Just un-check "Scripts for Educators Update" (unless you want to be notified about changes to this site in general),  check the script or scripts you're interested in getting updates for, and go. The program will send you a confirmation message with a special link: this is to protect you from being signed up without your consent, and to protect me from being accused of spamming you. :-) Just click on the confirmation link when you get the message, and you'll be informed about updates as they happen!

Working Demo Versions

All the Perl CGI programs offered on this site have working demo versions available so you can try them out. However, due to abuse by a few previous users, some features in the demonstration versions may be unavailable. Typically, if there is an email function, that's generally disabled, for example. For full demonstrations of the features of these programs, set them up on your own website and give 'em a try!

Please note that anything you create with the demo version may be removed periodically and without warning! I've seen some people in the past who did not understand this, so I wanted to make sure it was clear. If you create crossword puzzles, quizzes, polls, and so forth using the demo versions, and link them to your website, they will disappear someday. If you'd like to have one of these things on your site, just download the free program,set it up on your website, and you won't have to worry about it going away suddenly. :-)

System Requirements

All the scripts on this site require Perl version 5 or greater, a CGI-capable web hosting server, and the ability to run Perl CGI scripts on your website. Some scripts require the program "sendmail" if your web server is Unix-based.

All scripts have been tested on Windows 2000 Server/IIS 5, Linux and BSDi with Apache 1.3.x and 2.x. Some scripts have even been tested on Novell Netware, Mac OS/X and Windows 98. If a script doesn't work on your server, make sure you've checked the FAQ first, but if all else fails, feel free to email me. :-)