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I've looked up some Books, Software, Magazines, DVD's, and VHS videos related to ESL/EFL teaching and learning, and have placed them here for your perusal. You can click on the links for "Books," "Software," etc to go to the page for that type of product, and then click on the links under "Categories" to go to a more specific category. All of these are offered through Amazon.com. I think this whole thing is really cool, and a great way to help pay for the website! If you have a website, you can sell Amazon stuff online too. Just click here to go to their signup page. Please click here to email me if you'd like to tell me about a great book that isn't listed here, or if you just want to let me know what you think of the store! (Oh, by the way, everything from "Music" on over isn't particularly ESL/EFL-related. I just thought it was nifty to have it in there. :-)) Have fun! --Kristina


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Books / Popular Picks on the Linguistic Funland

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