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Activities and Exercises for Students

Activities and Exercises for ESL Students

From International email discussion lists to online tests, the links on this page cover a wide range of "stuff" for ESL students to do. There are some really amazing and comprehensive sites (like Dave's ESL Cafe) as well as some smaller sites. I think you'll find at least one site that makes you say, "Wow, that's cool." I know I have. :-)

Note: remember, please email me if you see something inappropriate or a broken link, etc. Your feedback helps keep the site up-to-date! Click here to send me email. --Kristina

137 Links in the category "Activities and Exercises for ESL Students"

ESL Online Magazine
Submitted on 2015-09-30 by Kim Linnell [Edit] [Delete]
ESL Magazine posts bi-weekly articles for English language learners. Articles are written with the intermediate to advanced language learner in mind. Students not only read useful content at their level of proficiency but are also given tools and resources for improving listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, and pronunciation. ESL Online Magazine also offers online tutoring and language classes.

Learn English with Jokes and Riddles
Submitted on 2014-11-30 by Jacob Richman [Edit] [Delete]
There are more than 300 jokes and riddles in the database. All jokes and riddles are suitable for all ages. The site allows you to browse through the jokes sequentially or choose a specific topic.

English Commander
Submitted on 2014-08-16 by Chris Rollins [Edit] [Delete]
Activities and Games to make learning English fun. ESL Teachers can add their own activities and create their own custom games to use in their classrooms as well. The games can even be adapted to teacher other languages or topics, but the main focus is English. Games include taboo, bingo, tic tac toe, and more!

ESL Ready
Submitted on 2014-07-06 by Anthony Koltenuk [Edit] [Delete]
Free lesson plans (about 100 of 5000 plans currently uploaded with more each day), free private student search (free for students as well), an ESL watchlist, and a mass job application tool which sends out emails only to schools which are currently hiring.

Submitted on 2013-11-05 by Annie Chamberlain [Edit] [Delete]
Grammarcamp.com is an interactive, online grammar course. This course helps people around the world improve both their written and spoken English.

word in sentence
Submitted on 2013-07-28 by afshar [Edit] [Delete]
Welcome to word In sentence, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community.

WyzAnt English Lessons & Help
Submitted on 2013-06-12 by Mike DePilla [Edit] [Delete]
WyzAnt English Lessons & Help are a completely free resource with detailed explanations, pictograms, relatable references, checkable quizzes, a question and answer forum and interaction with tutors designed to be a step above merely static content.

Tefl Book - 750 Free Worksheets
Submitted on 2013-05-23 by Ben Tyers [Edit] [Delete]
A huge collection of over 750 worksheets in PDF format ready to print out and use

speaking club
Submitted on 2013-05-15 by DİLEK [Edit] [Delete]
they will find lots of acivities for language learning in every aspect

Learning English 23
Submitted on 2013-02-26 by Chris [Edit] [Delete]
Online resources for ESL students, featuring easy to follow classes on grammar, vocabulary and practical English as well as videos, audio and interactive exercises. All materials are free.

Schoolshape ESL Resources
Submitted on 2013-01-17 by James Smith [Edit] [Delete]
The resources there are created by teachers and small independent educational publishers. Includes reading, writing, listening and speaking, most are free and all are automatically marked.

Nulu Languages
Submitted on 2012-12-14 by Kate Donahue [Edit] [Delete]
Nulu combines fresh news, human translation and pronunciation, and a contextualized review system to effectively and enjoyably complement foreign language instruction. Students learn a language by reading the news on Nulu! As the learner reads, they can see high-quality translation of every word. The program includes a personalized review system, native speaker audio, comprehension questions, and discussion platform. We also offer a teacher tool for student tracking.

Funky English
Submitted on 2012-10-04 by Teacher Jamie [Edit] [Delete]
A social network for ESL students. Free English activities, lessons, quizzes and discussions. A great way to improve your English skills!

EAP Reading and Writing skills
Submitted on 2012-08-11 by Louis Rogers [Edit] [Delete]
Free pdfs to download for EAP students and teachers. The pdfs practise some key skills for reading and writing in an academic context. The materials are suitable for both class use and self-study.

ESL Sheets
Submitted on 2012-06-22 by Kristin Chong [Edit] [Delete]
Free ESL conversation questions, dialogues, expressions, and definitions. Printable!

Trying to Teach
Submitted on 2012-06-17 by Carissa [Edit] [Delete]
Random updates from Carissa as she's abroad...again. These vary from trips, or festivals to different learning methods I've managed to pick up while I try to teach! There are relevant webinar summaries, links to videos to be used in class, worksheets, activities and relevant news articles.

English Activities
Submitted on 2012-04-24 by English Activities [Edit] [Delete]
English Activities is a free ESL EFL resource for kids learning English. English Activities is packed with simple ESL lessons, games and tests to help anyone who wants to start learning or to improve their English in a fun and engaging way.

Let´s Talk Cupcakes
Submitted on 2012-02-09 by Let´s Talk Cupcakes [Edit] [Delete]
Love cupcakes? Need to learn English? Let´s Talk Cupcakes is the tastiest way to learn. The fun part is that all of our English lessons revolve around the cupcake. Here is a list of our products: *Learn English with our Cupcake Making kit lessons *Learn English with our Cupcake Making Email lessons *Learn English with our Cupcake City Kids Storybooks

Bookfill's Youtube Channel: English language quizzes and tests
Submitted on 2012-02-09 by CD [Edit] [Delete]
Several exercises for English learners.

English to German Translation Services
Submitted on 2011-12-30 by Mark Kieran [Edit] [Delete]
German English translation Services: Great Value German Translation Quotes Professional, high quality translations from and to German. Our German translation services will help enhance your global presence. * Experienced, native-speaking German translators * German software and Website localization/translation * International translation company * Wide range of German specialty and industry translators * German Translation progress reports available

ESL Conversation Questions
Submitted on 2011-11-18 by Larry Pitts [Edit] [Delete]
My site has around 800 conversation questions for ESL teachers to use in the classroom organized by topic, grammar focus and text book. I'm adding new questions almost daily so it is constantly growing.

The Accent Lab
Submitted on 2011-11-07 by Matt T [Edit] [Delete]
Original Pronunciation Practice with …. everything Vocal Tract Visuals Product Review – Teaching American English Pronunciation Phonemic Converter

A Fun Way to Learn English
Submitted on 2011-09-19 by Miguel [Edit] [Delete]
A fun method to learn and improve your English through music and typing in song lyrics.

ESL Sheets
Submitted on 2011-07-01 by Kristin Chong [Edit] [Delete]
ESL Sheets contains free conversation and writing help sheets. The conversation sheets include idioms, dialogues, open-ended questions, and explanations.

Academic English Writing Guide
Submitted on 2011-05-17 by Michael Dekel [Edit] [Delete]
Dr. Michael Dickel's guide to writing college level academic English essays: organization, paragraphs, sentences, grammar help with useful links.

English Speaking Online
Submitted on 2011-05-10 by Caimin [Edit] [Delete]
Listen to the native speaker dialogue then take part in the conversation yourself. Compare your recording with the native speaker to improve your pronunciation.

Global Language Translation Services
Submitted on 2011-03-30 by Piotr Jurewicz [Edit] [Delete]
Global LTS supplies varied multilingual services which are tailored to specific requirements and allow businesses to communicate in a multitude of languages. We specialise in over 120 languages making us an ideal business partner for organisations operating in a global market.

ESL Party Land
Submitted on 2011-03-25 by Kara Jennings [Edit] [Delete]
ESL Resources for students and teachers.

EFL Theatre Club
Submitted on 2011-03-16 by Dominic Streames [Edit] [Delete]
EFL plays, phrasal verb stories, speaking activities and tips on how to bring theatre into the EFL classroom.

Fiesta ESL
Submitted on 2011-03-01 by Webbie [Edit] [Delete]
Free resources for intermediate English learners and above. Grammar (General and Business English)and vocabulary exercises, Spanish-English vocabulary lists, news corner (10-minute-reads), quick tests (for super busy learners) and tips.

Educator Life
Submitted on 2011-02-18 by Jud Soderborg [Edit] [Delete]
At Educator Life, we aim to be the best reference site for school teachers and administrators. Explore, search, and learn about what matters to current and aspiring educators here.

The Austin Learning Centre
Submitted on 2011-01-24 by Caitriona Austin [Edit] [Delete]
The Austin Learning Centre specializes in teaching all aspects of the English Language. The principal of the school, Catherine Austin, comes from Scotland and is well known and well respected as an authority on the English Language. As such the staff at the Austin Learning Centre are all highly educated and certified. We are fully registered with the Ministry of Education of Trinidad and Tobago. Our courses include ESL, TOEFL, IELTS and Personal Skills Writing for University Admission.

English For Business
Submitted on 2011-01-20 by Michael Browne [Edit] [Delete]
Linguarama is the right partner for your company Language Training and Cross Cultural Training. marcus evans linguarama was founded in 1971 to provide organisations and individuals with effective and efficient job-specific Language and Cultural Competence training. At all times our goal has been the same - to enable people to operate with efficiency and confidence in an international and foreign language environment.

Fun things for kids
Submitted on 2010-12-27 by Florencia [Edit] [Delete]
You can find lots of Power Point games, books to download, links to great web pages, songs, videos and more.... worth visiting

Anura Lawson's Homestay
Submitted on 2010-12-19 by Anura Lawson [Edit] [Delete]
International students can expect to find English Lessons in Los Angeles, California. International High School Students can expect to find public and private high school programs that will accommodate all needs. International guest and students can expect to find affordable homestay options in Los Angeles, California.

CELT Ireland - Intensive English Courses for Executives and University Students
Submitted on 2010-11-24 by michael [Edit] [Delete]
Celt Ireland is based in Dublin. We offer intensive and general English Courses to professionals and university students. We also have a summer school.

Tiny TEFL Teacher
Submitted on 2010-10-22 by Tiny TEFL Teacher [Edit] [Delete]
This website is for teachers of EFL and students who are learning English. You can find free online grammar practice exercises for students and resources (particularly ILT related) for teachers.

Submitted on 2010-10-09 by Rob [Edit] [Delete]
Ideas, lessons and worksheets that teach ESL students how to become a better writer.

Virtual Language Lab
Submitted on 2010-09-28 by Cindy [Edit] [Delete]
Allows you to design multimedia resources for your students to complete online. You can create new resources using audio, video and interactive games, choose from our extensive library, or mail in existing resources for conversion.

ESL Using Computers
Submitted on 2010-09-18 by Lucinda Lai [Edit] [Delete]
Activities and resources for learning English on the computer.

Teach in China
Submitted on 2010-09-18 by priya [Edit] [Delete]
Teaching opportunites in China. Positions available

Learn English online with songs
Submitted on 2010-09-16 by Miguel [Edit] [Delete]
Hundreds of songs and exercises to learn English online.

Submitted on 2010-09-05 by tesolmaster [Edit] [Delete]
tesolmaster.com is a free website for anyone studying or teaching English as a second or other language. You will find videos handouts lessons games and much more. All for FREE

Submitted on 2010-08-09 by Chelsea [Edit] [Delete]
Rworld is a community for advanced language practice. It is a language exchange website where users can play games with native speakers to improve their speaking abilities.

Submitted on 2010-08-06 by Joseph Poulshock [Edit] [Delete]
BeeOasis.com. Big ideas in basic English. Learn English with stories! BeeOasis provides graded reading in the liberal arts and sciences, and the website is free to use with registration.

bab.la language portal
Submitted on 2010-06-18 by Asia Rolewicz [Edit] [Delete]
The bab.la language portal offers you dictionary translations, language quizzes & games, vocabulary lessons for learning and much more. bab.la is interactive: You can enter your own translation, create your own language test or your own vocabulary flashcard set. bab.la - Loving Languages!

Venture Into English
Submitted on 2010-02-27 by Wendy Lambert [Edit] [Delete]
Vocabulary Ventures is readings and comprehension questions followed by crossword puzzles for the 2000 most frequent words of English. Reading Ventures is mostly news articles; Advanced Readings highlights AWL words, includes audio files, and PDFs. Writing Ventures includes an interactive story. Read until it's your turn to add to the story. Listening Ventures includes Crime/Detective plays from Old Time Radio. Comprehension questions and transcripts follow each play.

John's ESL Community
Submitted on 2010-02-23 by John Erskin [Edit] [Delete]
Teachers get a free class website, use our free worksheet generators and print ready made class materials. Students improve your English with over 300 activities and online tutorials.

My Oxford English
Submitted on 2010-01-13 by Sofia de Romano [Edit] [Delete]
An online English Course for Spanish speakers. A course offered by Oxford University.

Submitted on 2009-11-04 by Tara Benwell [Edit] [Delete]
English learners and teachers will find free resources, tips, articles, forums, chat, and a social network (MyEC). Members can also connect via Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. EnglishClub.com is a sponsor of The Learning English Video Project.

Fuzzball is Very Fast
Submitted on 2009-11-03 by Philip Kaufman [Edit] [Delete]
Contains a link to a Kindle eBook in easy-to-read English with a Spanish translation suitable for reading aloud to grades K - 6. Entertaining story line with issues for discussion by class. Can be read to class in under 2 hours.

GRE Preparation Community
Submitted on 2009-10-22 by Avinash Chandra [Edit] [Delete]
GRE.LearnHub.com is an Online Social Learning Network, comprising lesson pages and online tests covering the GRE syllabus. Lesson pages include those with a focus on vocabulary building, sentence correction, etc. There are online tests with varying difficulty levels for practice. Users access the study material to prepare more effectively for the GRE exam.

Sarah Teacher
Submitted on 2009-07-30 by Sarah Fauset [Edit] [Delete]
Learn English online. We offer free English lessons for beginners.

The Gap-filling Bank of English
Submitted on 2009-07-19 by Miklós Dávid [Edit] [Delete]
A selection of gap-filling and reading comprehension exercises, graded tasks with interesting topics and characters - for pre-intermediate ESL learners up to advanced level. It shows statistics of scores to encourage you to do more and more revising.

engVid - Free English Video Lessons
Submitted on 2009-06-14 by Josh [Edit] [Delete]
engVid provides free English lesson videos every day. English teachers give free lessons on grammar, pronunciation, writing, TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, idioms, slang, and other topics. There are free ESL lessons at all levels -- beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You can also ask the teachers questions, and take quizzes to test your understanding of each lesson.

Aprender Ingles - UniversidadIngles.com
Submitted on 2009-05-01 by Devin Garner [Edit] [Delete]
ESL Course learn english. Includes grammar, vocab, verb conjugation, pronunciation, dictionary and speech recognition.

Virtualis Teaching
Submitted on 2009-02-06 by Jane Bridges [Edit] [Delete]
Virtualis is a Virtual Learning Environment specialising in English as a 2nd language. Free full access to resources, website pages about English, England and the way of life, videos, library of ebooks. One-to-one English tuition, using a web cam, with an experienced, qualified English Tutor, who will teach students by the hour, at their own pace, at a time convenient to both.

Learn English - TOEFL/ESL/EFL
Submitted on 2009-01-13 by Joseph Warren Poul Shock [Edit] [Delete]
Our beachhead target is Japanese learners of English who want take the TOEFL test and study abroad. We are putting some effort into social networking on this. We also want to serve users from anywhere who want to study abroad (in the US), learn English for TOEFL, or just improve their reading and listening in English.

kalinago English
Submitted on 2008-12-16 by Karenne Sylvester [Edit] [Delete]
Kalinago English offers conversation materials designed to encourage learner-centred communication. They come in individual, lexically organized sets which language trainers and/or their institutes can easily download. The key idea behind SimplyConversationsTM is that effective communication in a foreign language only happens when students' motivation to speak is greater than their fear of making mistakes. The topics are authentic, relevant and clearly connected to their lives.

Learn English - Zozanga.com
Submitted on 2008-11-28 by zozanga [Edit] [Delete]
Zozanga is a portal that links to all of our websites for teachers and learners of English - just one web address to remember.

busuu.com-the language learning community
Submitted on 2008-11-20 by Maeve Cummins [Edit] [Delete]
busuu.com users can choose from over 100 original picture-based learning units focused on specific topic areas such as “in the hotel” and “my first date”. The phrases and vocabulary are represented by images and sounds. This involves learning new vocabulary, a comprehension dialogue, a writing exercise, an online chat about the topic and a review section.

In the Classroom
Submitted on 2008-09-13 by Mark Best [Edit] [Delete]
In the Classroom is a forum for esl classroom activities. The focus is on multi media support (games have video, audio, pictures, etc) to make them easy for teachers to understand and use in their own classes.

Learn English / ESL Free with Grammar Songs and Idioms
Submitted on 2008-09-04 by Dave Slade [Edit] [Delete]
Free online English site with 100 Idioms, 25 Grammar lessons and 20 English Songs.

Submitted on 2008-05-21 by Aidan Casey [Edit] [Delete]
Verbbusters offers an online activity for practicising the English irregular verbs. Cues may be in English or in different European languages. Available features include verb lists, quick search and dynamic ranking.

Compelling Conversations for ESL Learners and Teachers
Submitted on 2008-02-21 by Eric Roth [Edit] [Delete]
Compelling Conversations for ESL learners and teacers provides sample conversation lessons for intermediate and advanced students and their instructors. It also includes teaching tips, features selective links on teaching ESL, and promotes a conversation textbook. A blog on teaching conversation skills, public speaking tips, and advanced ESL for adult educators, ESL/EFL instructors, and other curious folks is regularly updated.

Bon's tips
Submitted on 2008-02-18 by Manuel Bonillo [Edit] [Delete]
Large collection of ESL interactive exercises, beginners to advanced level, English grammar and vocabulary quizzes, video, pronunciation exercises, games and links to English culture for Spanish speaking students.

101 Photo Dictionary
Submitted on 2008-01-25 by Xin [Edit] [Delete]
Learn English and Chinese through photos and pictures.

Submitted on 2008-01-11 by Kris Craig [Edit] [Delete]
Can you imagine your students talking about how much fun they had practicing their spelling words? This is what SpellingCity is about: providing an online free site that makes learning to spell fun! Students can practice their spelling words in the test me, teach me, and play a game sections.

ESL Comics
Submitted on 2008-01-04 by Sterling Daniels [Edit] [Delete]
Practice your English reading with these humorous cartoons. Read the comic on your own, in a group or with your teacher. Check your understanding. Use the translator link or online dictionary for words you don't know.

Submitted on 2007-12-14 by Clement [Edit] [Delete]
MindyourEnglish.com is a site for English teachers and learners. The site offers informative pages for learners of English language - Useful Idioms, English Expert, Common Errors in English, ESL articles, Soft skills articles, etc Latest ESL jobs are updated regulary for English teachers.

Submitted on 2007-11-29 by Rebecca Allen [Edit] [Delete]
AccentSchool features FREE pronunciation software targeted at advanced level ESL students. AccentSchool's major focus is helping students understand the fundamentals of why they have an accent and what they can to minimize the chance of potential miscommunication. AccentSchool features games, quizzes, and a printable student workbook.
[ Webmaster's Note: Many parts of the site including forums and conferencing were not available as of 2007-12-01. The software does look interesting, though. --Kristina ]

ELOVIVO - (English Learning Online Live)
Submitted on 2007-11-21 by Debbie [Edit] [Delete]
Elovivo is an online community that incorporates an interactive pronunciation dictionary as well as an interactive Grammar and Vocabulary program. This free site allows students and teachers to use features such as participating in discussion forums, creating personal pages, reading articles, using or adding teacher tools and learning English through the interactive learning programs. The unique pronunciation dictionary is translated into 10 languages.
[ Webmaster's Note: It appears that you must register before being able to access much of this site. For this reason, I have not looked at any of their activities. --Kristina ]

A Visitor to Huwazzit
Submitted on 2007-11-06 by Andy O'Gorman [Edit] [Delete]
This is a discovery-type, integrated skills activity requiring reading, listening, logic, numeracy and internet research. Find the puzzles, solve them to get clues, assemble the clues to discover the identity of the famous visitor to the village of Huwazzit!

Submitted on 2007-08-24 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
ENGLISHTAG is a free website with Activities and Resources for English as a Second Language (ESL) students and teachers. Play our Tag Quiz to learn English and contact many friends in our Penpal Section!!!

English in Focus
Submitted on 2007-08-06 by Chris Stueckle [Edit] [Delete]
Check out this site for online exercises, web resources and(coming soon)downloadable exercises for teachers. It's a work in progress, and hope to add a student/teacher forum in the future.

Sight Words Practice
Submitted on 2007-08-02 by Sierra Vista Software [Edit] [Delete]
The website offers Flash Sight Words activities with animations and sounds.

Submitted on 2007-04-10 by Ben [Edit] [Delete]
A totally free way to find a language exchange partner from any where around the world. Using the facilities that Huitalk offer you can share your language skills with each other at any time or from any place. There are also articles, reviews, activites and much more.

Submitted on 2007-03-31 by Janet Joy [Edit] [Delete]
Hello_World.com has free online games, songs and activities for learning Spanish, French, English and more. All activities are appropriate for children.

Learn English Online at Open English World
Submitted on 2007-03-10 by David Rogers [Edit] [Delete]
Open English World provides free activities to help improve your English. The Weekly Idiom will help to improve your spoken English. Business Jargon will improve your business English conversation. Talk English will help you speak English fluently in daily life. The Forum is a place to meet students, ask questions, and discuss activities.

Learn English Feel Good
Submitted on 2007-02-20 by Tim Linden [Edit] [Delete]
ESL site with free English grammar and vocabulary quizzes, downloadable handouts, video-based exercises, lists of American idioms and phrasal verbs, and more.

Submitted on 2007-01-23 by Filip [Edit] [Delete]
VocabularyCoach.com offers 6, non-traditional vocabulary exercises to help non-native English speakers learn new vocabulary words. There are over 4,000 vocabulary words in the database, ranked by difficulty, and on several of the exercises students can select various program options. For all exercises, hints and/or additional information for each vocabulary word is given, including secondary meanings, antonyms, example sentences, synonyms, and etymology.

ESL Study Guide
Submitted on 2006-11-29 by Amanda Wu [Edit] [Delete]
Variety of exercises and web based programs to help you practice English online.

The FCE Blog
Submitted on 2006-11-14 by Claudia Ceraso [Edit] [Delete]
The FCE Blog is a guide for students preparing for the Cambridge First Certificate in English exam (FCE). It offers guidance to every part of the test as well as learning strategies for autonomous language learners.

English Media Lab
Submitted on 2006-07-10 by kisito [Edit] [Delete]
Free Interactive ESL Quizzes, ESL PowerPoint Video lessons, Online English learning using interactive quizzes, PowerPoint Videos. Survival English ppt videos, listening, Business English listening & interactive Quizzes. 180 Free Quizzes and Videos for Online English Learning.

EL Civics Website for Students
Submitted on 2006-06-20 by Christina Niven [Edit] [Delete]
Travel the USA with pictures and learn about American history and culture. Includes free printable activities.

Submitted on 2006-05-13 by John Casnig [Edit] [Delete]
Metaphor lessons, examples, tutorials, tests and essays for educators, students and writers. Includes visual metaphors, definitions, difference between metaphor and simile. Also has small selection of streaming video clips with metaphor.

You can read the Bangkok Post
Submitted on 2006-04-28 by Terry Fredrickson [Edit] [Delete]
Daily lessons for learners of English trying to the learn the language well enough to read authentic materials like the daily newspaper. Includes both reading and listening. Content is very current, often on news happening today.

Operation MathLog
Submitted on 2006-04-27 by Rolf Palmberg [Edit] [Delete]
Operation Mathlog is an internet-based maze designed especially for mathematical-logical EFL learners. The maze comprises a selection of language tasks of different kinds, including anagrams, acronyms, word search grids, word chop exercises, riddles, categorisation tasks, enclosures, arranging tasks, cryptograms, and problem-solving tasks. Each language task is presented on its own web page, and in order to get the address of the following task, learners first have to solve the current task.

Learn English Vocabulary
Submitted on 2006-03-31 by Mark [Edit] [Delete]
This webiste contains interactive vocabulary tests for ESL learners, created to help you expand, test and revise your vocabulary in a fun way.

Submitted on 2006-03-29 by Tad Morgan [Edit] [Delete]
Learn how to pronounce English using video podcasts on your computer, iPod or PSP.

Submitted on 2006-03-13 by agendaweb [Edit] [Delete]
The best free exercises from the best websites.Hundreds of free english grammar,vocabulary,listening and reading comprehension exercises

Exercises to learn English
Submitted on 2006-02-13 by Antonio Varela [Edit] [Delete]
Study English online with graded exercises and stories that will improve your reading skills. The grammar section will help you with your doubts.

English Vocabulary Word Lists with Games, Puzzles and Quizzes
Submitted on 2006-01-26 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
A large collection of English vocabulary word lists with many online games that use these word lists. You can choose a word list then choose which game to play or you can first choose a game, then choose which set of words you want to use.

Short and Easy Descriptions of the English Tenses Ilustrated with Cartoons.
Submitted on 2005-12-14 by Web [Edit] [Delete]
Learn the English Tenses or review your knowledge about the English Tenses and test it later. All that accompanied with flash cartoons. Great site for both learner and teachers.

Easy Online RSS Reader for ESL Podcasts
Submitted on 2005-11-18 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
From this page, you can easily and quickly listen to many podcasts.

Study English Today - English Lessons, Grammar, Tests, Fun
Submitted on 2005-11-06 by Mariya Boyanova [Edit] [Delete]
Free online English lessons and English grammar for ESL and EFL learners. Includes also tests, English alphabet with pictures of animals, poetry and lyrics.

Submitted on 2005-04-15 by Richard Flynn [Edit] [Delete]
ESL (English as a Second Language) resources to learn the English language for students and teachers. Browse our grammar glossary and language reference area, join our busy forums, read our articles and teacher handouts, and find useful links and information on English here.

English Grammar The Easy Way
Submitted on 2005-03-17 by Lisa [Edit] [Delete]
Everyone can learn English; this site explains English, so that everyone can understand.

Mossmanresources on-line English Schools
Submitted on 2005-03-05 by Dan Mossman [Edit] [Delete]
English students will find a variety of on-line English curriculum on this site. The web based English curriculum has been developed by English Teachers located throughout the world.

EFL Laboratory
Submitted on 2004-11-11 by Ann Marris [Edit] [Delete]
This site targets listening, reading, and writing skills for EFL and ESL students enrolled in the health sciences. Here they can improve their communication skills in the building blocks of the health sciences: biology, chemistry, and physics. The site is especially useful for Arabic-speaking EFL students.

English Trailers
Submitted on 2004-11-09 by Andrew Johnson [Edit] [Delete]
English Trailers is a fun site were you can study English while watching movie commercials. There is a long list of trailers to choose from. Each trailer has a summary, the script, a cloze exercise and a little quiz to check your English! Try it - you'll like it!

Submitted on 2004-10-17 by You-Kyong Kim [Edit] [Delete]
an interactive English learning for the Whole Wide World; learn/improve all 4 skill areas (reading/writing/listening/speaking); learn English as the World Language;

The Today Page
Submitted on 2004-07-02 by David Mayo [Edit] [Delete]
The Today Page changes daily. It always contains a small number of exercises and short reading pieces. One of these is a "teaser": a question about the English language or some other subject, the answer to which appears the following day. The Today Page is based in Fukuoka, Japan, but its contents change at midnight GMT. If you find that the graphical version loads too slowly over your Internet connection, please use the text-only version: http://www.todaypage.org/indextext.php
[ Webmaster's Note: Something about this site really impressed me. It's just fun and interesting and educational in a lovely, simple, fast-loading package. --Kristina ]

Online Eikaiwa
Submitted on 2004-06-27 by Hazel Ketko [Edit] [Delete]
A free EFL site for English learners. Students can find mini-lessons and exercises on idioms, vocabulary, short articles on Canada, etc.

Crossword Puzzles for Studying English Vocabulary (By Charles Kelly)
Submitted on 2004-05-16 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
More than 160 puzzles All of the words on the Voice of America's Special English word list are included in these puzzles. Have fun while studying vocabulary. All Hints are definitions, not just hints.

Submitted on 2004-04-03 by John Weidner [Edit] [Delete]
StudyStack provides free online educational tools to help students memorize information. Tools include flashcards, matching, hangman, and word search.

EFL Literature Circles
Submitted on 2004-03-04 by Mark Furr [Edit] [Delete]
EFL Literature Circles are fun, focused reading and discussion groups which allow EFL students to have real, meaningful discussions about literature or stories in English. Our site describes why and how to use Literature Circles with EFL students.

Emile's Webenglish
Submitted on 2004-02-08 by Emile [Edit] [Delete]
Online activities for students of General and Business English. There is also a page for teachers with information and help on teaching EFL and ESL.

Catch the Spelling (A Game by Charles Kelly)
Submitted on 2004-01-30 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
While having fun catching the letters to spell the words, you can practice spelling and review vocabulary. There are about 200 games on this page.
[ Webmaster's Note: This is a really fun and creative game. I ended up playing it for over an hour. Another impressive effort by Charles Kelly. --Kristina ]

Submitted on 2004-01-27 by Muriel Durham [Edit] [Delete]
The main focus is on providing suitable texts for reading, and on using English as the medium for learning about the world around us. Three main sections for my different students: Two NET (Native English-Speeking Teacher) Corners for my students in Hong Kong and ESL4kids for all others. Site contains reading texts and online quizzes.

Lauri's ESL Website
Submitted on 2003-12-31 by Webmaster [Edit] [Delete]
This is a site for adult ESL teachers and students. It contains some original stories with exercises, student writing on various topics, grammar explanations and exercises, listening exercises, vocabulary exercises, and links to websites with student activities. Some of the exercises are in Flash.

Submitted on 2003-11-21 by Garnet Brooks [Edit] [Delete]
A Vast Collection of free printable ESL lessons for English teachers and students. This site also contains resources for classroom management, ESL activities and information about studying and living in Canada as well as teaching abroad, and more.

Submitted on 2003-10-30 by Kathleen Beke [Edit] [Delete]
Resources for ESL/EFL students. Site provides many on-line study aids including free grammar lessons and exercises, idioms, business english vocabulary, wordgames, crosswords, quizzes, plus links to radios and newspapers.

Learning English with friends
Submitted on 2003-03-24 by Frank West [Edit] [Delete]
Great place to learn and discuss the English language. All our forums are free, and professional teachers regularly wander about helping! Topics include Business English, letter writing, Medical English and student chit chat.

Spelling Quizzes
Submitted on 2003-01-05 by Nick [Edit] [Delete]
Vocabulary drills on frequently misspelled words, irregular verbs, irregular nouns, challenging words, common erros, numbers, months, capacity, length, weight and other English terms.

Suzanne's ESL Page
Submitted on 2002-03-11 by Suzanne H. [Edit] [Delete]
Learn and practice your English on my site. Interactive exercises, picture dictionaries, links to educational games, and more...

ESL Bears
Submitted on 2002-02-03 by Douglas Kellar [Edit] [Delete]
This link site is aimed at beginning to emerging ESL/EFL learners. The emphasis is on interactivity with most activities requiring plug-ins such as Shockwave, Flash, and Real Player.

Headway Intermediate
Submitted on 2001-10-11 by Marilena Amorim Piva [Edit] [Delete]
web links to practise headway intermediate teaching points

Randall's English Language Emporium for Students and Teachers
Submitted on 2001-10-06 by Randall Jonas [Edit] [Delete]
An eclectic site for teachers and students of English as a second or foreign language. The main project is Randall's English Language Emporium and focuses on providing students with the ability to improve their English through self-study and the internet. There are also many links and ideas for teachers.

Submitted on 2001-08-29 by Eva Romo [Edit] [Delete]
Website with resources for secondary students of English, with exercises, listenings, recommended webs and readers, penpals and useful tools.

Antimoon.com - learn English effectively
Submitted on 2001-02-17 by Tomasz Szynalski [Edit] [Delete]
How to learn English effectively. Includes advice from people who learned English successfully. Site written in simple English.

World of English
Submitted on 2001-02-11 by David Jardine [Edit] [Delete]
Interactive java applet exercises for learners (cloze, multiple choice, hangman, memory ...) with a facility enabling teachers to borrow the functionality to make exercises for their own students.

Submitted on 2000-09-04 by Claire Seager [Edit] [Delete]
A FREE site from the British Council to help you learn English. Includes pop songs and lyrics, games and competitions, wordsearches, stories and poems, links and e-cards, information about where to study English.

The Virtual Independent Learning Centre
Submitted on 2000-05-24 by Marion Simmelmann [Edit] [Delete]
The Virtual Independant Learning Centre is an extensive collection of English language learning tasks linked to World Wide Web pages and SBS News. These tasks are written by experienced teachers and are growing and evolving daily. The Virtual ILC allows students and teachers to discuss tasks and other issues of interest.

Teaching the World English - EFL4U
Submitted on 2000-02-13 by Kurt Scheibner [Edit] [Delete]
Free, weekly, downloadable, photo-reproducible EFL / ESL English lessons for all ages to supplement any text. Lessons are all communication based with a large variety of lessons including games, activities, pair-work, group work and whole class exercises.

Online English - free ESL / TESL resources
Submitted on 1999-11-24 by Gavin Douglas [Edit] [Delete]
Online English has ESL materials for teachers and learners. Here you will find downloadable teaching materials and lesson plans, teaching tips, Doctor Grammar, quizzes, a hypertext guide to ESL exams, free software to help students with the Cambridge First Certificate Exam (FCE) and lots more.

ESL Independent Study Lab
Submitted on 1999-10-01 by Michael Krauss [Edit] [Delete]
The ESL Independent Study Lab is designed to help students study English outside of the classroom. There are over 75 annotated, graded, links for reading, listening, writing, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, TOEFL, content/research and fun & games. Students can also write "site reviews" and submit writing for posting at the Lab via "Interact" activities.

Phrasal Verb Drink Dispenser
Submitted on 1999-07-20 by Steve Chadwick [Edit] [Delete]
Practise phrasal verbs by topic. Mix up verbs and prepositions to quench your thirst. You need shockwave for this activity.

Language Teaching Theatre
Submitted on 1999-06-18 by Ed Cousins [Edit] [Delete]
Information on Live Language Live Language Theatre, one of the longest running language teaching theatre companies in Europe. Also The Peninsula Summer School where for the first two weeks of August teachers are trained in how to use drama to improve communication and spontaneity, how to take advantage of the local environment and how to motivate themselves and their students.

Submitted on 1998-12-29 by Alexander Frewin [Edit] [Delete]
EnglishSpace is an online English language course for students of English as a Second, Foreign or Additional language.

Submitted on 1998-03-31 by Candy Salem [Edit] [Delete]
English Resource Center for ESL teachers and students, containing projects/lesson plans on various subjects (i.e. Road Safety, Yitzhak Rabin. Site also includes wide range of links to ESL resources. Produced by Amal Pedagogical-Technological Center (Israel).

LINGUAPRESS online English resources
Submitted on 1997-06-18 by Linguapress [Edit] [Delete]
Linguapress.com offers a range of freely accessible resources to students and teachers of English. Along with an expanding selection of reading resources for intermediate and advanced level students, this website also hosts an online English grammar, with clear explanations and plenty of examples, and a number of thematic word games and crossword puzzles. Most reading resources are both printer-friendly and mobile-friendly, and come with student worksheets and ideas for classroom use.

Submitted on 1996-09-25 by Esther Wang. [Edit] [Delete]
. Improve your listening, reading and writing skills in WritingDEN. This web site presents information at three levels of language difficulty, hours of professionally narrated RealAudio files, and challenging quizzes.

Ohio University's English Language & Culture Page
Submitted on 1996-09-25 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
including practical information about day-to-day life in the United States

Dave's ESL Cafe on the Web
Submitted on 1996-09-25 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
. Contains several different activities such as the ESL Graffiti Wall, ESL Interactive Message Exchange, ESL Link Page, and the ESL Email Connection. The ESL Help Center is also available with ESL professionals who volunteer to answer questions from students

The Purdue On-Line Writing Lab.
Submitted on 1996-09-25 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
While primarily for native speakers, it also has pages for ESL students

Visit an interactive Multi-User environment
Submitted on 1996-09-25 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
or simply learn more about MUD's, MOO's and other such virtual environments on the Internet. SchMOOze MOO is targeted specifically towards Students of ESL/EFL

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