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Study programs for College level ESL Students

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Australian College of Journalism
Submitted on 2014-07-01 by Don [Edit] [Delete]
Australian College of Journalism (ACJ) is a part of Open Colleges (our parent site) that provides specialized writing and media-related training courses and training for over 25 years. Our trainers all industry professionals with years of experience.

ESL Traveler Study English Abroad
Submitted on 2013-04-27 by jivko pentchov [Edit] [Delete]
Search over 100 ESL (English as a Second Language) programs, enroll in TOEFL preparation or study Business English in the United States, the United Kingdom or Canada. Get professional advice from our friendly student's advisors.

New Jersey Tutors
Submitted on 2010-11-12 by Jeffrey Garber [Edit] [Delete]
Parliament Tutors New Jersey offers private tutoring and test preparation for all academic subjects and standardized tests including esl prep, toefl prep, sat prep, lsat prep, gmat prep, and more!

The Trylingual Page
Submitted on 2009-02-19 by trylingual [Edit] [Delete]
This blog is designed to help you improve your English to enter university.

International Student Affairs at Tennessee Technological University
Submitted on 2005-06-08 by Charles Wilkerson, Masters TESOL [Edit] [Delete]
The International Student Afairs is the first stop for students who wish to study at Tennessee Technological University. We have exchange programs, a new ESL Program starting in conjuction with Nashville State Community College in Cookeville in Spring 2006. We have students from 50 countries. Have have new programs for students who wish to study directly with TTU via a Direct Placement. Contact us and we will be happy to send you more information. All the best Charles Wilkerson, Director

Salem State College
Submitted on 2004-06-08 by Dr. Sarah Dietrich [Edit] [Delete]
The Intensive English Program at Salem State College (SSC) offers six levels (beginner to advanced); courses include Academic Skills and TOEFL preparation. SSC is a fully-accredited four-year undergraduate institution, which offers 37 undergraduate majors and Masters Degrees in Business (MBA), Nursing, Education, and Arts and Sciences. Historic Salem, Massachusetts is less than 30 kilometers north of Boston.

Intensive English Program at Texas Christian University
Submitted on 2001-11-27 by Kurk Gayle [Edit] [Delete]
The IEP at TCU is a non-credit certificate program which offers instruction on campus (6 sessions/year). IEP students have full access to all university activities and resources. The IEP provides its learners with a digital learning laboratory, conversation partners, electives and the opportunity to audit a college course of choice. Our learners average more than 30 TOEFL points per session and have the opportunity to take TOEFL and GRE prep.

International Education at North Island College
Submitted on 2001-11-19 by Colleen Hanley [Edit] [Delete]
ESL at NIC International Education: Courses at the Intermediate, Advanced and College Preparatory levels. Our ESL classes are small, with students from many different countries.

Study English in Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo
Submitted on 2001-05-06 by Bill Abbott [Edit] [Delete]
CCLA in Santa Barbara at Antioch University and CCLA in San Luis Obispo offer international students personalized English instruction.

Campus Language Centre at the University of Limerick, Ireland
Submitted on 2001-03-01 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
offers short courses in English

Language Learning Center at the University of Washington
Submitted on 2001-03-01 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
. (Helpful if you are attending or plan to attend the University of Washington.)

Bilingual Education Institute
Submitted on 2001-03-01 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
in Texas teaches courses in ESL, Translation, and Interpretation

Pilgrims Ltd.
Submitted on 2001-03-01 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
offers English language training for business people, and others of all ages

AIS St Helens
Submitted on 2000-09-02 by Richard Smith [Edit] [Delete]
An independent international tertiary institute located in a park-like campus and established in 1990. Courses in General English and Academic English. Our Bachelor of Language and Culture includes papers in Linguistics, English, TEFL, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Korean, Spanish and Asia-Pacific Studies.

Handcock School
Submitted on 1999-07-21 by Webmaster. [Edit] [Delete]
We are a small, independent Language school for junior students only, aged 6-13 years. We have summer School courses, longstay EFL courses, Longstay with academic subjects and Support for U.K. National Curriculum courses.We are in a beautiful, safe and secure country environment, near to London. Full programme of sport, cultural and educational activities

Agape English Language Institute
Submitted on 1999-05-11 by Vijay Aluri [Edit] [Delete]
Agape English Language Institute for Internationals provides high quality instruction in English for academic and professional needs of Internationals. Classes are geared towards TOEFL preparation, communication skills acquisition, university and college preparation, and business English.

OPIE Intensive English Language Program
Submitted on 1999-04-15 by John McVicker [Edit] [Delete]
The ESL site at Ohio University offers information concerning academics and admittance to the University's program. It also has link bars which connect to our CALL lab site which has extensive resources for both students and teachers.

Clark University: American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI)
Submitted on 1998-12-03 by James T. Raby [Edit] [Delete]
Clark University's American Language and Culture Institute offers intensive ESL programs for students who want to improve their English language skills for academic, professional, or personal reasons. Major features include: 20 or more hours per week of instruction, small classes, private tutorial, computer assisted language learning, and a diverse international student population. 15 week programs begin in January and August. 6 week programs begin in May and July.

INTERLINK Language Center
Submitted on 1998-11-24 by Becky Shelton [Edit] [Delete]
INTERLINK Language Center at Valparaiso University offers intensive English language training, academic preparation, and cultural orientation. Upon successful completion of the highest level at INTERLINK, a student can understand academic lectures, take notes, make oral presentations, read scholarly books and journals, conduct library research, write essays and term papers, and is generally prepared to attend an American university.

The Clark English Institute
Submitted on 1998-10-07 by Dianne McIntosh [Edit] [Delete]
English language school and luxury homestay with limosine trips to tourist attractions. We offer intermediate and advanced certificate programs with an emphasis on spoken English and pronunciation. The maximum class size is five students.

University of Hawaii Manoa/ New Intensive Courses in English
Submitted on 1998-08-03 by Richard Bailey [Edit] [Delete]
New Intensive Course in English, Special English Programs, and Seminars at the University of Hawaii offer a wide range of study options for groups and individuals who wish to improve their English or participate in intercultural exchange.

Intensive English Program at the University of Mississippi
Submitted on 1998-06-03 by Brian O'Flynn [Edit] [Delete]
Information on English language courses for students preparing to study in the USA. The courses include TOEFL, academic reading and writing, conversation and multimedia lab classes, all taught on a small friendly program in the heart of the University of Mississippi campus

The Culture and Intensive English at the University of Northern Iowa
Submitted on 1998-03-07 by Thomas RIedmiller [Edit] [Delete]
What is the CIEP?: The Culture and Intensive English Program is an intensive program in English for non-native speakers and is designed to prepare students for academic work at the undergraduate or graduate degree level. What do we do?: Each full-time CIEP student receives four hours of classroom work daily (Monday through Friday) in one of five levels of instruction: Low intermediate (level three) through Level 7 (Pre-academic). This classroom work focuses on the development of the skills of Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking that are necessary for students who intend to study in a U. S. college or university. Classroom instruction combines teacher presentation, group work, and individual projects. In trying to provide for each individual's unique needs, the CIEP strives to limit its class size to 12 students. The CIEP also offers the INSTITUTIONAL TOEFL five times a year. For more detailed information about CIEP, feel free to contact us or go to our website. here!

Muskingum College English Support Program
Submitted on 1997-12-02 by Chip Weisgerber [Edit] [Delete]
The English Support Program at Muskingum College helps international students start using English to earn college credit as quickly as possible! This year, Muskingum College was ranked by U.S. News and World Report as "#1 best value" among regional colleges in the midwest

Australian Centre for Languages, Sydney.
Submitted on 1997-11-24 by Philip Latham [Edit] [Delete]
The Australian Centre for Languages, based in Sydney, is Australia's largest Private English College offering General English, Business English, Cambridge First Certificate, Secondary School Preparation and English for Academic Purposes courses.

GlobalStudy's "English Programs Around the World"
Submitted on 1997-10-28 by Clark Egnor [Edit] [Delete]
Directory of English as a second language centers in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

English Through The Internet
Submitted on 1997-10-16 by Elaine Hoter. [Edit] [Delete]
. An on-line course for teaching and learning advanced reading and writing skills through the tools of the Internet. Groups of teacher trainees meet EFL/ESL students both learn the Internet and the teacher trainees do on-line teaching

Aspect International language Schools
Submitted on 1997-06-02 by Daniel Verrico. [Edit] [Delete]
. ASPECT is a leader in international education. Every year thousands of students choose ASPECT for language programs, study abroad, High School / college exchange programs, work study programs, au pair, internships, and university placement.

University of California, Irvine English and Certificate Programs for Internationals
Submitted on 1997-05-14 by Catherine M. Condon. [Edit] [Delete]
A wide selection of educational opportunities to assist international students in acheiving success in today's competitive global business environment. English Language Programs allow students to become better communicators in English. Certificate Programs enhance career potential by offering a series of courses in your particular field.

Submitted on 1996-10-29 by Margaret Morabito. [Edit] [Delete]
CALCampus is an international online learning center which teaches courses in Basic American English and English Composition for ESL/EFL students. All courses are offered through the Internet. CALCampus has been offering courses online since 1986

English as a Second Language Institute
Submitted on 1996-09-15 by Clark Egnor. [Edit] [Delete]
. Marshall University's ESL Institute offers an intensive English program to help prepare students for university study in the USA.

Intensive American Language Center at Washington State University
Submitted on 1996-08-07 by Jeff Nelson. [Edit] [Delete]
. Students passing this intensive program can enroll in some universities and colleges without taking the TOEFL. The site offers enrollment and general information for prospective students.

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