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IMPORTANT: Never, EVER send money to any recruiter or potential employer! Legitimate recruiting agencies and schools will pay teachers' visa and other fees! If you see or encounter an agency which you believe to be a scam or fraudulent, please contact us immediately!

Employment (Recruiters for Teaching Jobs)

On this page, you'll find many links leading to websites of companies and individuals who are in the business of recruiting ESL/EFL teachers for teaching jobs worldwide. Some of these links lead to sites which also offer other resources related to ESL teaching as well, and not just teaching jobs. Generally, Recruiters receive a fee from the schools for finding qualified candidates for English-teaching jobs.

With so many recruitment companies online, as well as English schools offering their own teaching jobs, you really should not have to EVER pay a fee for placement. However, there are a few slight exceptions to this. Some "volunteer" programs require that you pay a certain amount to cover your expenses while you are overseas. This can be quite costly, in the realm of over $1,000.00 US. Be EXTREMELY careful if you are considering this sort of program. If you really want to volunteer overseas, I would strongly suggest that you try a well-known, multi-national organization such as the Peace Corps rather than a volunteer program that you've never heard of. In addition, some organizations act as placement services and charge the teacher a fee. Some of these will, for example, set up a program where you teach English during the day, and get free language lessons in the native language of the country in the evenings. Others won't offer any "freebies," but will take care of making the arrangements for your visa, travel documents, work papers, and housing. Some will just find you a job and leave you on your own. The fee for these "placement services" seems to run in the several hundreds of dollars. Again, I strongly recommend that you NOT send money to any agency you find online, or at least, not until you have researched it carefully.

With the English teaching job market always growing, there always seems to be a huge need for teachers, especially in China and Korea (the two largest posters on this site). The rule of thumb is, if it sounds too good to be true (e.g. someone offering job placement at $100,000.00 US per year if you only pay their $200.00 fee), it probably is not true. Just be careful out there, folks. If you find any organization on this page that you are suspicious about, please let me know immediately! -- Kristina

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ESL Suite Consulting Co., Ltd.
Submitted on 2013-11-21 by Christopher Ribeiro [Edit] [Delete]
Our Mission is to connect qualified teaching candidates from around the world to reputable ESL schools in China. We provide a service free of charge to qualified ESL teachers looking for work in China. We offer ongoing communication and support throughout the hiring process, assist candidates to find a suitable position in a desirable city and connect teachers to reputable schools that will sponsor a legal working (Z) visa.

m2r Global - ESL jobs
Submitted on 2013-06-07 by Munir Mamujee [Edit] [Delete]
This is our international recruitment website carrying all our ESL jobs. If you are interested in any of the roles, please apply online.

ESL Certified Recruiting
Submitted on 2012-04-13 by Carolyn H [Edit] [Delete]
ESL Certified is a global teacher training provider located in Cheyenne, Wyoming (USA) that specializes in ESL job placement, recruiting, and training for teachers and apiring teachers around the world.

B.E.I.T. (Bridge for Education and International Travel)
Submitted on 2011-04-06 by Lauren Vila [Edit] [Delete]
The programs and career opportunities offered by B.E.I.T (Bridge for Education and International Travel) provide opportunities for foreigners coming to China to travel, work and/or live with a host family (homestay). Immersing yourself in China would help you share your language and customs with that of another, experience true Chinese culture and also is a window of opportunity to expand your professional and cultural horizons.

Skyline Global Solutions
Submitted on 2009-01-10 by Skyline Global Solutions [Edit] [Delete]
International Placement We identify quality candidates qualified and ready to travel outside the United States. Skyline manages the process of obtaining candidates, screening them, managing the visa process, and providing the communication bridge between our international clients and our candidates. Teachers, physicians, and business management positions overseas are our specialties in this area.

Capita Education – Teaching Recruitment
Submitted on 2008-11-19 by Sotirios Sarmpezoudis [Edit] [Delete]
capita is the leading education recruitment agency for supply teacher & school support network for schools, nurseries & colleges in the UK we offer fully qualified staff for day-to-day, long term and permanent education vacancies. Capita has day-to-day, long term, temporary and permanent education recruitment opportunities for teachers, NQTs, teaching assistants, nursery nurses, school support staff and lecturers.

Teach English in Korea
Submitted on 2008-09-17 by welcomerecruit [Edit] [Delete]
A recruitment agency for teaching jobs in Korea.

Teach English in China, Taiwan, South Korea
Submitted on 2008-04-18 by M.Y Khaw [Edit] [Delete]
Reach to Teach helps you find an ESL teaching job with a reputable school that meets our standards for high quality English teacher positions. You can apply for jobs teaching in Taiwan, China and South Korea. We also provide support throughout your experience overseas in Asia.

English Language Fellow Program
Submitted on 2007-01-04 by Mai Tran [Edit] [Delete]
Great benefits for teaching abroad!! Georgetown University’s Center for Intercultural Education and Development is pleased to announce that the English Language (EL) Fellow Program is currently accepting applications for the Academic Year 2007-2008 Fellowships. We invite you to share the information about this unique opportunity for TESOL professionals with your colleagues, students and other interested parties.

Teaching English Overseas
Submitted on 2006-10-27 by Geoff Andrews [Edit] [Delete]
With 200 English language schools worldwide, EF English First has strong recruitment needs in China, Indonesia and Russia. All positions offer a competitive local salary, free flights, free accommodation (an allowance in a few locations), health insurance and excellent support and professional development.

Globalinks Tutors
Submitted on 2006-01-20 by Andrew Spinks [Edit] [Delete]
Teachers recruitment website. Candidates can post CV's/resumes and view details of vacancies online.

Davidson Recruiting Services
Submitted on 2005-08-03 by Davidson Recruiting Services [Edit] [Delete]
Since 1998, Davidson Recruiting Services has placed native English speakers within the global learning community. Using our international experiences and contacts with schools around the world, we have been able to successfully place teachers at reputable schools in Australia, China, South Korea and Taiwan.

Advanced Recruiting Agency
Submitted on 2004-12-21 by Advanced Recruiting [Edit] [Delete]
Experience the exciting adventure of teaching in Korea. Take advantage of a great opportunity to experience a completely new culture and lifestyle. Our international staff here at Advanced Recruiting is here to show you the way to a rewarding and comfortable life in Korea. Enjoy your journey!

Access South Korea
Submitted on 2004-10-08 by Stacey Kydd [Edit] [Delete]
ASK Now recruits teachers to work in South Korea.

Submitted on 2004-06-01 by Neil Payne [Edit] [Delete]
Language and Cuture Consultancy based in London. We provide teaching staff to major multi-nationals, NGO's, and other agencies. Please refer to the website for comprehensive summary of our services. We always want to hear from bright, enthusiastic and career minded English Language teachers.

UK Jobs and EFL
Submitted on 2004-03-22 by Dan Billington [Edit] [Delete]
We are currently recruiting for posts in Austria, Germany, Italy,Turkey,Spain,Belgium, Hungary, Russia, China, Thailand, Japan, Czech Republic, Argentina, Ireland and UK To view the details of each post, please email your CV to address below. All applicants will receive a free password to to apply directly to posts. Contact: Dan Billington , Billington Recruitment Consultants Ltd Head Office, 1 Mariners Close, Hull, East Yorkshire UK HU91QE

Teach in the U.S.!
Submitted on 2004-02-17 by Caroline Spencer [Edit] [Delete]
VIF has been sponsoring ESL teachers from dozens of countries since 1987. We currently host over 1,700 teachers throughout ten states including FL, CA and NC! Please visit our website for more information and to apply online! Your 2004 ESL adventure is waiting!

Esl pages
Submitted on 2003-07-14 by Eric [Edit] [Delete]
ESL PAGES is the place for all ESL/EFL resources and information; it's created by Teachers of ESL/EFL, Students, and some Schools. In this site you will find all what you need, such as, links to educational materials, lesson plans, games, puzzle makers, prints, jokes, idioms and so much more. Also Teachers and Schools can find jobs and post ads for free

Hunt ESL Job Centre
Submitted on 2003-02-28 by Leigh Beckford [Edit] [Delete]
English Teacher Placement & resource for ESL Teachers and Employers. Information on Teaching English, ESL & EFL jobs, TEFL, TESL, TESOL courses - Teach English Worldwide.

Teach & Travel
Submitted on 2002-09-20 by Eric [Edit] [Delete]
Teach & Travel is an ESL Recruiting Service that offers English teaching jobs for Native English speakers to teach conversational English of all ages and levels (mostly kids and some adults) overseas specially in South Korea.

English language teaching opportunities in Malaysia
Submitted on 2002-01-14 by Pauline Lee [Edit] [Delete]
CfBT is employing a team of accomplished first language English language teaching professionals and graduates who are looking for interesting and rewarding work experience overseas.
Submitted on 2001-12-21 by Ted Ollikkala [Edit] [Delete]
Exhaustive Online Resource guide enables teachers to locate suitable institutions in Singapore and Thailand and apply directly from overseas to set up interviews before arriving in Southeast Asia. This is a free public service. All inquiries welcome.

ESL in Korea
Submitted on 2001-11-11 by victor hur [Edit] [Delete]
datebase of esl jobs in korea and free resume postings

International House
Submitted on 2001-07-03 by Michael [Edit] [Delete]
International House is a non-profit foundation with 120 schools in 30 countries. We have 250 vacancies for teaching and senior positions - see International House schools only hire qualified teachers, and require at least a CELTA, Trinity TESOL or equivalent qualification. Please contact: or call +44-20-7518-6970

Teach English in Brunei
Submitted on 2001-06-28 by Recruitment Co-ordinator [Edit] [Delete]
We are currently looking for suitably qualified and experienced teachers to teach ESL in government primary and secondary schools in Brunei commencing January 2002. Visit our website for more information on living and working in Brunei, a small oil rich Sultanate on the island of Borneo. You will also find the minimum requirements for applicants for these positions to meet with Ministry of Education approval.

Saxoncourt and English Worldwide
Submitted on 2001-05-31 by Paul Mitchell [Edit] [Delete]
Saxoncourt and English Worldwide are responsible for placing over 500 teachers and graduates in EFL positions throughout the world. Our site provides information on our current vacancies, FREE training programmes and RSA CELTA courses run by Saxoncourt Teacher Training.

Teach English In Taiwan
Submitted on 2001-04-21 by F. Forit [Edit] [Delete]
Teach English in Taiwan. Language School 18 - 28hrs per week and Language School and Kindergarten minimum 33hrs per week. *Full Training Provided with ongoing training workshops to constantly update those teaching skills. *Well Structured Curriculum *All Teaching Aids and Props Provided Visit our website and fill in our on-line application form.

A Guide to teaching in Korea for New Zealanders and Australians
Submitted on 2001-01-01 by Marilyn Langley [Edit] [Delete]
lots of information regarding working as an English teacher in Korea.Details of contracts and general teaching situations,as well as adapting to the life style. Designed specifically as an information site for new Zealanders but useful for everyone.

English Instructors Needed ASAP
Submitted on 2000-04-05 by Mike Martinez [Edit] [Delete]
We Are at Your Service Sharper Recruitment Services is the leading Recruitment Company in its current market. With our free services and vast database bank, we are solely dedicated to providing client companies with experienced professionals to meet their job requirements and needs.

Crossroads Europe Teach and Travel Program
Submitted on 2000-03-22 by Bryan Tilt [Edit] [Delete]
The most comprehensive guide to living and teaching English in Eastern Europe. We link teachers from around the world with over 160 language schools in the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. We also offer visa and work permit information, accomodations, TESL/TEFL program links, and more.
Submitted on 2000-02-24 by andy edwins [Edit] [Delete]
Mostly in Polish but with new pages added in English about Greenwich School of English, job opportunities and some cultural info' about Warsaw and Poland

English In Korea
Submitted on 1999-10-22 by [Edit] [Delete]
The North American Overseas Placement Program is designed to provide college graduates of any major with an exciting opportunity to teach English in Korea. Its mission is to provide Americans and Canadians with an exposure to the culture, lifestyle and people of Korea; and to provide young Korean students with the opportunity to learn English from native English language speakers

Anglo-Hellenic Teacher Recruitment
Submitted on 1999-06-06 by Peter Beech [Edit] [Delete]
For teachers interested in Greece, information on applications.

Submitted on 1998-06-20 by Trudy Soucoup [Edit] [Delete]
Group of worldwide International Language Schools. Located in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and throughout Europe

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