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Submit your English Teaching/Language/Linguistics Site!

Use this form to submit your site for listing in the Linguistic Funland's directory. The directory accepts submissions for TESL, ESL/EFL, Language-teaching, language-learning, and linguistics-related sites.

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  1. Describe what users can expect to find at your site.
  2. Do NOT use "hype" or promotional language.
  3. Use appropriate capitalization, spelling, and punctuation.
  4. Do NOT post any site that is unrelated to language-teaching, language-learning, language or linguistics.
  5. Do NOT post a link to the same (or substantially similar) site more than once.
  6. Description must be at least 25 characters, and not more than 500 characters.
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Select the single MOST appropriate category for your site. Please do not submit under multiple categories, or your site(s) may be deleted without warning. BEFORE selecting a category, please take a moment to view the categories and ensure that your site is an appropriate fit.


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